Brandy | Chapter 02 | Creme De Cacao

Brandy | Chapter 02 | Creme de Cacao
By Pesteng Ahem

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This is a work of fiction, borne of boredom and a guilty conscience due to a life well-lived.

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My wife, Brandy, is Assistant Director for Marketing in the Philippine branch of a multinational drug company. She manages the entire line of antibiotics that the company produces. She’s been with the company for a few years and worked hard to get where she is.

Brandy told me that she started in the company as a junior medical representative. She and four others girls worked under the direct supervision of a senior med rep. Brandy had failed many other jobs before this one and this time she was going to try her best to try her best.

The work was demanding but it wasn’t so bad. She worked diligently in her first year to increase the sale of drugs in her assigned area: she researched all she could about the drugs assigned to her, as well as the drugs of her competitors; she memorised facts and details; she took care of all her contacts and treated them with respect; she developed a strong base of doctors who regularly prescribed her drugs; she attended in-service conferences and gave presentations to students, trainees, consultants and managers; she convinced mid-sized pharmacies in her assigned area to stock her brand over her competitors. For all her effort, she was awarded second place for the best junior med rep in the country that year. She was quite proud of herself for accomplishing that goal.

Upper management also took notice. When her supervisor was transferred to head a larger territory, Brandy was asked to apply for a promotion to senior med rep. It usually takes three or four years to be promoted, but she had the support of the senior med rep as well as manager’s boss. Her application was unsuccessful, but it brought her to the attention of the Director of Marketing.

This all happened before I met Brandy. At the time, she was sharing a condo unit in Ortigas with her best friend, Angelyca Tolentino. Brandy and Lyca met in primary school and they’ve been inseparable ever since. They were opposites of the other in form. They were the same age but Brandy was slim and petite (5’0″ 32A-23-30) while Lyca was tall and busty (5’10” 36D-27-30). Brandy was the more reserved of the two; Lyca was more naturally outgoing and impulsive.

One complemented the other. In school, for example, they were both on the varsity cheer squad where Lyca, the captain of the team, always served as backspot to Brandy, the star flyer. The two shared a strong and solid bond.

They presented to the outside world as extremely personable, disciplined, polished, modern young ladies focused on making their marks on the world.

They also hid from the everyone that they were lovers.

“Babe… Ughhh… Makinig ka muna… Sandali lang…” Brandy gently pushed her best friend’s head away from her chest. Lyca dislodged her mouth from Brandy’s nipple, watching the pink nub glisten with her saliva and her pert tit bounce back to its firm shape.

“Ano ba, Bran?! Kumakain ako dito! Huwag mo akong istorbohin.” Lyca reached for the breast with her hand and began squeezing the nipple between her thumb and index finger.

“Sandali lang.” Brandy swatted her friend’s hand with the dildo she was holding. Lyca looked up at Brandy and stuck out her tongue in irritation.

“Kung ayaw mo, ‘di ‘wag!” Lyca turned to face the wall. “Magsama muna kayo ni Bruce, Bitch.” Bruce was the pet name that they gave the double-headed dildo that Brandy was holding. They named it Bruce because it was green and large like the Hulk.

Brandy embraced her roommate from behind. She moved her right hand under Lyca’s head and curled it to rest under her chin. Her left hand moved under Lyca’s breasts, cupping the right globe firmly.

Brandy could understand her best friend’s frustration. When they moved in together, both of them made a pact to focus on their careers. Since the both of them were highly sexual, they also promised each other that Sundays and holidays were reserved for their mutual pleasure. However, the two conditions were in conflict. Both of them have been so busy climbing the career ladder that neither has had private time in the last five weeks. This was the first time in 37 days that they were together to enjoy each other’s bodies.

“Pasensya na, Babe. Masyado lang akong nalilito sa dapat na pipiliin ko.” Brandy could feel Lyca’s body relax. Even if she couldn’t see her face, Brandy knew that Lyca stopped pouting. “Itong nakaraan na mga araw, parang pirming balisa ang katawan ko dahil sa lito ko. Wala nga akong maramdaman noong sinisipsip mo yung utong ko. Haayyy…”

Lyca turned around to face her friend. She had a look of genuine concern. Lyca stroked Brandy’s hair gently and lovingly. “Pasensya ka na, Bran. Nalula lang ako sa libog ko. Hindi ko napansin ang pag-aalala mo. Ipaliwanag mo uli at subukan nating lutasin ng pareho.”

