First Date

Today, Nagsinungaling ako kay mom for the first time. To meet a boy. My boyfriend actually. My secret boyfriend. His name is Alexander Santiago. And I am his Athena Sanchez in RPW.

Alex is the first boy I met in RPW. He is kind, confident and may pagka naughty. We decided to make the relationship this year kahit na LDR, him living in the Metro and all. We decided to meet kasi it’s his birthday and gusto namin itong i-celebrate together. This will be the first time we will see each other for real.

Btw, I’m Bianca, 19 and I’ve never been touched… hihihi.

I’ve spent most of my life in the south with my conservative Mom and 2 overly protective older brothers who bosses me around since dad is usually out of the country for work. To be honest, mahiyain ako sa boys since I’ve studied in an exclusive all girls catholic school ALL MY LIFE. That is, until I discovered Role Player World or RPW sa facebook three years ago.

I want this day to be memorable for the two of us and I want Alex to feel proud I’m his gf. So, since I’m feeling kinda naughty, ung naisip ko na OOTD is my favorite maong skirt and sando na crop top with cardigan on top.

I decided to leave my car in a mall and took a van to Mandaluyong so that I can take my time fighting my nervousness. I was so nervous that I can hear my heart pounding non-stop as I neared our meeting place. Then, I saw him. Ang pogi nya in real life. I’m sure he can feel the trembling of my hand as he held them in his.

Our first date was indeed memorable. And it became for me, a day of firsts. First holding hands – check. First hug/ akbay – check. First kiss – check.

It’s just that, the things that Alex made me experience, they were different from how I expect things to be. Like when we held hands, ang likot ng daliri nya. Its sort of playing with the soft part of my palm. When he makes akbay, his hands keeps on rubbing my arm with some pisil from time to time. There are times when he runs his fingers over the exposed skin of my breast giving me goosebumps. Ang likot talaga ng kamay nya. And when we kissed, his lips keeps on nibbling on mine.

All these things made me feel nervous and excited at the same time. I constantly have this funny feeling in my tummy that does not go away. It’s like maiihi ako anytime.

I really don’t want the day to end, pero hangang 9PM lang ang paalam ko kay mom for the school project. Ayaw kong masira ang tiwala ni mom. I really want to see Alex again, so I need to be home by 9PM.

We walked slowly towards the terminal. Feel ko ang paghigpit ng hawak ni Alex sakin, like he doesn’t want to let go.

I must be red from all the blushing. I have a feeling that everyone is looking at us. Is this really me? Hindi ako sanay.

Alex was so sweet. We stopped beside the door of the van and he gave me the sweetest kiss. Then, nagulat ako nang bigla nyang kabigin ang ulo ko towards his. I felt his lips pressed on mine. I can feel the pressure of his tongue as it pushes against my lips. It keeps on pushing until I opened my lips to let him in. I was scared. I was excited. I can’t help but close my eyes.

The funny feeling in my tummy returned. Ang init bigla. “Is this what love feels like?”, I thought.

As the kiss ends, finally, I can breathe again.

“Stay please”, mahinang bulong sakin ni Alex. However, I really need to go so he reluctantly helps me into the van.

The remaining seats were in the 2nd row sa back ng van. Need ko yumuko papasok since the ceiling is kinda low. As I head towards my seat, I noticed the guy who was sitting directly behind the vacant seat. He looks very familiar, however, i noticed that he was looking at my body, my chest to be specific. I looked down and kita pala ang cleavage ko. Normally, I would cover up and bibigyan sya ng isang matinding simangot, pero for some reason, I feel brave and I feel confident. When he looked up and gave me a smile, I held his stare and smiled back before sitting down and looking for my Alex outside the window.

As we look at each other thru the window, miss ko na si Alex already. Miss ko the caress and the hidden touches. I miss his lips. I started to get the funny feeling in my tummy that I had when we were together. Ang init. I feel love.

As the van leaves the terminal, I soak in the darkness and the feeling of the cold coming from the AC. I think about pano kami nag holding hands while walking. Of his body pressed against mine as we hug. Of his lips nibling on my lips. And I can’t help but think that I’m going crazy. The funny feeling in my tummy is not going away. I feel tingly and on edge. Di ako mapakali.

