Coffee Part 2

“Fuck! That was awesome!”. She told me. “I knew you will never disappoint me!”

I smiled. She removed her legs from my head and laid down on the bed facing me. She then held my head and guided it to hers. She kissed me again licking my lips and all around it tasting her own juices. I kissed back while raising my body so that I can be on top of her.

My cock is still rock hard. It is touching her legs.

“That is hard..”. She whispered while biting my lower lip.

“Uhuh…”. I just replied.

She pushed me so that I may lay again facing the ceiling. She went on top while she continued to kiss me.

Her kiss went to my ears and licked me. “You want me to go down on you?” She asked.

“Yes…”. I said.

She laughed mischievously licking my neck. Her lips went to my nips and started to work her way thru my belly button. She seemed not to mind my flabs and the stretch marks showing there.

Her tongue slid lower passing by the base of my cock. She licked the base and my balls.

“Ohhh.. that feels good…” I moaned. She put my balls inside her mouth while starting to stroke my dick. Her fingers played with my head and the hole on it.


She continued licking my balls and the space in between my ass and my balls. I felt more excited…

She went back to my balls and sucked them popping them in and out her mouth. She knows how to please a man.

She slid her lips to the trunk of my cock going to the head. She kissed the head and licked the hole on it. She played with her tongue flicking it to different directions touching the head and the hole of my cock. She then softly sucked it. Like a woman licking a lollie, she also licked it and play with it.

“Fuck!”. I muttered again. I feel that I will cum if she will not stop. My hands held the bedsheet like iron.

It felt so good that I might explode anytime now…

She continued sucking my cock but this time with her head bobbing up and down. I can fill her tongue going around while she was doing this.

“.My goddd….”. I muttered again feeling the heavenly sensation on my cock.

Her head started to move quicker. My cock went deeper reaching her throat. I can feel her throat like it was vagina walls with muscle being controlled…

“Oh fuck! I am about to cum….! I said with a tensed voice.

I can feel my semen building up in my balls. The pressure of it wanting to explode..

“I’m cumming…. Shit shit shit….”

She hastened her pace deepthroating me. My legs tensed. I felt my cum explode on her throat. She did not spit my cock. She continued sucking it until it was cleaned.

“That taste good she said. It is a little bit sweet.”. She said.

I can’t say anything… I laid there catching my breath as that orgasm drained my energy

Finally I was able to talk. “That was great! The best orgasm I had so far!”

She laid beside me for a while letting me rest for a while. “I think I did not disappoint you then?” She asked.

“Of course not… I said.”. Giving her a peck on the lips

“5 mins.” I said.

“Ok. You came to much in my mouth that I had a hard time swallowing at first.”

“Didn’t look like it. I think you were a natural.”. I kidded.

She smiled and got the remote of the TV. She turned the channels and found porn.

The porn started with a hunk gardener beginning to work. He heard noises coming from the window sill. He went to look and saw the daughter of the owner of the house with her college friends. Two of them were awake. One girl has her head on the pelvis of the other.

It seems that she is eating her. She is eating her! The gardener hid a little while he continued to watch what is happening inside the room.

The girl continued to lick the pussy of Haley.

“Unghhh…. Uhmmm… Shit!”. We can hear Haley’s moan. Her hands are pushing the head of the other girl towards her pussy while grinding her hips.

The other girl beside…