Addicted 2

This story is only fictional. Any names or scene that has relevance to real events are unintended by the author. Forgive me for the typos this is unedited. Thank you.

I love my family so much. My very loving mom and dad who always supports me in anything i wanna do. They are my treasure especially my dad who taught me everything. I know this sounds weird but nonetheless how my mom and dad raise me they are still and would be the best parents for me. Way back nung patago pa kaming nag sesex ni daddy that was the best experience in my life at nag upgrade payun nung inapprove ni mom ang relationship namin. I mean we don’t have romantic kind of relationship all i have with my dad was my sexual relationship. And mom understands it. She understands that i need sex in my life and not untill i found any boyfriend she allows me to have daddy fulfil that necessary needs. Sometimes when im in heat and shes at home she would let me watch them for another spice of experience.
I love watching them making love. Their passionate and yet intense sex always makes me soaking wet. I would like to join but it still feels awkward for me having my mom in action together like i dunno i cant explain it. So i just satisfy myself watching them.

My moms an engineer so basically lagi syang na didistino somewhere out of town well she prefer that though she loves travelling. And my dad was a businessman of his own. He is the boss haha thats why he has all the time he needs.
During my senior high days im renting a house with a friend and only comes home during weekend.
But these were my most loved days kase i would go home spend time with mom and dad and ofcoarse get laid the latter is the best though haha.
Pag uwi ko ng bahay understood na yun kaya bago pa man umuwi pinag ddayoff nyan ni daddy ang mga katulong actually dalawa lang nmn tsaka isang kusinera kaya kmi may maid kase wala madalas tao sa bahay since nag senior high nako si daddy nlang ang palaging umuuwi dun every weekend lang kaming tatlo usually nagkakasama.

“moms not home? “
Tanong ko at kumuha ng juice sa ref

“she says she cant make it this week also she is finishing her last project maybe shell be home next week”

Sagot nman ni daddy na lumitaw mula sa pintuan ng banyo dito sa baba. I look at him from head to toe nice fresh from the bath. Basa pa buhok at nka robe lang. Mukhang prepared na prepared.

“dont give me that naughty look little child, i know whats in your silly mind and it will be done later(give a peck on my forehead) right know lets fill our tummies”

At nilatag na neto sa mesa ang mga inorder na foods. Natawa nlang ako at sumunod rin sa kanya sa mesa at masayang kumain. We talked mostly about my school. Later after lunch umakyat nako sa room ko at naligo narin saka bumaba sa sala. I saw daddy stting on the couch like meticulous boss whos reading every files carefully.

“what are you reading daddy?

He look up to me as i approach the couch with his stressed look.

“(sigh) some unfinished documents from the office baby. Come sit here and join me”

Nilapag nya na ang mga papel sa center table. Pilya akong lumapit at kumandong sa mga hita nya.

“i miss you daddy”

And i gave him a kiss on his lips

“naughty girl your lips should only be for your husband ok? “

“ok(silly smile) but shouldn’t my body only belongs to my husband too daddy? “

“silly your body needs a man. And you dont have a husband to fulfil that needs yet. (inserts his palms through my lacy thin dress and reaching out my nipples) I can give you what your body needs baby”

Ramdam ko ang pag piga at himas nya sa mga utong ko na sya nmang nagbigay thrill sa puson ko.

“your womb needs warmth(get closer and give small kisses to my neck and collarbones while massaging my breast) and i can fill it by the warmth of my sperm. Also your body desires pleasure and i can grant your desires to the fullest.”

Such glib tongue but i like it. Just his mere words can sent thrilling waves to my pussy. I moan as i felt his mouth latching like a baby to my breast. I love this feeling so much yung dahan dahan pero nakaka kilabot na feelings na binibigay nya sa tuwing iniexplore nya at pinagpapala ang buo kong katawan. And it started there sa boobs he likes playing my nipples with his tongue and fingers repeatedly.

“dad hmmm im getting wet(whisper in a shy manners)”

“hmmm do you want me to take you here baby or sa guest room tayo?”

“i would like you….(having second thought)…to pin me on the bed daddy(smile seductively)”

I saw his face brighten up ang then binuhat nyako at dinala sa guest room. Ito ang pinaka malapit na room dito sa baba. As soon as we reached the bed hinagis nya na ko sa kama at hinubad na ang lahat ng suot bago gumapang palapit sakin at muling niromansa ang manipis kong katawan. Although cup B lang ako im so proud of my body and daddy always says my petite body ang pale complexion is just perfect. At yun na nga sa sobrang pag enjoy ko sa romansa nya diko na nmalayan na nahubad na pla lahat ng garments sa katawan ko at napaiktad na lamang ako ng maramdaman ko ang mainit nyang dila na naglalakbay sa guhit ng pussy ko.
I let him eats my wet pussy as long as he wants afterall the feelings great. Ang bawat galaw ng dila at labi nya sa aking kepyas ay nagbibigay sakin ng kkaibang saya. Pa minsan minsan ko pa ngang ginagalaw rin ang balakang ko para salubungin ang bawat kiliti na binigbigay ng dila nya sa clitoris ko.

“ummm so good”

Nung pinasok nya at fingers nya para mas kilitiin ang urethralwall ko ay mas lalo akong napahalinghing mas intense pa ito kesa sa pag laro nya ng dila sa tinggil ko. In this way i can feel that i would squirt at any moment. Who could ever endure long for this kind of pleasure? I mean dalawang fingers rubbing inside touching your urethralwall while the thumb was simultaneously rubbing your clitoris outside your flesh too? Man this is heaven.

“aaahhh daddyy im cuming ohhh”

“give me that squirt baby common”

At mas binilisan nya pa nga ang pag finger fuck sa pussy ko wich gives my body uncontrollable shakings.


My body curled as my toes ang hands burried themselves deep on the cautions. Iswear my eyes rolled back as my pussy realeses that intense orgasms and squirting.

“ohoooo my gad shhhh haaa”

“yes baby umm this really feels sweet”

Sabi ni daddy yan habang sinisimot ng dila nya ang likidong ni release ng pussy ko. May pa sipsip pa wich makes a weird smocking sounds na syang nag echo sa dalawang tenga ko.

We both share sweet smiles with each other as soon as our eyes met. Our body and mind really seems to be conneted in this situation haha.
So yun na nga its my showtime para fare nman i also give him a blowjob. As he lay his back down i urgently positioned myself lower to face his real adoring manhood. The kind of dick that shows experience, growth and satisfaction ugh its so handsome.
No more adoration shet i lick his dickhead tasting those yummy precums then suck it lick it and play it my tongue.

“hsss ohhh”

His soft moans and groans whenever…