First Date

Pia: How was your day mahal?
Clint: Tiring, meetings left and right…you know my routine every Monday
Pia: hmmm…
Clint: Okay spill it out. What are you thinking?
Pia: Well…
Clint: We don’t have all night Pia…common, tell me
Pia: You had meetings left and right. Tayo kaya babe kailan magmimeet?
Clint: I’ll meet you before this year’s out-of-the-country strategic planning. I told you that last week.
Pia: When will this happen?
Clint: Babe…we are on the third quarter of our fiscal year. Anytime soon kasi it usually happens on the last quarter for the plans and programs for the comming year.
Pia: Okay. I trust you naman kasi you have always been honest pero I’m kinda getting impatient. I wanna see you na and do all the things we imagine we would do hihihi
Clint: Hmmm…
Pia: Yes…I also remember na we would have dinner or a movie muna sa first date
Clint: Good. Did you also remember that I love PDA?
Pia: Yes
Clint: And that I would require you to wear a dress or skirt and not wear a pair of knickers?
Pia: Of course I remember that *wink wink* kaya nga excite na ako
Clint: Pero wag masyado makulit ha. It’ll come. Our first date and I will make it memorable.

3 weeks after…
Clint: Are you free this Sunday?
Pia: Just have a lunch date with family in lieu of our supposedly weekend out of town kasi long weekend. Holiday ang Monday diba.
Clint: Ok. What time do you think you’ll be free?
Pia OMG!!! Is this what I think it is Clint?
Clint: Yes 😀
Pia: Fuck! My pussy got so excited I think I’m cumming!!!
Clint: Whoa babe…hold your horses. It’s only Wednesday.
Pia: Clint!!!!
Clint: What?
Pia: Shit! I’m so wet with excitement.
Clint: Talaga lang ha.
Pia: Yes babe.
Clint: Then I’d expect you to be on time?
Pia: Wala pa nga actual time wag na ako malate ang bilin? hmp!
Clint: Babe…sino ba inaantay kong magsabi ng time na ma-free? Diba ikaw ang may lunch date?
Pia: Ay, oo nga pala hihihi
Clint: What time will you be free to have a date with me Pia?
Pia: 5pm should be fine.
Clint: Ang haba ng lunch nyo ah! Inaabot ng almost dinner time?
Pia: Nah, usually hanggang around 3pm lang pero I’d like to freshen up a bit and change clothes. Alam mo naman conservative manamit sa family.
Clint: Okay, let’s meet na lang ng 6pm sa Greenbelt 5. I’ll make reservations sa favorite kong Japanese Restaurant.
Pia: Thank you babe
Clint: For what?
Pia: For giving me more time to freshen up and to finally see you

Sunday, 5:45pm