Dinner Date

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You must be thinking, how did it end up like this?

You’re dripping wet from just being stroked.

And you just came several times while eating at your favorite restaurant.

You blame it on my hands.

The same hands that have been naughty during our car ride

Yes. The car ride.

You drift to that memory while waiting for the dish to be served.

I’m driving slowly towards your favorite restaurant.

Today’s the day of your reward – for not masturbating for three whole days.

I started by touching – no, smothering your fleshy legs.

I have been teasing you

Moving closer but never close enough

I could FEEL how hot your treasure is

You’ve been moaning softly non stop

Like a kitten begging for milk

Your hands have not been behaved either

You’ve been stroking my member from my pants

Squeezing it as my hands come near but not quite near your wet slit

I stop. You let out along moan.

“We’re here babe”

“At your favorite restaurant”

You moan again

“Babe, please..”

I ignore you and go down the car.

I had to fix my bulge so it would not be noticable

I may not show it but I want to drive back and just ravish your body

This is your night.

I will tease you so much

Make you beg

I go to your side of the car

Open your door and help you down.

Your skirt, luckily, was black.

If there were any stains from your dripping snatch, it didn’t show

Your face is flushed.

Beads of sweat drip down you perfectly made-up face

We walk with your arm locked on mine as you try to find balance

“Are you okay madam?” the waiter asks. Concerned by your beet red face

“Y.. Yes. Just a bit hot” you manage to say

“Your table is this way.” the waiter, still concerned led the way

Every step was a torture for you

You could feel the juices flow down your smooth thighs

You try to straighten up but end up gushing more

“Hmp..! Babe..” you stammer

I just smile and kiss your forehead.

We were led to a corner table. Just as the reservation said.

I sit you down near the wall and sit beside you. Shielding you from the public eye. Or am I?

“We will serve your course shortly, sir, madam” the waiter said. Clearly staring at your exposed cleavage

Beads of sweat glimmering on your perfect orbs.

I place my hand on your thigh and give it a squeeze.

You shoot me a look. “Not now babe” look

But I pay no heed

I raise your skirt bit by bit

My rough palm finally touching your smooth silky skin

You shudder a bit as more juices flow from your pussy.

It’s going to leave a mark on the chair for sure.

I give your leg a squeeze, you give me a soft purr.

“First course, sir, madam!” the waiter placed the food. It was salad.

He didn’t even hide the fact that he was staring at your breasts.

You smile at the young waiter as he tried to awkwardly avert your gaze

“Let’s eat babe” I said.

With shaky hands you try to hold the fork

You try to focus on the vegetables in front of you

But immediately lose focus as my hand travels a bit higher on your thigh.

“Guh.. Babe.” you moan

I look at you and take a piece of cherry tomato to slowly pop in your mouth.

You bite the cherry tomato and some of the juice spills from your lips.

Now we’re not exhibitionists but I feel good tonight.

I come to your face and lick it all off and go for a kiss

“Mmpff..” you moan again

My hand squeeze your thigh hard which makes you shift your leg

“Next dish sir?” the waiter, sweaty, asked.

I nod and he takes the salad away.

My hand is almost at the base of your crotch.

Only the table napkin covering it

You continued to sweat

Your nipples rubbing your dress

Your mind is hazy. You want release.

You want something to finish you off.

You want my dick

But you can’t have it now and it’s driving you crazy

My finger almost touches your puffy lips

You’re anticipating it

“2nd course is served.” the waiter says. Again, looking at your heaving chest.

You want to scream at him but all you could do was smile.

The 2nd dish was soup.

Thick rich soup.

Like the one flowing freely from your hole to the chair.

I drink the soup

“Babe, you should try this.” I tell you

Then moved closer to your ear “It tastes as sweet as your juices.”

You moan at the statement. Your mind is going blank.

You try to drink some soup lest you offend the chef by not touching your food

It does taste sweet.

It does taste like your juice.

Or maybe your brain is playing tricks?

You don’t care.

I continue feeding you the soup while rhythmically squeezing your thighs

Your arms grab mine and hug it tight

“A-hem. Done with the soup?” the waiter is back.

I nod and he takes the soup

My finger was touching your labia already.

Your thigh is shaking a bit

Trying to force my hand nearer your quivering wet pussy.

“3rd course, sir, madam!” the waiter says.

“Hngrr..” You moan angrily. Not even caring who hears you.

Our area was starting to smell like your sweet pussy juice

I come near your ear and whisper “I’ll have to use both hands to eat the thick steak meat.”

You moan angrily and hold my hand down.

Your other hand helps me cut the thick piece of meat into chunks.

And you thought I wouldn’t notice you moving my hand closer to your waiting pussy

I chuckle and oblige

My hand is now directly on top of your wet hot pussy

“Babe? Are you okay?”

I ask, teasing you.