“Salamat, Babe. Pangako ko, hindi ka magsisisi mamaya.” Brandy smiled and kissed Lyca on the tip of her nose. Lyca scrunched her face and focused her attention on Brandy.

“Naalala mo na nag-aplay ako sa promosyon nuong isang buwan?”

“Oo. Hindi ba binigay sa iba?”

“Oo. Pero hindi ko sinabi sa iyo na lumapit sa akin si Ma’am Lana at sinabi sa akin na lumipat daw ako sa department niya at gusto niya akong i-mentor.”

“Sino si Ma’am Lana?”

“Ipinakilala ko siya sa iyo nung nasa Cove tayo sa Okada. Siya yung seksing naka puting bikini sa ilalim ng manipis na telang gawa sa metal. Naalala mo? May kasama siyang dalawang kliyente noon.”

Lyca’s eyes widened in recognition. “Ay, oo! Ang seksi niya. Kliyente ba ninyo yung kasama niya? Ang guwapo nung isa. Pinisil ko yung pwet niya bago tayo umalis. Hahahaha!”

“Gaga ka talaga! Hahahaha!” Brandy pinched Lyca’s ass. “Kinabukasan, nagpahatid ang Managing Director namin na naibenta ni Ma’am Lana ang gamot namin sa PhilHealth na nakakahalaga ng 240 milyon.”

“Wow! Dapat may porsyento ako doon dahil sa hinipuan kong gurang. Hahahahah!”

“Anong gurang? Wala kang naging syotang mas bata sa papa mo, Slut. Hahahaha!”

“Mahilig ka rin sa gurang, Pokpok! Hahahaha.”

“So ayun na nga… Si Ma’am Lana ang tagapangulo ng nagiinterbiyu. Lumapit siya sa akin itong nakaraan na Martes at sinabi niya na lumipat ako sa kagawaran niya. Hindi ko lang alam kung mananatili ba ako bilang med rep o tatanggapin ko ang alok ni Ma’am Lana na lumipat sa Marketing Department niya.”

Lyca knew that Brandy was always overthinking things and it was no different now. To her, it was quite clear that the offer of a transfer to the central office and personal mentorship with one the leading executives in the company was a no-brainer. Lyca knew, however, that Brandy was always scared of change and she needed to walk her friend to the more advantageous of the two choices. This would take a few hours of slow work.

“Doon tayo sa sala magusap, Bran.”

Lyca got up and walked across the room to put on a short robe. She found Brandy’s kimono and tossed it to her. She watched as Brandy caught the garment in mid-air and threw it over her shoulder. Then, with a quick move borne from years of drills as a cheerleader, Brandy got up off the bed and jumped on her friend’s back. Lyca shifted her body to take the weight of Brandy’s naked form and the both of them made their way giggling to the living room.

After three hours of involved discussions, Brandy was convinced that she knew what to do. There was no more doubt in her mind that a transfer to Ma’am Lana’s department was the better choice in the long run. Lyca’s patience and clear thinking guided her towards that realisation. She picked up her mobile to message Ma’am Lana about her decision.

Lyca watched her friend’s fingers fly across the screen to tap out her message. She stretched her body to relieve the kinks in her muscles from sitting for so long. She was pleased to have helped her friend reach clarity. However, it was close to midnight and they had to get ready for work the next day.

“Maliligo muna ako, Bran.” Lyca got up and headed to the bathroom.

“Okaayyyy. Tatapusin ko lang ito.”

Lyca secured her hair and entered the shower for a quick soap and rinse before bed. The hot water running down her body reminded her that she and Brandy didn’t get a chance to share intimate pleasures. She sighed as she realised that she’d need to spend another few nights of self pleasure before the next weekend came around. Lyca gently rubbed her pussy and let out a small moan. She quickly stopped herself and shut the shower. There was time enough for pleasure tomorrow. It was important that Brandy’s problem was resolved and she was happy to help.

