Heaven Or Hell Episode 3 (Act Xx) Bonus Chapter

Act XX: Final Goodbye
Bonus Chapter by Balderic

This is like a dream come true. Me partnered with master Gabriel. I’ve always admired him for his courage and strength. His principle, and discipline. Everything. I’m quite honest to myself now. I love him. Everything about him, I adore. I just wish he will notice me as well.

But I’m just too afraid that if he knew about my feelings for him, he might avoid me. I cannot bare the thought! So I have decided to stay with him instead. Support him as I can. And hoping someday he will reciprocate my feelings.


Two days ago we received our third mission together. The first is a disaster. I almost got him killed. Stupid. I felt stupid. The second was just fine. We did good. He managed to acknowledge my efforts although I was not much of help I think. He did all the thinking and all I did was stand in the corner looking at him.

This third mission is a bit tricky for me. We received an intel that a suspected drug lord is coming to southern Mexican border. Our mission is to expose enough evidence that can link the suspect to a massive mexican american drug trade. A colleague told me that this suspect has a private army? Is that even legal? Is that not proof enough that he’s a shady guy? I just hope we can do our job. Master just smiled at me and told me to stop calling him master. I just blushed.


We almost got caught. I slipped up again! Master got wounded in the process. We went to our hotel room and I just kept apologizing. I’ve never apologized that much in my life. He laughed it off like I’m some kid. I felt so embarrassed that I just bowed my head.

Then I tended his wound in his left bicep. Just a grazed bullet wound. That was too close. I can’t help but stare at his sculpted chest and abs. I blushed again. He asked me what’s wrong. I can’t tell him. He raised my head and looked me in the eyes. We stared at each other and it felt like forever!

Then all my breaks went off. I can’t help it anymore. All of a sudden I found myself kissing his lips. He was caught off guard. That felt good. I gently pushed him to the bed and kissed him again. This time, I kissed him intensely torrid. He tried to push me back but he’s using minimal effort in doing so. I know it. He likes it.

We kissed before in Japan but that was just a small peck I think. This time, its very erotic. I haven’t kissed a guy like this. He closed his eyes and let me devour his lips. His oh so gentle lips. He pushed his tongue out and I started sucking it. He moaned. Oh God that voice is turning me on so bad. It’s like an electricity is running through my back and my skin. Then I pushed my tongue inside his mouth. He sucked it too. We found ourselves exchanging salivas and twirling our tongues together.

I felt a weird on my breasts, and on my pubic area. I can’t stop myself anymore. I took his hand and put it on my breast. He caressed it. He slid it inside my shirt and lift my bra. He pinched my nipple. My God! It felt so good!

I moaned. I called him master again. He told me to call him Gabriel. This is getting out of hand. And we can’t stop sucking faces. I let him kiss my neck. He made sure it left kiss marks on my neck. Then he slid his hand inside my shorts as I gasped! He felt the hump of my fleshy erotic zone. No man has ever touched me down there! And I don’t want him to stop. I’m so wet! He massaged my clit and I just felt a jolt. It felt so good. I just can’t explain how good it is.

He asked me to stop but I told him to keep playing my clit. Then he slip his fingers inside my cute panty. Now his bare fingers are rubning my bare pussy. Shit this felt so good. I’ve seen it on some ero videos back in Japan. So this is what it felt like. I’m loving it! I could get addicted to this!

I took my shorts off. Along with my panty. He looked at my pussy and smiled. He told me to sit on him and place my pussy on top of his mouth. And I did. At first it’s so awkward. Seeing his face just inches away from my pussy. And all awkwardness faded away when he started licking my pussy vigorously. He’s like a dog drinking water. His tongue moved so fast and it’s rubbing my clit and my southern lips. I moaned a lot. I’m like a little girl getting his pussy cleaned.

Then I felt this urge.. Like something’s gonna come out. And it’s getting stronger as the feeling of ecstasy is letting me contract my pubic muscles. Then upon moments as he is eating me I just let out. Like something oozes inside me. A feeling of great pleasure. I succomb to my lust. And my body is shaking. Oooh God this feels so good.

I stood up and I saw how wet his lips are. He licked and told me that I taste so good. Oh my God! Those words felt heavenly. He told me to bend over. I got on all fours and he positioned himself behind me. He took his pants off and I felt something poking on my pussy. He didn’t know I’m still a virgin. I can’t tell him. I won’t. I’m afraid he might stop if I tell him.

Then he started putting his hard cock inside me. Very slowly. As he inserted it, I felt a sharp pain inside and I arched my back as I compensate my body to the pain. That’s when he asked me if I was a virgin. Shit, busted. I nodded and smiled. He scrstched his head. Oh God, he’s gonna stop. No. I asked him to continue. He asked me if I was sure. I just nodded in excitement. Like a child begging for a candy.

