Heaven Or Hell Episode 4 (Act Ii)

Act II: Rogue Archangel
By: Balderic

Okinawa Japan

Naglalakad ang isang jail guard papunta sa isang malaking silid na square at yari sa konkreto, may isa namang malaking mat sa sahig na kulay faded green. Pagkapasok nya ay may isang babaeng naka talikod sa pinto na nakaluhod at nakapikit. Suot nito ang prisoner suit.

Lumapit ang guard sa naka luhod na babaeng abala sa meditation. Relax lang ang katawan ng babae. Tuwid ang balikat at likod. Kalmadong humihinga at tanging dibdib lang ang gumagalaw.

“You have a visitor.” Wika ng guard. Di sumagot ang babae at nakapikit parin ito.

Sa likod ng guard ay may pumasok na bisita. Isang babae. Nakasuot ito ng puti na long sleeved suit. Nnamumula ang pisngi ng guard sa anking ganda ng bisitang babae. Lumuhod naman ang bisita malapit sa likuran ng nag memeditate na preso. Pagkalabas ng guard sa silid ay dumilat ang presong babae.

“Its been a while….Yumiko chan…” wika nito sa bisita at lumingon sa likod.

“Yes…its been a while..big sister…” sagot naman ni Yumiko.

“Hmm….” Tumayo si Himeko at hinarap ang nakababatang kapatid. Tinignan ito ng maigi at napa ngiti.

“You’ve changed a lot Yumiko chan….you looked stronger. You’ve grown.”

“Um…not as strong as you big sister…” di makatingin ng diretso si Yumiko. Namula ang pisngi nito.

“I heard you’ve disbanded the Ashura Group.”


“Hah! I wonder what the elders would think of now! A hundred year traditon, vanished just like that…”

“But big sister…I just…”

“Don’t worry Yumiko chan. You did great. I’m proud of you.” Naka ngiti si Himeko.

“Yes..thank you big sister…”

“So…why are you here? Did something happened to the family business?”

“Sister…its about Sting…” natigilan si Himeko. Nawala ang ngiti at seryosong tinignan ang kapatid.

“What is it? What’s wrong?”


5 Hours Ago
Ashura Consolidated
Tokyo Japan

Naka upo sa mahabang sofa ang tatlong agents na sina Class A Agent Gareth “The Brilliant” Diamond, at sina Class B Agents Martin Roe at Reggie Edison. Sa harap nila ang maganda at sexing CEO ng Ashura company na si Yumiko Ashura at naka upo rin ito.

“Why are you asking about Marasigan san?” tanong pa ni Yumiko.

“Well as a former partner of Gabriel Marasigan, I just wanted to ask some very personal matters.” Sagot naman ni Gareth.

“You haven’t answered my question yet Agent Diamond. Why are you asking about him? Clearly as a former Agent he has records about….”

“Yes yes let’s just cut to tbe chase shall we? A few days ago me and my partner Agent Bond tracks down a global arms dealer. And one of our tasked force joint tbat was assigned to follow the said target was attacked. All of them, dead. Class A and Class S agents killed in less than 3 minutes. Now, surveillance camera footage recovered from the scene shows a man in a black hood attacked the agents. He was strong. Damn strong. The agents never had a chance. But what surprises us is that when the hooded man took out his hood he looked like Gabriel Marasigan.” Paliwanag pa ni Gareth.

“Wha…what?” tila nanlamig si Yumiko. Di makapaniwala sa narinig.

“Now, I know this is a lot to take but we checked the footage. Its legit. Facial stratures shown suggests 73% probability. Now that may just be a number but I can bet my sorry ass if that is not proof enough. Gabriel Marasigan for unknown reasons has gone rogue. He killed his former comrades in cold blood. No remorse. That is why we are here to know more about him. You are the only one we know are close to him. Records shows you two are together on many missions. So please Miss Ashura, help us.”

