All In The Fam Vacation

Of all the wild stuff that happened during my vacation, giving Tita Rose her very first fuck was the most memorable.

As planned, she stayed with me in the hotel before I flew back to the States. She was with Tito Miguel most of the time. We were still able to play when Tito Miguel slept. We fucked all night. She was no longer “timid.” I fucked her in every imaginable way. Because of our exchange of sexual heat, I was asleep almost all throughout the flight from Manila to Los Angeles.

Eto ang mga weird kong relatives sa mother side. Diego and his sisters kept in touch over SMS, while Tito Miguel would occasionally call me to share some stories about Carla (who eventually had a boyfriend, so her father stopped fucking her).

Unfortunately, nagalit sakin ang mga relatives ko sa father side. They learned I was on vacation in Manila and did not even drop by to visit them. If only I could tell them the real reason why. I therefore had to make a promise that I will spend at least a week with them next time I am in town.

They’re a different lot. They’re moneyed. My father’s family is kind of old rich. Not in the way the mestizos like Ayalas are. They were businessmen who were successful in the trading business. If my relatives from the mother side are maingay at makukulit (and weird), I found my cousins and uncles from the father side quite sophisticated and “proper.” Or so I thought.

Vacation time came. I was able to escape the urban jungles of LA late November for an early year-end vacation in Manila. This time, I called my cousins, aunts and uncles from the father’s side of the clan.

Ang kwento ng daddy ko, his relatives are all very educated and well heeled. Minsan may pagka-suplado at suplada. They don’t move around in public transport. Lahat sila de-kotse.

I was met at the airport by my cousin Joel. May driver siya and therefore sarap ng kwentuhan namin while going from the airport to their place in Greenhills.

Opposite namin from the States, yung parents naman niya ang wala sa Pilipinas at this time of the year. They were planning to be in Australia for the holidays. That’s why their sprawling property in Greenhills was so quiet when we got there. Yung dad niya left for Australia the day before. Yung mom niya susunod after a couple of days. Tapos mga one month sila sa Sydney where some of their relatives have migrated to.

Joel is perhaps a year younger than I was at this time. He has a sister. I have seen her photos but have not met her in person, I mean not recently. She was in school when we got to their home.

Buti na lang his mom was around to welcome me. She goes by Tita Deng.

“Aba tignan mo nga naman si Lancelot, ang laki-laki mo na!”

“Hi Tita Deng!”

“Sus hijo, you were I think five years old the last time I saw you!”

“Sabi nga po ni daddy, matagal na daw pong hindi nagkikita ang family natin.”

Joel interjected. “Mom, he’s staying with us for a week.”

“At bakit naman one week lang?”

“Need to see some of our relatives pa, Tita. Nagtatampo na po sila.”

“Ay basta, you feel free to stay here for as long as you want ha!”

Then she hugged me real tight.

I felt her breasts. And this is bad. She was being sweet. Yet I cannot help but notice how petite her body is, considering she has given birth to two big kids na.

“Thanks po Tita for accommodating me.”

“Accommodating? This is your home too, whenever you’re in Manila.”

Then she instructs Joel.

“O, make sure you show your cousin the best eating and shopping places. Mag enjoy kayo!”

“Yes mom. Baka party place ang gusto ni amboy cousin!”

I gave a rejoinder. “Anywhere is ok. Eating, shopping, partying, maski san po ok ako.”

“Party places are ok hijo, basta don’t make the same mistake that I did, or partying too much and falling for a handsome boy who got me pregnant when I was only 16!”

“Mom, don’t say that!”

“O my son, I didn’t mean to imply I regret it. You are a blessing, my unico hijo.”

Now it kind of makes sense, why Tita Deng looks young. Joel is only 18 years old. She gave birth to him when she was 16. So Tita Deng could not be older than 34 years old, almost the same age as my Tita Rose. But oh boy she is a lot more fit and sexy. Iba talaga nagagawa ng pera.

Joel then showed me to my room, which was overlooking their swimming pool. Sa pagod ko sa biahe, and considering my jetlag, I fell asleep after a quick shower.

I woke up at around 10pm. I saw a note from my cousin.

“Didn’t wake you up for dinner. Buzz on the intercom if you want yaya to prep food for you.” How sweet of this dude.

I stood up to wash my face. I noticed the lights outside of my bedroom window. I saw some people in the pool. I walked closer to the window without turning the lights in the room on.

Tita Deng and her son Joel were swimming. There was a third person, a guy, who had a long stick for cleaning the pool (I learned later he was their gardener).

I decided to head out, unsuspecting. I already felt bad that I noticed the shapely form of Tita Deng kanina. This is after all, family.

“Look who’s awake mom?” Joel beamed at me.

“Hi guys.”

“Lancelot, you must be hungry. Ruben, tell yaya to prepare food for our balikbayan!” Tita instructed the gardener.

I then sat by the poolside chairs. Joel left the pool to join me. He was shorter than I am, but a lot more muscular. He turned out to be a gym buff.

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