Master told me to relax and he’s gonna do it slowly. I lift my buttocks upward and he positioned himself on my pussy again. He started pushing it in but not too deep then pulled out. He told me to inform him if I can’t bare the pain. Now he’s going in and out in a slow but regular rhythm. As he gets faster, his hard cock is also pushing deeper in me. I felt that sharp pain again. But nothing that I cannot bare. I clenched my teeth and moaned. My moans kept getting louder as he keeps getting deeper.

I felt something driping to my left thigh. I looked down and saw blood. It’s really freakin painful but as the moments pass it’s starting to feel good. Oh God I gave him my virginity! And I’m loving every moment of it. I want him more inside me. I kept moaning as his thrusts gets stronger. Fuck this s turning me wild! My boobs are swaying back and forth along with my body. He held my ass tightly as he fucks me harder.

Then… oh God here I go again. I’m gonna cum! Aaahh shit… this feels intense! He didn’t stop pumping while I squeezed my pubic muscles that added more pleasure. I was in nirvana. My head is swirling. Then he kept fucking me. Oh yes! This pleasant feeling is something else. The way he made love to me for the first time is both wild and gentle. He knows it’s my first time and observes my every move. If he saw me quiver in pain, he slows down. But when I beg for it, he does me so hard.

He laid me to the bed next and placed my thighs and legs over his upper torso. Then continued to enter me again. The feeling of his hard cock sliding deep in me is something I will never forget. I can’t believe sex is this good! As he fucks me harder and harder, I can feel another one building inside me.

Oh fuck! I’m starting to feel it. Another orgasm! Oohh God!! Aaahh!!!! Master Gabriel sure made me cum a lot! And I think he’s just starting!

After almost 4 hours of nonstop lovemaking we stopped and fell asleep. After that encounter, our relationship really changed a lot. He never mentioned the sex. He is probably avoiding getting awkward with me. I think it’s kinda sweet that he does so.

Overall, we did great the next time. We managed to get some solid amount of evidences that can prove our suspect as a real grade Drug Lord. In just a couple of weeks later he was arrested.


“Yumiko? Hey. Earth to Yumiko!? “ wika ni Gabriel sa tila tulalang si Yumiko.

“Huh? Did you say something master? “

“You’re drifting. I was just asking how’s the paperwork’s doing specially that my office just opened.”

“It’s been done sir but… “ sumilip si Yumiko sa likod ni Gabriel at nakita nyang nagsusuot ng unipormeng pang pulis si Karen at nakaharap sa isang salamin sa dingding.

“But what? “ pagtataka ni Gabriel.

“No.. Nothing sir… “ umiling lang si Yumiko at bumalik sa pag aarange ng ibang gamit sa lamesa nya.

Pinuntahan naman ni Gabriel si Karen at niyakap ito mula sa likod. Inamoy nya ang halimuyak ng kasintahang si Karen.

“Gab-gab magugusot uniporme ko.”

“Hehehe ambango naman ng pangga ko.”

“Tumigil ka nga, tumitingin satin si Yumiko eh.” Bulong ni Karen ng masilip nyang nakatitig si Yumiko sa kanila. Humiwalay naman si Gabriel at bahagyang umubo. Nagkamot ng ulo at pumasok sa silid nya.

“Gab-gab mauuna na ako ha!” paalam ni Karen at naglakad papunta sa pinto.

“Sige, ingat lang! “ sagot naman ni Gabriel na nasa loob ng banyo.

Lumapit si Karen kay Yumiko. Hinde tumingin si Yumiko kay Karen. Tahimik lang ito.
“You looked grumpy than usual Yumiko. Is something wrong? “

“Not that it concerns you Karen-san. Take care out there.”

Tumaas lang ang kilay ni Karen at umalis na ito. Sinundan naman sya ng tingin ni Yumiko. Matapos lumabas sa pinto ang babae, napa buntong hininga si Yumiko.


Ilang oras ang nakalipas.
“Shit, bakit ba ala pang dumarating na kleyente? Nakakabagot ang ganito. Buti pa nung una eh halos araw araw akong lumabas. Ugh.. “ reklamo ni Gabriel sa mahinang araw ng private detective office nya.

“Kling! “ biglang tumunog ang tililing ng pinto at may pumasok na lalake. Tumayo si Yumiko at binate ito. Tumakbo naman si Gabriel at sinalubong ang lalake.
“Oh hello sir. Good morning! Anong maipaglilingkod ko sayo? “

“Um, kuya makikitanong lang sana ako kung saan ang pinakamalapit na laundry shop? “ wika ng lalakeng may dalang bag.

