Deadly Illusions – Lutcho

The stories in this particular album are half ‘n half – half reality, half illusion.

The sex part is the illusion. When and how we met is reality.

After being sick for almost a month, I went to see a doctor for a full body work-up as suggested by my officemates.

I was subjected for several lab tests – ECG, FBS, Urinalysis, Xray and many more.

After a day, I got my results and submitted it to my doctor. According to him, everything was normal. I just needed to loose a weight and control my diet to avoid health risks. With that, I listened and obeyed.

I started joining my friends who were physically active. I jogged morning and evening while my friends were out of town because of work. But whenever they were in town, we jogged together at dusk.

This friend of mine for 10years introduced me to her colleague. So, her colleague and I became friends. This resulted to us jogging together.

My bestfriend works in a different city, she comes home every weekend. So to keep the momentum going with my diet and exercise, I messaged our other friend – the one na pinakilala ng best friend ko.

Me: besh! let’s jog!
Toni: today?
Me: yes, today!
Toni: cge! what time?
Me: after work?
Toni: oki, where to?

She asked me where kasi we both lived in different parts of the city and medyo malayo talaga, we still have to commute for us to meet.

Me: hmmmmm? City Hall?
Toni: Gymnasium?
Me: haha saan ba pwede?
Toni: haha pwede naman sa dalawa, ang problem is malapit yan sa kalsada.
Me: Right! How about Capitol?
Toni: Pwede, we can do that.
Me: Cge-cge, don nalang tayo.
Toni: Yes! See you?
Me: See youuu!

Around 5:30pm, I left our office and went home. Changed up and dialled my phone.

Me: Hey! You good na?
Toni: Yeah! Hinihintay ko nalang ang sundo ko.
Me: Wait? May ibang kasama tayo?
Toni: Yeah, okay lang ba? He’s a friend naman.
Me: Oh okayyy haha the more the merrier.
Toni: correct! also, okay lang ba kung lipat tayo ng area, he recommended we try their village.
Me: Oh okay lang naman, whichever is better.
Toni: Okay, cge. I’ll see you in a while.

After finalizing our meeting place, I commuted. Within 20mins, I arrived at the entrance of the village and was waiting for them.

Was taking a shots of the sunset, a car honked in front of me. Windows rolled down and her face popped out of the car.

Toni: besh!
Me: hey!
Toni: Get in!
Me: *whispering* sure?
Toni: haha sure!

I got inside his car and my friend introduced the man driving the vehicle.

Toni: besh, this is Lutcho. Lutcho, ***** she’s my friend.
Lutcho: Hi, welcome to the club.
Me: Hello! Nice meeting you!

I can’t clearly see his face but damnnn he smelled so fucking good! Jogging ba talaga gagawin natin Sir? His smell filled the entire car. Kahiya naman, di ako na orient na dapat pangmalakasang pabango gagamitin for jogging.

Dumating kami sa destination ng village. Warmed up a little and started jogging.

He was kind enough to make me feel comfortable. First few laps kasa-kasama ko si Toni.

Toni: Hey, baka nahihiya ka lang magtanong kung sino sya. He’s an old friend – fling.
Me: ohhh I see.
Toni: We dated before but now we’re friends.

Sana all kaya maging friends.

Toni: We dated for 2 years din naman.
Me: I see. Buti you’re comfortable.
Toni: Oo naman, we got over it na. We have our own relationships but we remained friends.
Me: righttt.

One hour individual jog then the 3 of us walked around the village to breathe. He also offered water and a few talks along the walk.

I think it was 7pm when we decided to go home na.

Lutcho: bihis lang ako, then we can go.
Us: Yeah, cge!

Alam mo yung feeling na shadow nya lang ang nakikita while nakahubad. Dirty thoughts are not helping lol

Hinatid nila ako sa sakayan. While I was on the jeep. I can’t help but imagine him. Damn it!

Crazy fucking thoughts running on my mind. I wonder if anong pabango nya. It was so familiar.

When I was home, I took a shower and started thinking of him. I felt wet down there. Iba ang illusions ko especially when I have a vivid image of a person.

I started touching myself while I was in the bathroom, remembering his scent. Wondering what it feels if I touch him. Ugh the frustration!

My pussy was wet but it was not satisfying. I needed to think more.

I was done showering, ate dinner and prepared for bed. It was 9pm but my mind was already blank. Couldn’t sleep because I had coffee earlier. So, I decided to create scenarios in my head of how I want Lutcho and I to end up.

I started thinking

He suddenly arrived right in front of our house. Knocking on our gate and asking my brother-in-law kung nasan ako.

Lutcho: Hi, good evening! Is ***** here?
BIL: Yes, tawagin ko lang muna.

***** may naghahanap sayo!

Shocked as I was not expecting him.

Lutcho: Hi!
Me: Hey! What’s up?
Lutcho: I was in the neighborhood and Toni told me she couldn’t join me tonight, baka naman free ka?
Me: Free for?

Kinilig naman ako haha Walang basagan ng trip, this was my own imagination.

Him: Dinner or coffee? Friday is Flyday.
Me: haha right! Nagdinner na ako eh, coffee would be good.
Him: So let’s grab coffee then!

We left the house and decided to grab coffee. No…