A Love Affair

I remembered it all, every little detail of that night…

The day I wake to find you beside my naked self with your arm’s warm embrace engulfing my spirit and my left hand dead on its weight enclosing your soft full breast.

I could still sense the aroma of your morning breath, heavenly fanning my face as your eyes slowly opens to find me staring.

Sweet smiles slowly forms in both of our lips as memories filled our minds with our night full of love and unadulterated lust; remembering how blissful it was – skin to skin, joined together as one.

Each sigh, each touch, each kiss…

Felt so good, so right, so at home.

For with you, finally I found that pull, that magic that others had – your heart-melting lava of wet insides, longing for a throb only from my burning rod.

Just like a sonnet with the syllables in count; we found a world rhyming the both of us.

You welcomed me with legs apart. My member so rigid, so silky and wanting and our pores open, slippery, burning!

Each contact was electrifying and satisfying. Each taste was passionately sweet and addicting. As we came to our peak, a new height starts to rise, just like a spiral with no end in sight.

It was beautiful.

But it was sinful.

My heart starts to break with each passing moment. We both know, this couldn’t go on for I have someone who I promised my lifetime ahead.

I wasn’t always like this. I was content with what I have and never bothered to ask for more, I was not wanting nor feeling any void.

Until you.

Sometimes I regret that day I helped you with your flat tire, I could have ignored you in the middle of nowhere in the dead of the night…

I could have turned down the offer of a return favor – coffee sounds good, but we also had that at home…

Or, I could have denied that invite for a nightcap…

If only.

God knows, how I tried. To stop myself from indulgence. But you never cared nor mind. My wife, you said, is of no consequence and the kids could all go to hell! As wanton as you are, norms escape your morals. Lady of the night, that is what everyone calls you, I wonder why I don’t abhor you, when my religion dictates that I should get away from yo…