Lyca dried herself off, brushed her teeth, and put on her favourite lace teddy and matching panties. She released her hair and exited the bathroom. Lyca noticed that Brandy was now on the phone with someone, so she motioned to her that she was headed to bed. Brandy acknowledged her friend with a wave and a nod.

Lyca was mentally exhausted and prepared herself for sleep. She went under the covers of the large bed she shared with Brandy, reached for the remote to adjust the temperature setting of the air conditioning and scrolled through her phone. After a few minutes, she could feel herself relax.

Suddenly, the door burst open. “Eeeeeeee!”

A naked Brandy was jumping and screaming as she entered the room. Brandy hopped onto her side of the bed and continued to jump in the air. “Hahahahaha! Magsisimula ako sa susunod na linggo! EEEEEEEEeeeee!”

Brandy leapt high in the air and landed on her stomach next to her best friend. “Nakausap ko si Ma’am Lana. Ang bait niya, Lyca! Ang swerte ko talaga. Eeeeee!”

Lyca tuned to face her friend. “Tamang desisyon yan, Bran.”

“Oo. Salamat sa tulong mo, Lyca.” Brandy held her friend’s head in both her hands and planted a big kiss on her cheek. “Mwwwaahhh!” Then, she hopped of the bed and headed for the bathroom. Lyca heard Brandy adjust the water temperature of the shower just before she drifted off to sleep.

Lyca was having the best dream. She was lying on a large bed. Her hands were tied above her head and her knees were strapped to three-foot metal bar, forcing her thighs to remain wide open. Ropes tied to each of her ankles led by a pulley system over the bed. The ropes were held taut, raising her pelvis and legs by her ankles. A cushion was underneath her lower back to support her weight. She was moaning through a ball gag as her dance coach was gently blowing air over her pussy.

“Puta ka talaga, hija. Hindi pa tayo nagsisimula, basa na ang puke mo.” The slim, 28-year-old dance coach slowly licked the line of pussy juice slowly making its way from the opening of Lyca’s cunt down to her ass. After she cleaned all the liquid, she adjusted the direction of her lips and started to blow air directly on the team captain’s clitoris. After just a few puffs, she could see her student’s clitoral mound rise. She smiled at Lyca’s responsiveness.

“Ano, baby? Simulan na ba natin?”

Lyca released a long, low moan through her gag.

“Mamaya na lang ba? Oh, sige.”

Lyca could feel her coach’s gentle breath stop. Lyca shook her head and screamed around her ball gag.

“Ano ang sabi mo, Lyca? Hindi kita maintindihan.” The older woman ran her hands along the inside of Lyca’s thighs. Using slow, unrushed, gentle strokes, she moved her hands back and forth using light touches, avoiding Lyca’s pussy altogether. She kissed the back of Lyca’s knees to heighten the young girl’s pleasure.

Lyca’s pelvis was moving involuntarily in an attempt to feel her coach’s soft hands graze her pussy. When this didn’t work, she started to make sobbing noises out of frustration.

The older woman continued her slow, sustained arousal of her student. She moved her mouth from the back of Lyca’s knees to the insides of her thighs. Her hands moved toward Lyca’s lower back and belly using the same gentle rhythm. The coach licked and sucked the skin of Lyca’s inner thighs.

Lyca thrust her pelvis upward to attract the attention of her coach. She wanted to grab her coach’s head and move it to her pussy, but her bindings prevented her from doing this. She wanted to trap her coach’s head between her thighs, but the metal bar restricted her movement.

The coach could see that more liquid was running down Lyca’s pussy. She interrupted her work on the younger girl’s inner thighs and moved to lick the juice. “Mmmmm… Ang sarap ng lasa mo, Lyca. Hindi mo ba talaga gustong magsimula?” The older woman moved her tongue to the space between Lyca’s pussy and asshole and planted a deep, wet kiss.