“Ha!? Ah.. Eh… kuwan, basta pagpabas mo dito, diretso ka sa kanan at pagdating mo sa ikatlong kanto me makikita ka nang labahan sa may tapat ng kalsada.” Dismayadong sagot ni Gabriel. Nagpasalamat ang lalake at umalis kaagad. Napa sampal sa noo si Gabriel.

“Puta naman oh. Akala ko kung ano na, magtatanong lang pala amputa. Tsk! “

“Kling! “ may pumasok na isang babae.

“Good morning miss! Anong maipaglilingkod ko? “

“Ah sir, eye clinic po ba ito? “ tanong ng babae.

“Eye clinic? Ah miss, private detective po ako hinde po ito klinika.”

“Aay sorry po. Hihi sige po salamat.” Sabay labas ng babae.

Lumabas si Gabriel para tignan ang karatula sa labas ng opisina nya.
“Yumiko!! “

“Yes master!? “ lumabas ng opisina si Yumiko. Tinuro naman ni Gabriel ang naka pinta sa salamin ng opisina nila.

“What does that words say!? “ sabay turo sa salamin.

Hinde umimik si Yumiko ng makitang Private Eye Center ang nakasulat dito. Nag shrug lang ng balikat si Yumiko.

“I told to check the letters. What happened!? Now nobody knows that we are running a detection business! Everyone thinks this is an eye clinic! God! “ pumasok ang iritadong si Gabriel. Tahimik lang na sumunod si Yumiko kay Gabriel.


Three days ago.

Abalang nag aayos ng mga pintura ang mga karpentero sa labas ng opisina at kaharap nila si Yumiko.
“Ma’am what do we paint here again? “ tanong ng trabahador.

Tahimik lang na nakatitig si Yumiko sa loob ng opisina kung saan nakikita nyang masayang nag uusap at magkayakap sina Karen at Gabriel. Kinulit sya ulit ng trabahador.

“Private Eye Center… ” sagot ni Yumiko habang nakatitig sa dalawang magkasintahan. Tumango lang ang trabahador at nagsimulang puminta.


Present day.


“Kling!! “ Napatingin ang dalawa sa pinto at may pumasok na mag ina. Isang magandang babae na nasa 5’2 ang tangkad at may mahabang itim na buhok. Maputi at medyo malaman ang pangangatawan. Salamantalang tantyang nasa 8 ang edad ng batang babae na dala nya.

“Yes ma’am? First of all po hinde po ito eye clinic. Bale, private eye po ito. Detective po ako.” Paliwanag ni Gabriel.

“Ah oo alam ko po. Ako nga po pala si Andrea Velez. Anak ko po si Nikka.” Sagot naman ng babae.

“ay okay po. Um, ano po ang maipaglilingkod ko sa inyo? Ano po bang nangyari? “

“Ano kasi, pwede bang tulungan mo kaming hanapin ang alagang aso ng anak ko? Me problema kasi sa ilong yun eh at nakawala sa amin nung isang araw. Di namin alam kung nasaan.”

“Aso? Um ah.. “ tila alanganin si Gabriel na tanggapin ang kaso. Tumingin sya kay Yumiko. Subalit gumalaw lang ng kaliwa’t kanan ang mga mata ni Yumiko na tumingin sa ina at sa kanya.

“Kaya nyo po ba sir? “

“Um oo naman! Hehe sige, bale punta po muna kayo sa assistant ko para makapag fill up ng records.”


Makalipas ang ilang oras at tinahak ni Gabriel at Yumiko ang isang park kung saan madalas maglaro ang batang si Nikka. Nasa likod nila ang mag ina na tinitignan ang kanilang ginagawa. Nag ikot si Gabriel sa paligid para maghanap ng clues at mga bakas. Subalit bigo sila.

“Dito nyo po ba huling nakasama ang aso? Wala ba itong ikinikilos na kaaiba? “

“Opo dito yun. So far, masigla naman yun aso.”

“Kung meron po kayong info tungkol sa aso, ngayon na ho ang tamang panahon para ilahad nyo sa akin ang lahat.”

Kinuwento naman ni Andrea ang araw ng pagkawala ng alagang aso ng anak nya. Naglalaro ang dalawa ng biglang tumakbo ang aso palayo. Hinintay ni Nikka ito subalit hinde na nakabalik. At hinde na rin nya ito nakita nung inikot nya ang paligid ng park.

“Walang ibendensya ng pagdukot, walang traces oh witnesses kung nasaan ang aso. Medyo kalakihan na rin ang aso. Hinde rin ito pure breed. May collar na blue at may info ang maliit na plastic pendant. Siguro naman kung matatagpuan ito, ay ibabalik ito sa may ari.” Bulong ni Gabriel.

Nangako si Gabriel na gagawin ang makakaya para hanapin ang aso. Nagkahiwalay na sila ng landas ni Andrea. Nanatili sa park si Gabriel. May ilang teorya sa isipan ni Gabriel. Subalit kulang ang impormasyon nya. Binigyan sya ng mga flyers ni Andrea.

