My name is Keith. 5’2″, pale skin, and with my small frame ay 34C ang aking boobs. Isang business student sa isang private university sa Manila.

I enjoy using dating apps. You can filter people making it easier to find who have the same interests with you.

“Aaahhh…” ungol ko habang naglalabas masok ang middle finger ni Al sa butas ko.

Isa si Al sa mga nakilala ko sa dating app and we decided to hangout when I get home from a vacation in Cebu.

It’s really hard for me to find connection with other people so when I meet someone who I think I can have a great time with I ask them right away for a hangout.

And sometimes ang hangout ay nauuwi sa kantutan.

Marami kaming similarities ni Al. We have the same taste in music and movies. We are into literature, history, and science. Marami akong natututunan sa kanya which I really like even though we argue in some of our views and stands.

He’s funny and he’s hot. 5’10”, tan, and even wearing longsleeve on his default photo it’s obvious that he works out a lot because of his bulging arms.

To be honest I’ve never been in a romantic relationship because I feel like it will only restrict me from everything I want to experience.

I’m not sentimental when it comes to sex, but I’ll only do it with someone na I share a connection with and I’m sure na clean.

Nang makauwi ako ay agad kaming nagkita. We enjoy our binondo date kanina and I can’t remember bakit nakabukaka ako ngayon sa leather one seater sofa nya at nagpapakain.

“Sabaw mo tang ina ka” sabi nito habang labas masok ang middle finger sa butas ko na sinabayan pa ng pagdila sa singit.

Napaliyad ako ng maramdaman na dila naman nya ang pumapasok sa butas ko. Ilang minu…