Eee Cee Que Blues – Pangbirthday Na Regalo

Eee Cee Que Blues – Pangbirthday na Regalo
By Pesteng Ahem


These are stories about life during the extended community quarantine. This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of my imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.


My name is Jon-bee Agonos. I’m a 24-year-old assistant baker. This is the story of my experience during the ECQ.

I work in a bakery in Kalentong where we make cakes for special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries. When the ECQ was imposed, the owner met with us and we decided that, instead of closing the bakery, we would convert all our production to supply panaderia-style bread (pan de sal, tasty, monay, putok and nutribuns). We worked with the neighbouring barangays to give away 75% of our production to help the families.

I live with my father and step-mother in a small house in Sta Mesa, just across the San Juan River from the bakery. My step-mother’s name is Kimberly. She used to work for my Dad as his secretary. My mother found out that they were having an affair and my parents separated shortly thereafter. I was in college at the time. I knew that my parents were unhappy even before Dad met Kimberly. In a way, the separation made Mum and Dad happier.

At 28 years old, Kimberly is only four years older than me. I understood why my Dad was attracted to Kim. She is friendly, quite attentive, and is truly happy caring for her family. Even though she had a degree in Business Administration, she resigned from the company and became a homemaker.

At 5’1″, Kim is a foot shorter than me. She has layered, shoulder-length hair, strong chinita features and a morena skin tone. From my inspection of her underwear while doing the laundry, I know that her measurements are 33B-23-31.

My father is a 57-year-old electrical engineer. He supervises the manufacturing of computer parts for a multinational company. He spends most days at the company’s head office in Cubao, but he had to travel to the factory in Cebu to meet the floor supervisors. He was still in Cebu when the Luzon-wide lockdown was imposed. He could not return home, so Kim and I had the house to ourselves.

We both felt my Dad’s absence. To me, he was a good friend with whom I could talk. To Kim, he was a generous and romantic companion. She would FaceTime with my Dad every evening. However, as the weeks wore on, it was clear that being apart caused a strain in their relationship.

I tried to bury myself in my work. I woke up early and left for work as soon as the nightly curfew ended. All our equipment was designed for high-end cakes, so we resorted to manual labour to produce panaderia bread. This meant that our work was physically demanding. From portioning the ingredients, mixing and kneading of the dough, degassing, dividing, rounding and shaping, proofing and baking, we were exhausted by the time we left for home just before the nightly curfew started. It was a full 12 hours of hard but honest labour. It made me feel good in the soul.

When I got home, Kim was ready to greet me. In my father’s absence, I became the object of her attention. She would take off my shoes and socks as soon as I entered the door. She would insist that I sit on the recliner and watch some TV in the sala, where she would serve me a glass of cold water before disappearing to finish preparing dinner. She spent her time in the house learning to cook new recipes, so dinner was always a treat. Being almost the same age, we liked similar things and our conversation was free-flowing and enjoyable. After dinner, she insisted on clearing the table by herself while I took a shower. Afterwards, we would sit in the sala watching a movie, playing a board game or just talking until it was time to retire in our separate bedrooms.

“Jon, next week na pala ang birthday mo,” Kim said over dinner.

“Yup. Sa susunod na Sabado.”

“May balak ka bang handa?”

“Wala. Hindi naman pwedeng lumabas para gumimik dahil sa curfew at sarado naman ang mga bar. Bawal rin bumisita ang tropa ko. May liquor ban pa, so mahirap rin bumili ng beer.”

“Oo nga.”

“Baka pagkatapos na lang ng ECQ ako magcecelebrate.” In truth, I wasn’t looking to celebrate my birthday at all. It was hard to justify any celebrations at a time when people are starving or have lost their jobs. Since the bakery was closed on weekends, I intended to spend a lazy day relaxing in bed.

Kim put her hand on my arm and smiled. “Ako na lang ang bahala sa celebration.” I returned her smile and continued eating. A few days later, during a video chat with my father, he mentioned to me that Kim was looking forward to throwing me a little surprise celebration. He told me to keep quiet about it and to act surprised. He also said that he sent 5k to my account as a birthday gift.


