Dominated By Daddy Against The Closet Door

This happened when my boyfriend and I were just a few months in to the relationship. He has always been gentle with me in bed, probably because we’ve only been dating for a few months at that time and he didn’t want to overwhelm me even though he knows all my dirtiest kinks since we’re very open to each other sexually. Pero nung lumabas ulit kami and nagcheck in sa motel, he didn’t hold back this time. Pagkapasok na pagkapasok namin sa kwarto, he was quick to push me against the closet door and made out with me which took me by surprise but I still kissed him back. ‘Di pa nga kami nakakarating sa kama kasi nasa main door pa lang kami, hinalikan niya na ako. He knows I like it kinda rough from the start and alam kong may balak na siyang gawin sakin yun since lagi niyang binabanggit yung scenario kapag nagsesext/SOP kami so may consent pa rin naman siya from me pero nagulat pa rin ako kasi he was just being sweet and soft nung nasa byahe kami pero the moment the door closes, he was like a completely different person which I find really hot.

The room was completely dark since all the lights were still turned off so nakadagdag yun sa intensity kasi I couldn’t see him and didn’t know what he was about to do next.

He motioned me to wrap my legs around his waist then he carried me habang nagmomomol kami but I kept slipping from his grip so when he got tired, binitawan niya na ako but his lips never left mine. He then went down to kiss my neck while he started cupping my boobs through my bra, under my shirt. My moans were getting a bit louder by that time and I can feel myself getting even wetter even though he hasn’t touched my pussy yet.

When our lips parted, he aggressively took off my shirt and my bra at salit-salitan niyang sinupsop and nilaro yung magkabilaan kong boobs. Then his hands went down at pinasok niya sa leggings ko, then he started touching and rubbing my pussy through my panties habang dinidirty talk niya ako, saying and asking me things like, “Tangina, basang basa ka na kaagad?” “Tangina mo, bat ang libog libog mong puta ka?” “Masarap ba, ha? Masarap?” Halata yung gigil at libog niya sa boses and he just kept degrading and cursing at me pero puro ungol lang yung sagot ko sa kanya. It was so hot. Nablangko talaga isip ko and all I could think of is the pleasure he was giving me at that moment.

He pulled my leggings down along with my panties but didn’t take them off yet tapos kinain niya na ako. Tangina, it felt so fucking good! Tumutulo na yung katas ko at ungol lang ako nang ungol, calling him, “daddy,” habang napapamura ako ng “fuck” at “tangina.” Nagtatighten na rin yung hawak ko sa buhok niya the more he ate me out pero di ko alam if nasasaktan siya sa sabunot ko. He didn’t seem to mind/care about anything else na when his lips are on my pussy.

He was now growing impatient and so was his rock-hard cock kaya pinaupo niya ako sa sahig. He took off…