“That’s impossible. Marasigan san would never do such a thing. Its..just not possible.” Napapa iling si Yumiko sa mga narinig. Ang lalakeng hinangaan nya at minahal. Ang lalakeng nagturo sa kanya kung paano lumaban at harapin ang mga pagsubok sa buhay ay ngayon nadungisan ng isang pangyayaring hinde nya maintindihan.

“Look….all we are asking is for you to answer just a couple of questions from us. As far as I know, Gabriek Marasigan was a hero. He single handedly defeated Cifer Black but for me to be honest is so farfetched. A guy like him I have heard so much about is for stuff of legends. But the bottomline here is he is just a man. A man comitted on a mission. Now I don’t know his point of views and I really don’t care. But he killed a lot of our men. Now matter how good he is, I’ll be damned if I cannot put him down cause I will.” Seryosong wika ni Gareth.

“Ma’am…is there any kind of hostility from Agent Marasigan back then? Just out of the blue? Any weird antics? Any hidden agendas and stuff?” tanong naman ni Martin Roe.

“No…Marasigan san is an honorable man. He would never betray his own people for some sick plans or agendas. He fights for what he knows is right. He fights for justice and for the weak. So I don’t know what you are talking about.” Sagot naman ni Yumiko.

“Plak!” binagsak ni Gareth ang isang folder. Binuklat nya ito at may ilang malalaking litrato at papeles. Kinuha ang isang picture na kuha mula sa cctv footage. Nakatayo si Gabriel at may hawak na cellphone. Kita ng malinaw ang mukha nya dito.

“Look! Look at this! Is this the man you think is honorable!?” sigaw ni Gareth kay Yumiko. Biglang pumalag si Takeda at akmang lalapit kay Gareth pero pinigillan sya ni Yumiko.

“I want you to leave my office immediately Agent Diamond. I think this conversation is over.” Dama sng galit sa boses ni Yumiko. Nagpipigil lang ito.

“Hah! I guess the gossips were right. You’re inlove with him. Your judgements have been clouded and cannot see the fact that this man is an armed lethal killer who betrayed his own people. No wonder he left the Agency. He’s just a loser like your family was.” Pangungutya pa ni Gareth.

Hinde nakatiis si Takeda. Mabilis itong lumapit kay Gareth at hinablot ang dark grey suit neto subalit kinabig ito ni Gareth. Mabilis gumalaw ang paa ni Gareth at pina slide ito dahilan para matumba si Takeda. Akmang aapakan na ni Gareth ang ulo ni Takeda ng sinalo ni Yumiko ang paa ng agent. Napigilan agad ito.

“We are done Agent Diamond. If you’re not planning to extend your stay in Japan I would suggest you leave immediately cause I will call the police and have you arrested.”

Napilitang lumabas si Gareth kasama ang dalawang agents nya. Tinulungan naman ni Yumiko si Takeda na tumayo.


“Are you certain of this Yumiko chan?” tanong pa ni Himeko.

“Yes big sister. I don’t know what to do anymore. This is just…”


“Unbelievable…..” patapos ni Yumiko.

“But do you believe it is him?”

“No big sister. My master will never do such a thing. He’s the most honorable man I know.”

“Um I doubt he is that honorable dear sister. He and I almost did it back then…and he has a legion of girls he made love with and that includes you my dear.” Napa ngiti si Himeko.

“But sis!” napatayo naman si Yumiko sa sinabi ng maganda nyang ate.

“Ahahaha! I’m just teasing you. I know how deep your feelings for him. Do you still love him?”

“Um….I…” napahawak si Yumiko sa kamay nya. Kuminang ang isang gold na singsing. Pinaikot nya ito sandali bago pa maghiwalay ang mga kamay nya. Nakita naman ni Himeko ang singsing.

“Oh yes…. I heard…. Hmm well congratualations dear sister. I couldn’t be more proud of you.”

“Thank you…” nag bow ng mabilis si Yumiko sa ate nya.

“You know, I just find it unlikely that, that idiot Gabriel would do such a stupid thing.”

“Why? What do you mean?” napa tingala si Yumiko at tumayo kaagad ng tuwid.