Lyca thrust her pelvis downward, causing her coach’s lips to come in contact with her pussy. The older woman realised this and slowly extended her tongue, expertly separating her student’s pussy lips and entering her wet hole. Lyca moaned in relief and started to drool around the ball covering her mouth. However, this pleasure was short-lived. The coach quickly moved her head back in mock shock. “Ay! Pasensya na, hija. Hindi ko sinasadya. Sandaling dumampi ang labi ko sa puke mong basang basa. Iginagalang ko kasi ang desisyon mo na mamaya na tayong magsimula. Baka mamaya akusahan mo ako na brinotsa kita ng pilitan. Marami pa naman tayong oras. Sabihin mo lang sa akin kung gusto mo nang magsimula.” The coach grinned as she returned to kissing her student’s inner thighs.

Lyca whimpered through her gag. Her pussy was on fire from her teacher’s expert foreplay. Lyca could feel the older woman’s hands move from her tummy towards her breasts. Using the same gentle movements, the coach’s hands traced lazy circles around each breast starting outward, moving inward to terminate on her erect nipples, then moving outward again.

In a sudden break to the motion of her coach’s hands, Lyca suddenly felt her thick nipples being grasped roughly between two fingers. The fingers twisted her nipples painfully, causing her to arch her back and release a scream of pent-up desire.



Lyca snapped awake.

She wasn’t dreaming any more. She looked down to see Brandy seated astride her tummy. The petite girl was nude and had managed to remove Lyca’s teddy without waking her. Brandy had both Lyca’s nipples pinched between her fingers and was twisting them hard. Lyca felt the pain and pleasure that Brandy was inflicting on her and moaned in appreciation. She looked up and saw Brandy’s smiling face.

“Ang sarap yata ng panaginip mo, Babe. Si Coach Jane ba ang kumakantot sa ‘yo?” In the dim light of the bedroom, Brandy couldn’t see Lyca blush deeply. Lyca nodded, licked her lips and rolled her eyes.

Brandy picked up on the cue immediately. The both of them were experimenting with role play. They chose roles that were in direct opposition to their public personas. The shy and demure Brandy was aggressive and domineering; Lyca enjoyed playing the submissive as it gave her a chance to cease assuming a leadership role and let someone else take charge.

“Ako si Coach ngayong gabi,” Brandy said.

“Sige.” Lyca moaned and raised her head, exposing her neck.

On hearing Lyca’s response, Brandy twisted Lyca’s left nipple more forcefully. She released the other nipple and grabbed Lyca by the neck, applying light pressure on both sides, allowing the blood flow to her friend’s brain to slow.

“Ano ang tawag mo sa akin, Emily?” Brandy’s voice was sharp. She was using the pseudonym Lyca chose during their role play sessions.


Emily’s breathing became deep as she felt her head grow light. The pleasure she was feeling as Coach Jane was pinching her nipples was slowly turning into pain. That transition aroused her immensely. Between her legs, her pussy was becoming quite wet.

“Pasensiya, Coach. Nawala lang po ako sa sarili,” Emily whispered.

Coach Jane released the nipple she was abusing and slapped Emily on the cheek. “Huwag mong uulitin ang pagkakamali mo.” Coach Jane gripped Emily’s throat more firmly. “Pinayagan kitang maging lider ng squad, pero parang nakakalimutan mo na may kapalit iyon.”

“Opo, Coach. Hindi na po mauulit.” Emily closed her eyes as she assumed her role. “Hindi ko po nakalimutan ang kapalit, Coach Jane.”

“At ano ang ippinaubaya mo noong naging lider ka, Emily?” Coach Jane leaned forward and sucked on her student’s red nipple, bathing it in saliva to ease the pain she had inflected earlier. Her gentleness caused Emily to moan.

“Kayo po ang may-ari ng katawan ko, Coach.” Coach Jane played with her student’s nipple with her tongue. Emily felt a fluttering in her belly as the coach’s expert tongue ran circles around her nipple.

“Mmmm… Miss Emily, ang tigas ng utong mo. Nagugustuhan mo ba ang ginagawa ko?”

“Opo, Coach. Ang sarap po ng dila ninyo.”

Coach Jane moved her face over her student’s and slapped her lightly. “Ibuka mo ang iyong bibig,” she commanded.

“Yes, Coach.” Emily complied immediately.

