Im Not Here To Be Judged

Hello to all FSS followers,

Good Nicole starts
First of all sobrang thank you
I`m just so overwhelmed on how a lot of you guys support and give me a good feedback on my story,
Some good and constructive criticism na talagang nakatulong sakin, sobrang thank you nakaka overwhelm lang na may mga natuwa sa story and requesting for the continuation,
Some give a good advices about my profession (how sweet!!!) nakakatuwa na kahit we’re on this place concern is still there
You guys just gave me a warm welcome and just give me courage to post more stories, from the bottom of my heart (and pussy hahahaha) thank you.

Now the bad maldita Nicole enters
Second, I dont know who you are but you’re nowhere near the place to judge me, call me all you guys want, malibog, pokpok, cheater, but atleast totoo ako sa sarili ko im not a goody good girl, yes im playing with fire, heck i dont even know you to teach or tell me what to do.
may nag sabi pa na kawawa BF ko kasi nag loloko ako, FYI
on and off relationship namin before pa sya sumampa, why? mas makati pa tite nya kesa sakin, while he’s on his own sa manila, left and right ang puki na hinahanap nun, nagka roon pa sya ng FUBU from school of Tigers (you know the school), i even read some exchanges of texts from his friends kung pano nya pinagyayabang yung flavors of pussies from the east up to the egypt, kapag umuuwi syempre di pwedeng hindi, from the streets of Q. Av? KREMLIN, Air force 1, Heartbeat, Wilderness, Pegasus, name it may natikman sya dun
Dont claim that we are on a site we’re you can roam around like it`s a park, paki basa yung nasa start ng…