“Gabriel has never been this careless. If he were to attack his own comrades, he would have done it secretly. Unless of course he wanted to be seen. You told me he took his hood of and his face was shown. Its as if he wanted everyone to know he killed those unfortunate agents. And the way you told me he moved, this Agent Diamond said he moved like a blur and black smoke came out of his suit. Now that sounds kinda familiar. I’ve heard of this technique before. Master Cifer knows of this as well.”

“What? Tell me please…”

“Have you ever heard of the case of the massacre of Camp Sokulov in eastern Russia?”

“Um yes…that was a hidden military base in russia where all its soldiers are killed overnyt without even hearing a single gun shot.”

“Yes and the camp has almost a thousand soldiers inside. How did they die? Bullet and bladed wounds but nobody heard a single shot. I know Sting has files to this but they never really given it a thorough investigation. But master Cifer had his interest as to who is behind the attack. That is were he heard of a top secret assassins guild. Known in the criminal underworld as the Silent Eight. Its full members are unknown but it has 8 core leaders. All of them are masters in the art of kiling. Cifer wanted to find them and use them for his world domination but he never found them. Until he met Gabriel Marasigan.”

“What does this group has to do with my master?”

“After the Siberian Mantis was defeated, Master Cifer studied Gabriel’s tactics and skills. He found out Gabriel’s skill set is way above any members of his own Sin Kings. Not even that idiot Honshou was any match for Gabriel. Your master’s killing techniques are off the charts that is why Master Cifer made a plan to defeat him mentally first. That is why he ordered me to kill you but I didn’t. I can’t. And after that, he let his psychotic Sin King Lucilla to destroy any remaining fighting spirit from Gabriel. But it was never enough. Because of you dear sister that Gabriel defeated my master’s ultimate plan. You are the reason why this world has peace once again.” Hinimas ni Himeko ang pisngi ng kapatid na medyo naluluha na.

“This group the Silent Eight, master Cifer believed Gabriel is a member of it or as he strongly believed he is the guild’s leader. A master of killing. Gabriel was known to have never been defeated once he started his Zero Point Focus Technique as master Cifer used to say. Hah! I never believed it knowing him. But after this circumstances I feel like there is something about Gabriel that we never knew about. How did he learned his unbeatable technique? Who teaches him? Or better yet, who is the real Gabriel Marasigan? No one knows how he acquired such godlike abilities. Even his former mentor from Sting that bitch of a Siberian Mantis herself has no clue. Be careful Yumiko chan. We do not know who this Sting members are dealing with. And since your master was already entangled in this mess I believe something will definitely happen.”

“Don’t worry about me big sister. I can handle myself.”

Biglang bumukas ang pinto at pumasok si Takeda. Magsasalita palang ito ng biglang may boses ng lalaki sa likod nya.

“Yumi chan! Oh thank God you’re here. I missed you so much!” isang lalakeng hapon na naka american suit na black ang tumatakbo palapit kay Yumiko. Nanlaki ang mga mata ni Yumiko ng makita ang lalake. Singkit ito, fit ang katawan at gwapo na mukhang mayaman.

“Akira!? What are you doing here!?” gulat ni Yumiko.

“Yumi chaaann!!! Hmnnn I missed you dear. I’ve been thinking only of you even when I was in the US!” sabay yakap sa babae. Mabilis nitong nahalikan si Yumiko sa labi.

“Mnhh…A..kir..aa..hh..wait…mnhh” mapusok humalik si Akira. Gigil ito sa mapulang labi ni Yumiko. Napahalik narin si Yumiko at sumabay sa lalake.

“Ehem!” pa ubo si Himeko. Napahinto ang dalawa st tinulak ni Yumiko si Akira sabay pahid ng lips.

“Well well well, if it isn’t my sister’s childhood friend.”

“Ahh..uh..I’m very sorry big sister Himeko san….!! I ah..” di makapagsalita si Akira. Tulala ito sa ate ni Yumiko.