Coach Jane spit into Emily’s mouth. Emily received Coach Jane’s saliva and swallowed. Coach Jane stuck out her tongue and moved closer to her friend. In response, Emily accepted Coach Jane’s tongue into her mouth. The two friends shared a deep French kiss, exchanging saliva and deep sighs. Coach Jane released her hand from Emily’s throat and caressed the side of her face. Emily moved her hands up and down Coach Jane’s back.

The two friends were lost in each other. They had been too long away from each other’s bodies and the reunion awakened each of their senses to the longing both felt for each other’s touch.

After a few minutes, Coach Jane disengaged her mouth. “Na-mis mo yata ako, Emily.”

“Opo, Coach.”

“Dahil matagal na rin tayo hindi nagkikita, may sorpresa ako para sa iyo.” Coach Jane reached to the side and presented a small ceramic jar to Emily. Emily looked at the jar. It was dark green in colour. Inside it was a white substance. The label said “Creme de Cacao Experimental Lot 252-B”.

Coach Jane opened the top and brought the cream closer to her friend’s nose. Emily could detect a mild scent of flowers masking with a musky note underneath. “Binigay ito ng ating sponsor. Hindi pa ito lumalabas sa publiko.” Coach Jane dipped her index finger into the jar and continued to explain to her friend. “Baka daw hindi nila ituloy dahil may pangalawang epekto na hindi nila inaasahan.” Coach Jane moved her finger closer to her friend’s face so that she could take a closer look.

Lyca didn’t know whether Brandy was playing her role or she was telling the truth. Regardless, she trusted her friend implicitly and knew that she wouldn’t bring her to harm. She decided to play along.

“Ano po yung epekto na napansin nila, Coach?”

Coach Jane smiled cryptically. “Hawakan mo ang garapon, Emily.” Emily reached for the jar and held it in her hand. Coach Jane dipped the index finger of her other hand into the cream. Now, both her index finger were coated with the substance. She slowly moved both her hands over Emily’s tits and coated her friend’s nipples in the cream.

Emily didn’t expect this and jerked her chest lightly as Coach Jane spread the cold cream around her friend’s nipples. “Malamig po, Coach.”

“Shhhh… Huwag kang magsalita.” Coach Jane brought her fingers to Emily’s mouth. Emily licked the cream from her fingers. She was surprised that it tasted a little of apricots.

A few seconds later, Emily felt a warm tingling around her nipples. She looked down and saw that they were both extremely erect. The cream was making her nipples quite sensitive.

“Coach, may nararamdaman po ako…”

“Shhh… Huwag kang maingay.” Coach Jane dipped her finger into the cream. She showed her friend that her finger was coated, then slowly brought her finger downward. Emily followed Coach Jane’s finger with her eyes. The finger stopped over her nipple, but it didn’t stay for long. Coach Jane lifted her body off Emily’s tummy and crawled backward between Emily’s thighs. Emily opened them to accommodate Coach Jane.

Keeping the coated finger in the air, Coach Jane used the remaining fingers to pull aside Emily’s lace panties, exposing her shaved pussy to the open air of the bedroom. Then, Coach Jane separated Emily’s pussy lips. Emily’s pussy was wet from all the stimulation. Coach Jane smiled as she smeared the cream onto her friend’s clitoris.

“Ohhhhhhh.. Shiiiitttttt!” The feel of Coach Jane’s finger on her sensitive nubbin initially caused Emily to shiver, but this was quickly replaced by the pleasurable rubbing that the Coach was giving to her clit.

Coach Jane rubbed Emily’s clit. She smeared the cream all around the base and tip of the small organ. As she did this, she noticed Emily’s clit emerge from its hood. It was now quite erect.

“Ohhh… Coach… Ang init ng pakiramdam ko…” Emily was twisting her body. She grabbed her right tit and started to tease her nipples.

Coach Jane moved upward. She reached for Emily’s free tit and sucked on the nipple. “Fuuuckkkkk… Ang sensitibo ng utong ko, Coach!” Emily arched her back, causing more of her tit to enter her coach’s mouth. Coach Jane bit hard on her student’s nipple. “Aaaahhhhhh…”

Emily rubbed her legs together as the tingling started in her clitoris. Sensing this, Coach Jane released Emily’s nipple and brought her face close to her student’s.