Early on my birthday, I woke up to someone gently rubbing my shoulder. I rubbed my eyes open and adjusted to the light. Kim was standing next to my bed with a tray of breakfast in her hands. She was dressed in a short silk robe over her sleeping clothes. She had her hair on a ponytail.

“Happy 25th Birthday, Jon-jon!” She laid the tray on the bed beside me and leaned over to give me a big hug. I could feel her tits crush against my bare chest, causing my cock to twitch under the thin blanket. She released the hug and gave me a wet kiss on the cheek. “Mwwwaaaaa!”

I smiled and acted surprised. “Wow, Kim! Salamat sa bati. Nagluto ka pa ng breakfast. First time ko mag breakfast in bed.” I pulled myself to a seated position with my back against the headboard.

She sat down next to me and moved the tray over my lap. “Wow, ang swerte ko pala.” She lifted the stainless steel cover off the plate to show me what she prepared for breakfast. “Naghanda ako ng tapa, egg at sinangag.” She turned to pour me a glass of pineapple juice. She unfurled the cloth napkin and laid it on my lap, her fingers brushing lightly against my morning wood. She smiled a little when she saw my cock twitch. She looked up at me and said, “Kain ka na, Jon.”

“Salamat, Kim. Hindi ka ba sasabay?”

“Mamaya na lang. May ihahanda pa akong Hungarian sausage. Last week ko pa siya gustong lamunin.” Kim started to rub my feet over the blanket in a lazy, casual manner.

“Ah, okay.” I looked down at the plate. For someone who had no formal training, Kim did an excellent job prepared and presenting the food. I took a taste. The beef tapa was sweet and salty at the same time. The egg albumin had just set and the yolk was just at the point of congealing. The garlic fried rice was not too oily. I stabbed the centre of the egg with my spoon and let the yolk flow out. Then, I took a few pieces of the tapa, coated it in the runny yellow liquid and covered it with some rice. Kim stopped rubbing my feet and squeezed my shin. She looked expectantly at my face as I bought the spoon to my mouth.

“Mmm… Ang sarap ng luto mo, Kim.” I dropped the fork and gave her a thumbs up. I didn’t bother finishing the first mouthful before stuffing my mouth with another. Kim’s shoulders relaxed and she returned to rubbing my feet.

“Whew. Hindi pa ako marunong magluto ng mga fancy food. Nagworry ako na hindi masarap yung timpla ng tapa.”

“Sariling mong timpla ang tapa?”

“Oo. Isang linggo ko na pinapageksperimento yan.” She threw back her shoulders and was beaming with pride. This was the first time I noticed that her nipples made prominent dents against the silk robe. It was clear she wasn’t wearing a top under the robe. She caught me looking at her tits. I reached for the glass of juice and looked away. When I returned my gaze, she was smiling broadly with a knowing look on her face.

“Ubusin mo na yan, Jon. May aasikasuhin lang ako ng sandali sa kwarto.” Kim gave my feet a last squeeze and rose to leave the room.


Kim returned a few minutes later. I noticed that her hair was down around her shoulders and that she now had a set of dangling earrings. She had put on some light lip gloss and eyeliner. She was still dressed in the short silk robe tied tightly around her waist.

She was pleased that I had cleared the plate of all the food. “Masaya ako na nagustuhan mo ba yung breakfast na inihanda ko para sa iyo.” She approached the side of the bed, bent at the waist and lifted the tray from my lap. Her action caused the front of her robe to fall open, revealing her bare breasts as they swung freely. Her nipples remained hidden from me. She paused in that position for a few seconds as she gathered the utensils and straightened up. She bent at the knees to lay the tray on the floor. Then, she stood up. She noticed that the cloth napkin was still over my lap and reached down to retrieve it. I felt her hand claw at my cock, giving it two tight squeezes before she lifted the napkin and brought it to the edge of my mouth. She had a broad smile on her face.