“If I knew you’d suck face with my littlle sister once you came I would have went back to my cell Akira kun.”

“Im very sorry Big sister Himeko saaann!!” mabilis yumuko si Akira.

“Hahahaha! This kid still has spunk!”

“Akiraaa…you’re embarassing me…” wika naman ni Yumiko.

“Well, I need to take my rest. Yumiko chan, Akira kun, congratulations to your coming wedding okay.” Hinimas pa ulit ni Himeko ang pisngi ng kapatid.

“Yes mam! Thank you very much!” masayang sagot naman ni Akira sabay napakamot sa ulo. Anak mayaman si Akira Takasago. Ang pamilya nila ay isa sa pinakamayaman sa Tokyo. Sya ang kababata ni Yumiko at ngayon ay kanyang fiancee.


Quezon City

Maraming busy sa loob ng Police Station. Magdidilim na at papalabas na si Inspector Adam Ramos ang partner ni Karen Babaylan. Tila nagmamadali ito.

“Adam sandali!” takbo si Karen.

“Oh partner anong meron?”

“Nakalimutan mo ito!” sabay bigay ng isang maliit na pulang box.

“Ay oo! Haha salamat salamat.”

“Aalis kana useless naman di mo magagamit yan hehehe.”

“Oo nga eh. Sensya na ha. Super excited lang kasi ako eh.” Binuksan ni Adam ang box at may maliit na singsing.

“Hehe ikaw ha. Congrats nga pala.”

“Thanks Karen. Kayo ni Gabriel kelan kayo magpapakasal?”

“Hay ewan ko nga dun. Biglang nawala eh. Mag dadalawabg buwan na. Hmph bahala sya maghahanap nalang ako ng mas gwapo sa kanya hahahaha!”

“Hoy tumigil tigil ka dyan. Kosa ko yang si Gabriel. Wag na wag mong sasaktan puso nyan hehe.”

“Oo na. Eto naman seryoso kitang kita nga na nag jojoke lang ako eh.” Napakamot ng ulo si Karen.

“Sige partner alis muna ako baka ma late ako eh. Me date na kasi kami ngayon. Sunduin ko lang hehehe.”

“Go partner haha goodluck!”

Sakay ang kotse ni Adam ay dineretso na nito ang pinagtatrabahuan ng fiancee nyang si Mylene Mijares. Nagtatrabaho bilang isang office lady sa isang private company sa Makati. 25 yrs old si Mylene at matagal na ring nobya ni Adam. Ngayon ay napagpasyahan ng binata na e level up na ang kanilang relasyon.

Malayo layo rin ang byahe ni Adam at dahil sa traffic ay medyo natagalan ito. Pagkadating sa isang malaking building ay huminto sa tapat na parking lot ang kotse ni Adam. Dumiretso ito sa receptionist at nag tanong. Pagkasabi ng floor ay sumakay ng elevator si Adam. Nagtanong pa ito sa ka floor ng fiancee nya. Nakita nya kaagad ang babaeng pinakamamahal.

“Hon!” bati ni Adam.

“Oh Hon! Kala ko di ka na darating eh hihihi. Sandali ha, dyan ka muna. Papa-alam lang ako kay boss.” Simple lang beauty ni Mylene pero makinis ito at mala gatas ang kaputian. Medyo malaki din ang hinaharap at mahaba ang buhok. Mapula ang mga labi na terno rin sa suot nyang red blouse at skirt.

Umupo sa may waiting area si Adam at nakita nyang pumasok sa isang silid si Mylene. Inorasan nya at nasa 8pm na pala. 5pm dapat ang labas ni Mylene pero nagsabi na itong napa overtime sya dahil sa may darating silang mga activities para sa company anniversary.

Naka uniporme pa ng pulis si Adam. May ilan din syang naka usap sa office at mga nagtatanong. Dahilan para mawala ang pansin nya sa oras. Hanggang sa tinignan nya ang relo at 8:20 na pala. Tinignan nya ang pinto ng opisinang pinasok ni Mylene pero dipa ito lumalabas. Umupo nalang ulit si Adam at naglaro ng cellphone nya.

