Date With A Reader

After the publication of my stories, particularly the Lustful Weekend Series, I got a number of messages from readers who are curious and interested to know me better. One particular reader that I chatted regularly is a guy named Ricky (not his real name). Ricky is in his early 40s, mabait sa chat and we have two things in common: we both like massage and whisky for drinks.

After about two weeks of chatting and him inviting me out, I decided to give it a go and meet up with him. We set up a date and the ground rules. We will meet up for dinner somewhere in Morato and have drinks. If we like each other, then we will proceed to have a massage in a couple’s room near the area. Massage during the first date, sounds unusual but exciting.

We agreed to meet on a Thursday, para not many people sa resto-bar. I don’t want to look lame just in case I like Ricky, so I went to the nail spa after lunch of Thursday to have a mani-pedi. I picked pink color for my nail polished. I decided to wear a sexy dress instead of a skirt. No bra, but wearing a pink thong. I also shaved when I took a bath. Ricky mentioned he loves to eat shaved pussy during our sexy chats. I don’t have plans to go beyond our discussion of dinner, drinks and massage, but I shaved just the same.

I went to the agreed resto-bar and saw Ricky waiting for me at the table in the corner of the place. He stood up as I approach the table and smiled. We exchanged hello and sat down. Tinanong niya ako if mahirap pumunta sa resto-bar from my place and I told him okay lang, madali lang naman ang travel that time.

The waiter approached us and asked for our order, I looked at the menu and order my dish, Ricky did the same. The waiter asked if we want tapas while waiting for our main dishes and I said yes. Ricky also asked me if I wanted drinks and I told him I like whisky, so he ordered for both of us.

After the waiter left to process our order, Ricky told me that I am pretty and that he was excited to see me. He was also afraid that I may say no at the last minute at hindi dumating. Very happy siya na dumating ako. Parang siyang fan na nanalo ng date sa crush niya. After a few minutes dumating na ang appetizer and drinks namin. We continued with our discussion, he asked me about my schooling and I asked him about work. Ricky is soft-spoken, does not brag even if I am aware that he is successful in his line of work. I kind of like talking with him, which is a plus for him. And Ricky has a moustache, my first time to date a guy with such.

We were done with our first round of drinks when the main dish for dinner arrived. Ricky asked me if I want another round of whisky to accompany my dinner and I said yes. I planned to have just two rounds of whisky for this date. Ricky was his usual nice self during the dinner, very polite and gentleman in his line of questioning. He did not touch on sexual topic, except when he mentioned he likes my stories and that I write well. I was enjoying our conversation and it gave him additional points in my book.

After dinner, he asked if I want to order pa. I was thinking if I will stop there na or will continue. I kinda of like him na rin at that point, so I decided to order another (3rd round of drinks). I saw a smile on his face when I told him that I’d like another round of whisky, he knows I get horny when tipsy. When the drinks arrived, sinabi ni Ricky na bagay daw ako sa damit ko for that night. It enhances the shape of my body. He followed it up na pansin niya wala akong bra. It was the first time during the conversation, na medyo naging sexual ang statement niya.

I decided to flirt with him na rin, I told him na I go out without wearing bra since I find it comfortable. Kaso, I added, dahil medyo malamig sa resto-bar, kaya tumitigas ang utong ko (I wanted to use the word nipple, but can’t explain why I used that word, siguro may kaunting libog). He smiled at me and said, “masarap dilaan yan at sipsipin para mainitan ng kaunti. Saka makikiliti ka sa bigote ko.” Nag-strike na ang tipsiness and horniness sa katawan ko, bigla na-feel ko nag wet ako. I know Ricky had me, but I want to stick to the plan for that night. I drank my whisky and told him na mag restroom muna ako dahil nag wet ako, and settle na niya ang bill at lipat kami sa massage place. Sa restroom, I felt the fluids that came out of my pussy and made my thong a bit wet. “Loko tong si Ricky ah, pina-wet ako,” I told myself. I fixed myself and went out, Ricky was waiting for me near the entrance of the bar.

He guided me to his car in the parking lot and asked me, “where next?” I told him the massage place is just near the resto-bar and he drove to the direction I gave. After about 10 minutes, we arrived at the massage place. Since it was a Thursday, the place was not that busy. We were able to secure the couple’s room quickly. We reserved for two-hour massage and I told the girl at the counter that I prefer a male attendant. Ricky whispered to me if I am sure about it. I told him na male attendant talaga ang nag-massage sa akin. Lucky guy daw at mahawakan ako ng male attendant. I just smiled at him. He asked for a lady attendant for him.

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