I sit up with my back straight and closed my eyes to calm myself. Wrong move Bianca.

Closing my eyes made the image of each memory, of a touch, a kiss more vivid. It went on. And on. And on. Each scene repeating over and over again. Driving me crazy. Heating me up, till I feel that I will explode anytime.

The feeling of Alex’s hands on my braso felt so real. The fleeting touches that teases me. Yung slow circling of his fingers on my arms. All his movements are driving me crazy.


The feeling of impending explosion grows together with the increasing intensity of Alex’s touches. This is no longer sweet. Wala ng hiya hiya. Para syang mauubusan sa pag lamas. Di ganito si Alex. This is not Alex. This is someone else.

I’ve always been idealistic about love. I’m willing to do anything for love. Para kay Alex. I love Alex.

Pero I can’t deny the feeling. I’m close to something. The tingling sensation that started from the tip of my fingers, my toes, the top of my head, they all gathered papunta sa tummy ko. I can’t stop, so I gave in. I thought of Alex while I let a stranger do whatever it is he wants with my arms.

“FUCKKKKKK!!!” sigaw ko in my mind.

I can’t help but release a loud sigh as I felt a wetness coming out of me. It’s like naihi ako pero it’s a bit sticky. I felt weak as I melt towards the window of the van, the heat in my tummy not going away, slight tremors going thru every inch of my body.

The sensation did not end. I want it to stop. This is to much.


I’m like an open book to the stranger behind me. He teased me. Nihimas, nilamas, I’m like clay in his hands. He took his time on my arms, then suddenly, he was running his hand on my side. I want him to scratch that itch in me that I think he was about to reach, but barely missing the right spot.

I can feel his excitememt as his hands shakily ran down my crop top. I shivered when I felt his sweaty hand touching my skin for the first time. The slight hum in my body gathering to an intense warmth in my tummy. I don’t want to admit it, but his manyak moves are affecting me. I’m like a candy, and he’s acting like a kid na mauubusan.

I thought tapos na when he removed his hand under my top. Imagine my surprise when I felt his sloppy wet hand returning sa tagiliran ko. His hand was WET! I quickly ran thru the things that could have caused the wetness in my head and the things that I thought of, they made me shake. He reached for my tummy and gigil nya tong pinisil pisil. I’m sure he can feel the non-stop na pag alon sa tummy ko. Nanginginig ako. I breaked out in cold sweat.

His hand moves upwards. The trail of his wet hand on my skin giving me goosebumps. He’s gropes the underside of my breast. He tries to insert his hand under my bra pero the tightness stop him. He resorts to squeezing once he realize that he cannot get in. Gigil na gigil na squeezing. I feel light headed. My vision starts to blur.

His fingers glide to my hips. He bravely slides his hand inside my skirt and into my silk panties. I start to once again feel the tingling electricity, so much stronger than before, coursing from the tips of my fingers and toes, inside my knees, on top of my head. I hum and vibrate with an electric feeling that envelopes my core and pulses through my chest, tummy and thighs.

The last thing I remember was his fingers na pilit nyang sinisingit sa aking singit. Then I blacked out.

All the things that I experienced today culminated to this extreme sensation that I can’t describe. I feel fulfilled. I feel satisfied.

I don’t know how long I was out. I opened my eyes when I felt the guy behind me inserting something sa garter ng silk panties na suot ko.

I remember the wet thing that he wiped on my body. I inconspicuously reached out on the areas that he touched and rubbed my fingers. I tentatively smelled my fingers. Its smells like laway. Good thing it is not something else.

I tried to fix myself as the van comes to a stop. I remember the thing that the guy inserted sa panties ko. I reached for it while the other passengers are starting to get off the van. I looked at the thing, maliit na piece of paper that was haphazzardly folded. I inserted it in the pocket of my skirt as I shakily got off the van.

I have calmed down. I tried to remember where I’ve parked as I walked on unsteady feet. I’m drained, but I still have time. I think I will make it home by 9.