Makalipas pa ang ilang minuto ay na inip na ito at tinignan ang oras. Mag aalas nuwebe na ng gabi. Nagtanong pa sya sa ka officemate ni Mylene pero sinabihan lang ito na palabas na raw. Ganun lang talaga ang boss nila, madami sinasabi kaya nagtatagal. Kalmang umupo ulit si Adam. Naghintay pa ito ng ilang minuto.

9:15 pm ng lumabas si Mylene sa Office. Kakaunti nalang ang tao sa floor na yun at medyo tahimik na. Tumayo kaagad si Adam ng makita si Mylene. Pero napatigil sya ng makitang sumunod pala ang isang lalakeng mukhang nasa 40’s na. Masaya silang nag uusap. Huminto pa sa pinto si Mylene at kausap parin ang boss nya. Napansin naman ni Adam na magkahawak kamay si Mylene at ang boss neto.

Mabilis umakyat sa ulo ang dugo ng binata. Lumapit ito kaagad sa dalawa.

“Hon….tara na medyo late na eh. Kakain pa tayo.”

“Ah hon! Um ito pala boss ko si Mr Gallian Peters. Sir ang boyfie ko si Inspector Adam Ramos.” Pansin ni Adam na naghiwalay kaagad ang kamay ng dalawa.

“Ah hello nice to meet you mr Ramos.” Inabot ng matangkad na boss ang kamay nya. May itsura din si Gallian Peters. Blue ang mata pero halong pinoy parin. Tinatayang nasa 6’3 ang tangkad nito at medyo fit ang katawan na may kalakihan.

“Yes nice to meet you mr Peters. Ilallabas ko na yung girlfirend ko ha kasi me lakad pa kami eh.” Sabay nakipagkamay ito at diretso ang titig kay Gallian.

“Haha of course. Mylene enjoy your night.” Matamis ang titig nito kay Mylene. Mas lalong uminit ulo ni Adam.

“Hon tara na.” hinawakan nito ng mahigpit ang kamay ni Mylene at umalis na sila. Napatingin pa sandali si Adam kay Gallian at nahuli nitong nakatitig ito sa matambok na pwet ni Mylene. Pero hinayaan nya lang at ayaw nya mag eskandalo lalo pa at ngayin gabi ang proposal nya.

“Hon me problem ba?” tanong ni Mylene ng makapasok na sila sa kotse. Hinde masyadong kumibo si Adam ng nasa elevator pa sila.

“Me kasalanan ba ako hon?” tanong pa ulit ni Mylene.

“Bakit sng tagal nyo kanina sa loob? Akala ko magpapaalam ka lang?”

“Sorry hon kasi may napag usapan pa kaming additional plans para sa anniversary ng department namin eh.”

“Ah talaga? Eh bakit parang iba ang napagusapan nyo? Tuwang tuwa ka pa dyan? “ reklamo pa ni Adam saka pina andar ang kotse.

“Aay hmm tapang naman ng Hon ko. Sorry po Hon wag na po magtampo sakin.” Naka pouty lips pa si Mylene na nakatingin kay Adam. Sinipat sandali ni Adam ang kasintahan at nanlambot naman ang puso neto.

“Hay, kung dika lang malakas sakin Hon.”

“Ayan hihihi di na galit Honeybunch ko! Mmwuah!” sabay halik ni Mylene sa pisngi ni Adam at nagsimila na silang bumiyahe.

Malapit nang mag 10pm nang di inaasan ng dalawa ang matindeng traffic dahil sa isang aksidente. Nasa kahabaan pa sila ng pababa ng underpass sa may Shaw blvd at stuck na sila sa madilim na tunnel. Hinde rin sila maka atras pa at umikot dahil masikip na ang daan.

“Grabe namang traffic ito hmm..Hon nag dinner ka na ba?” tanong ni Adam.

“Ah tapos na po