“Jon, papahiran ko lang yung konting sauce sa gilid ng bunganga mo.” She bent down and drew the napkin to my mouth with her right hand. She braced her left hand against my bare chest to support her upper body. My eyes were drawn once more to her silk robe. I noticed that the belt holding the robe closed was looser, causing the garment to open slightly at the hem. Now, I had a better view of her tits. Also, I could now see that Kim was wearing a pair of white underwear. The lacy material clearly showed her lack of pussy hair. My cock was now quite hard from all this voyeurism I was perpetrating on my step-mother.

“Ayan, okay na.” Kim smiled and straightened up.

“Salamat uli, Kim. Hindi ka pa ba kakain ng sausage mo?”

“Malapit na. Hindi ko pa niibibigay ang birthday gift mo.”

“Uy, meron pa bang ibang regalo? Okay na sa akin yung agahan na inihandha mo.”

Kim sat down at the base of the bed and started to rub my feet. “Alam mo, Jon, inaapresya namin ng Papa mo ang ginagawa mo. Ipinagmamalaki ka nga ng Papa mo sa mga katrabaho niya. Medyo malungkot nga siya na hinda siya nakabalik para sa kaarawan mo, lalo na’t 25 ka na. Ipinagbilin niya sa akin na alagaan ka. Nagpromise naman ako sa kanya.”

“Okay lang yan, Kim. Masaya naman ako.”

“Alam ko kung gaanong kapisikal ang trabaho mo sa bakery. Napapansin ko na bugbog ang katawan mo tuwing umuuwi ka sa gabi. So, inisipan ko na hihilutin na lang kita para sa gift mo.” Kim smiled.

Even though I was reluctant to agree, I liked the idea of a deep massage to soothe my aching muscles. “Parang nakakahiya naman sa iyo, Kim.”

“Okay lang yon, Jon. Nanood ako ng YouTube para pag-aralan ang wastong istilo. Ilang araw na akong nagsasanay sa sako ng bigas at sa aso. Pagbigyan mo na ako. Hindi ka manghihinayang. Promise.” She was clever in the way that she made out that I was doing her a favour instead of the other way around.

“Ok. Salamat, Kim.”

“Yehey!” She reached over to hug me. “Diyan ka lang, Jon. Kukuha lang ako ng tuwalya sa kabilang kuwarto.” She ducked out of the room. I moved my hand under the covers to adjust the position of my cock. I stared up at the ceiling and let out a deep sigh. What I wanted to do was to get rid of this erection by jacking off. Now I had to “endure” the feeling of my sexy step-mother giving me a massage. Fuuucckkk! I was sooo horny.

When she entered the room, my hand was still stroking my cock. She noticed me quickly bring my hand from under the covers. In addition to a couple of towels, Kim was carrying a small, black bag. She was also wearing a pair of high heels!

“Ok, dapa ka sa gitna ng kama, Jon.” I followed her instructions.

She lifted the blanket and uncovered my naked body. “Ayyyy, sorry. Hindi ko alam na hubad ka pala!”

“Pasensya na, Kim. Ganito talaga ako natutulog. Sandali lang. Kukuha lang ako ng shorts.”

“Huwag na, Jon. Malaki naman ang tuwalya na dala ko.” She folded the towel and lay it across my ass. I folded my arms under my head and started to relax. I could hear the clicking of her high heels as the moved around the room. She drew the curtains to cut the ambient light. Then, she took some scented candles from the black bag and lit them. The room was now dark and suffused with a musky odour of incense. It was clear that Kim put some effort into preparing for this massage.

I heard Kim unscrew a cap of some sort and felt a viscous liquid coat my shoulders and upper back. It had a nice sweet smell. Then, I felt Kim’s hands rub deeply into my muscles. “Ang dami mong stress, Jon.”


She was quite skilled. Despite her size, Kim’s massage was forceful and strong, allowing the muscles of my six-foot frame to feel her ministrations. She used the heel of her hand, her elbows and her knee to dig de…