Coffee Client’s “Fuck Rod”

Good Morning FSS share ko lang ung story ko! P.S not a good writer or story teller. I’ve been infisheries and aquaculture for 5 good years and now sumusubok sa agriculture supplies. I met a successful coffee shop and bistro owner in UP Town Centre on our market testing, let’s call her Alexa (not her true name), 34 years old, happily married woman from Quezon City(if you guys want description: she’s around 5″7, while complexion, firm boobs, sexy body and bitchy smile). May kaunting discussion about my coffee beans and my fisheries and aquaculture business. She fell inlove with my concept about wood roasted coffee and sustainable fisheries.

The next day she invited me for a presentation with her partners, I presented how our company can supply their needs and the body fell inlove with it. (im cutting the story mejo mahaba kasi) 4 months ago was our very 1st supply to them. After the delivery, I invited her to try a fancy restaurant at Conrad’s habang nag mamanaho ako amoy na amoy ko na ung perfume nya, hindi ko sure kung napansin nya na ung titi ko eh galit na galit na, kitang kita ko ung kanyang cleavage, napansin nya ito at tumitig sya sakin.

At the restaurant, I’m having a hard time controlling my self, she’s really inviting, we had discussions about politics and business. I noticed that im suddenly kissing her shoulder, giving her smiles, while caressing her lower chest. “ohhh, please stop, I have a husba….” I continue caressing her chest papunta sa boobs wala na akong pakialam kung may makakakita ” ohh fuck, please wag dito….” ang tangi nyang nasabi.

I invited her na i check ang rooms sa Conrads which she happily agreed. “It is toooo classy, Jose” sabi nya “Perfect, Alexa for a good partnership!” the she suddenly grab my cock “Fuck me hard with your fuck rod, baby!” hindi sya nakatiis dali dali nya itong sinubo (perfect trimmed, nice size and shape). Ang galing nyang mag blowjob parang sabik na sabik sa “fuck rod”. Binuhat ko sya at dinala sa kama, I kissed her, she is a perfect woman (I mean a perfect MILF) inamoy amoy ko ang leeg nya. Her smell was really amazing, dinilaan ko ung batok nya, habang lamas lamas ang dalawang nag lalakihang boobs nya ” Ohh josseeee, please dont stop! Can you fuck me hard! I…