“Nasasarapan ka ba sa regalo ko, Emily?”

“Uuunnggggg…” Emily moaned. “Ang init po ng katawan ko, Coach…”

Coach Jane moved her hand towards the jar that Emily was still holding. This time, she dipped her index and middle fingers deep into the jar. Emily noticed that her coach’s fingers were coated to the knuckle with the cream. Coach Jane smiled and winked at her student. Then, without a word, she moved downward between Emily legs.

“Ibaba mo ang garapon, Emily, at hawakan mo ang iyong bukong-bukong. Gusto kong makita ang posisyon mo sa pag split.” Emily carefully set down the jar of Creme de Cacao, grabbed her ankles and performed a perfect split, completely exposing her pussy and asshole.

Without a word, Coach Jane slowly moved her hand closer to the wet pussy in front of her. Then, she forcefully thrust the two cream-coated fingers into her student’s pussy.

“Ugghhhh! Coachhhhhh…” Emily felt her coach’s fingers enter her tight pussy. The fingers didn’t need much lubrication because of the thick coating of cream and because of Emily’s arousal. Coach Jane made sure that the cream was spread inside of Emily’s pussy. When she withdrew her finger, she was pleased to see that the cream coating was replaced with her student’s juices.

Due of the larger dose delivered to her pussy by her coach’s fingers, Emily could feel the effects almost immediately. At the moment, her body was on fire. Pleasurable heat was enveloping her tits, clit and pussy. The cream also made the areas quite sensitive to friction, so the slightest rubbing was enhanced.

Coach Jane raised her fingers to Emily’s mouth. Emily licked the fingers clean of her own pussy juices. Fingers were quickly replaced by the coach’s tongue. Emily moaned into her coach’s mouth as her coach sucked on her own tongue.

Coach Jane moved to the side and spread her legs wide. She dipped her fingers into and spread the cream onto her own pussy, making sure to use a liberal amount. Once she could feel the tingling heat, she moved closer to her student’s spread legs and spread her own. She brought her pussy closer to her student’s cunt. She grabbed hold of Emily’s leg, allowing her to relax. As Emily closed her thighs, Coach Jane, slowly rubbed her pussy against Emily’s pussy.

“Uughhhh… Ang sarap ng puke ninyo, Coach.” Emily adjusted her position so that Coach Jane’s pelvic bone was rubbing against her clit. The effect of the cream was causing both of them to writhe in pleasure. Coach Jane moved her pelvis back and forth rapidly as she maximised the contact between their pussies. She reached forward and grabbed hold of her student’s tits.

“Aaah…. Ang sarap ng pakiramdam ng puke mo, Emily.” Emily was losing herself in heightened feeling of Coach Jane’s pussy rubbing against hers. The coach’s hand was grabbing her tit roughly, adding to her quickly approaching orgasm.

Suddenly, Coach Jane stopped her scissoring and disentangled their legs. She slowly moved to Emily’s side and smeared more pussy onto her own pussy. Coach Jane stood and placed one leg on either side of Emily’s head. Then, she slowly lowered her body while grasping the headboard.

Emily could see Coach Jane’s shaved pussy approach her face. A few inches before making contact Coach Jane said, “Alam mo na yata kung ano ang dapat gawin, puta ko.”

Emily moaned and reached upward to grasp both sides of Coach Jane’s ass. Her hands here turned upward, supporting Coach Jane’s weight and allowing her thumbs to rest on either side of the coach’s pussy. As Chaoch Jane continued to lower herself, Emily moved her thumbs apart, causing Coach Jane’s pussy lips to separate, exposing her pink flesh with its coating of Creme de Cacao.

Emily extended her tongue as Coach Jane’s pussy rested on her mouth. Emily moved her tongue around the inside of her coach’s tight pussy. She could taste a mixture of apricots from the cream and the sweetness of her coach’s pussy juice.