Puti ang balahibo ng aso na may brown spots sa katawan at may isang distinctive na malaking brown spot sa gitna ng noo. Sinundan ni Gabriel ang dinaanan ng aso palabas ng park. Tinignan nya ang paligid. May ilang nagtitinda ng pagkain at tusok tusok sa labas. Subalit mahina ang pang amoy ng aso ni Andrea. Nag ikot pa ulit si Gabriel at habang naglalakad ay nagdidikit ng mga papel ng lost and found sa mga pader at poste ng kuryente.

Nagtanong tanong rin sya sa mga tao na madalas sa park. Hinde nila ito napansin. 70 meters mula sa park ay may nakita si Gabriel. Isang blue collar ng aso. Nasa gilid lang ito nv banketa at medyo maputik. Maingat na dinampot ni Gabriel ang collar at nilagay sa isang plastic ziplock. Tinawagan ni Gabriel si Karen.

“Hello Gab-gab? Anong balita? “

“May ibibigay ako sayo na gusto kong ipa analyze mo sa mga prints.”

“May nakuha ka nang kaso?”

“Oo meron na.”

“Tungkol saan? “

“Ah. Eh… pinapahanap ako ng nawawalang aso.”

“Pfft.. Ahahahahaha!!! Ganon!? “

“Oh ba’t ka naman natawa!?”

“Eh kasi ikaw tong nagpataob ng DRAKE at ngayong resigned kana, first job mo as detective eh maghahanap lang ng aso? “

“Eh ano ngayon? Trabaho lang naman.”

“Hihi oh sya sige, dalhin mo nalang yan dito.”

“Okay, bye babe.”

“Ew! Haha.”

“Anong ew!? Ayaw mo? “

“Haha ang sagwa eh. Wag nang ganun. Ang weird. Karen nalang. Ganun naman tawag mo sakin kahit nung bata pa tayo eh.”

“Eh sa gusto kong babe eh. Tagal kong inasam na tawagin kang babe tapos tinawanan mo pa ako.”

“Hihi oh sige. Ikaw bahala. Mwuah! Bye babe.” Napa ngiti si Gabriel.

“Okay Yumi.. Huh?” napansin ni Gabriel na wala sa likod nya si Yumiko. Hinanap nya ito nakitang nasa isang tusok tusok at kumakain ng fishball. Lumapit si Gabriel kay Yumiko.

“You should have informed me where you are Yumiko. I was worried.” Wika ni Gabriel.

“Want some? “ binigyan ni Yumiko ng fishball si Gabriel at malugod itong tinanggap. Ngumiti naman ito sa kanya.

“I’m sorry master. I’ve been preoccupied lately.”

“What seems to be the problem Yumiko? “

“Don’t worry about it master.”

“Keeping secrets to me now? “ tinignan ni Gabriel ang mga mata ni Yumiko. Hinde ito makatingin ng diretso sa kanya.

“Well, you can tell me if you’re comfortable.” Tumango nalang si Yumiko.


“Gabriel! Pucha! Kamusta na!? ” sigaw ni Inspector Ramos kay Gabriel ng dumating ito sa presinto. Nagkamustahan sila sandali.

“Oh Adam, eto okay naman. Kaw kamusta na? Balita ko nag asawa ka na raw? “

“Ah oo hehe me anak na nga eh. Ui, kwento ka naman sakin. Grabe an dami mong dinaanan laban sa DRAKE ha! “

“Sshh baka may maka rinig.” Bulong ni Gabriel.

“Ay oo nga pala hehe. Ano kwento ka naman.” Pangungulit pa ni Adam.

“Next time nalang pre. Medyo busy ako ngayon eh.”

“Ganun ba, teka bakit pala napa daan ka rito? Wala si Karen ngayon. Nasa patrol.”

“May inabot lang ako sa lab nyo. May pinapacheck ako for prints.”

“Ah bagong kaso ba. Okay ah hehe. Ano pre, mauna na ako ha. Dadaanan ko pa si misis eh.”

“Sige ingats pre.”


Makalipas ang ilang araw, bumisita si Andrea sa opisina ni Gabriel. Medyo seryoso ang itsura ni Gabriel ng madatnan ng ina.

“Mrs Velez, may anggulo na po kami kung sino ang kumuha ng aso nyo? “ panimula ni Gabriel.

“Kumuha? Ibig sabihin dinukot ang aso namin? “

“Posible mrs Velez. Ang prints na nakuha sa natagpuan naming collar ay pag aari ng isang lalakeng nagngangalang Dominic Molla. Kilala nyo po ba sya? “

“Hinde eh. Di ko sya kilala.”

“Si Dominic M