Cecilia’s Social Work And Her Adventures -1

Readers discretion advised: Explicit graphic trxt content. All characters in story are above legal age. Names are not real and locations are fictional to protect privacy.

It had been an interesting time for Cecilia and Felipe since they met. They were the soulmates, Felipe finally met a woman of his dreams who was as horny as he wanted her to be, and same goes for Cecilia, she found a horny man who could let her be with other men in bed next to him and watch her.

Felipe had been obsessed with this idea since the beginning, though he is successful in life and a straight shooter he was turned down by many girls for his thinking and expressing himself to them, but he knew one day he would find the one, and he did.
Cecilia is a social worker, that’s what she is in real life. She had discovered the hidden treasures that came with work. In early days she had joined a NGO and started working in the small remote villages in the mountain regions tribal communities. Later she left NGO and began working independently as she found some private sponsors with financial backing. She was aware of what she was getting into but it was the very reason why she chose this line of work, she loved to be close to nature rather than in the cities, and no superior to report to. She was not into sophisticated and polished type of city men but hard working strong men in the fields living bare minimalist life that is still untouched by the city like lifestyle.
Cecilia spends a month at a time in a village, before moving to the next village in a barangay, she spends a week back at home in the city to rest and prepare for the next.
It was a coincidence that Felipe met Cecilia on one of his trekking trips in the same place where she was stationed.

On a rainy day Felipe was waiting in his rented shack for rain to clear before he could start his trekking, the mountain was covered with clouds and had dense forest. He had rented this shack from the villager who was living just ten minutes of walking distance.
A very small peaceful village with just ten or twelve houses in the middle of the valley, populated with a tribe who lives on farming and raising livestock. Nearest highway from here is 3-4 miles away by motorcycle ride on unpaved, narrow and muddy roads through the mountains.
As Felipe waited for rain to stop, he pulled out his binoculars began scanning and planning to choose his trail his way up before he could start. Although the forest was dense and some clouds covered the tops he managed to locate a trail from a distance and began following its direction and stumbled upon an interesting site, a couple in the woods, not going anywhere, but a girl on her knees and a man standing with his pants down while she was sucking his cock. Felipe zoomed in binoculars a little more and began watching them, the man looked like he was from the village but the girl looked like a tourist or visitor from the city. Felipe sat on a chair and settled down to watch the full episode. Though this was not his first time to come across a couple in the forest, but this was different. The man looked to be in 40’s or older and the girl, she looked absolutely beautiful, almost half his age, she was passionately licking and sucking his huge cock, the man was holding her head and pushing it deep, they both looked wet due to rain but rain was their list concern, the man was also looking around once a while, s…