“Aaahhhhh… Ganyan nga, puta. Ang galing talaga ng dila mo. Ibaon mo ng maigi. Simutin mo lahat ng krema sa loob.” Coach Jane moved her hips, causing her pussy to push firmly onto Emily’s open mouth. She reached down and exposed her clit. “Huwan mong kalimutan ang tinggil ko, puta.” Emily quickly withdrew her tongue from deep inside Coach Jane’s pussy and moved her head forward to capture the coach’s clit in her mouth. She sucked and tongued around the clit.

“Aaaahhhhhh! Fuuuckkkkk!” Coach Jane’s legs began to shake as her orgasm approached. “Huwag kang titigil, puta! Ahhhhh.. Ahhh… Malapit na akohhh. Ahh… Ahhhh…”

Emily moved her right hand away from the coach’s pussy lips and felt around beside her. As soon as she felt the jar, she dipped two of her fingers into the cream, brought it closer to the coach’s pussy, and thurst it deeply into her while moving her tongue rapidly across Coach Jane’s sensitive clit.

“AAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhh!!! PUUUUUUTANG INAAAAAAAA!!!” Coach Jane threw her head back and screamed as an orgasm ripped through her body. Emily inserted a third finger into the coahch’s pussy and used firm rapid strokes. “EEEEEEEE!!! I’M CUMMMINGGGGG AGGAAAAINNNNNN! FUUUUCCKKKKK!” The coach was twitching her body uncontrollably above her. Emily was now in control and she loved it. Coach Jane’s pussy was so wet that Emily’s fingers was causing a squelching sound as they moved in and out. Despite being drenched in the coach’s juices, Emily continued to suck and lick on the clit.

“Aaaahh!!! Aaaaggggghhhhh!! Ayan uli, baby. Fuuckkkkk!” Coach Jane was having trouble maintaining her balance and bent forward at her waist. Emily’s mouth remained locked onto her clit and her fingers retained their rapid rhythm. The coach’s new position afforded Emily the chance to push her fingers deeper into the coach’s wet snatch.

Emily dislodged her mouth from her coach’s clit and shifted her gaze upward. She saw that her coach was resting her head on her forearms on the headboard. Her mouth was open and her eyes were shut as orgasms continued to wash over her body. Emily loved how the look of intense desire and arousal was slowly being replaced by relaxation and contentment.

Coach Jane was slowly returning to earth as her orgasms subsided. Knowing how sensitive a pussy can get, Emily gradually but quickly reduced the rhythm of her fingers until she gently slipped them out of her coach. Her entire hand was covered in a mixture of cream — the coach’s thinner cum and the thicker salve. She gently rubbed Coach Jane’s pussy. With her other hand, she reached upward and grabbed the coach by the back of the neck.

Brandy was relishing the afterglow of the orgasms she experienced in the hands (and mouth) of her best friend. FUCK, that role play session was intense. Her body was still weak as she felt her friend’s fingers slip out of her pussy and gently rub her mound. “Mmmmmm… Ang sarap.”

She opened her eyes as she felt her friend’s hand behind her head. Lyca was smiling below her. She moved her body towards her friend and opened her mouth to receive her Lyca’s extended tongue. She tasted herself on her friend’s lips as they shared an intimate moment together.

“Salamat, Lyca,” whispered Brandy.

“Salamat, ‘Coach’. Hihihii!” Lyca brought her wet hand to show to Brandy. “Ang dami mong inilabas.”

“Ang sarap ng ginawa mo kasi.” Brandy grasped Lyca’s hand by the wrist and moved it closer to them. She took Lyca’s index and middle fingers into her mouth to clean her juices. Lyca licked the rivulets of cream that were trailing towards her wrist.

“Napakasariwa ng lasa ng puke ninyo, ‘Coach’.”

Brandy moved Lyca’s hand away, causing the fingers to slip out of her mouth. Once they exited, she moved to give her best friend a deep French kiss. As Brandy felt Lyca’s body relax, she stopped the kiss and sat up. She grabbed Lyca by the throat, raised her hand, and slapped her hard on the left tit.

“Ikaw naman, ‘Emily’,” Brandy sneered.

Lyca moaned loudly.


Coach Jane moved her face close to Emily’s and whispered menacingly, “Tuwad, Slut.”

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