Internship Programme Finale

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nagslide si Z pababa mula sa pagkakandong nito, sumilip muli sya sa likod to check kung may tao sa labas. she smiled and tuluyang lumuhod sa harapan ko, and quickly open the zip of my pants. she pulled my hard dick right away and start playing it with the tip of her tongue. she then started licking ang kahabaan ng dick ko na rin and butas ng pagkalalaki ko with fast handjob. She is getting better and better on sucking dick unlike last time she did sa pantry, that was her first sa akin before we go back. i still remember na sumasabit pa yun sa ngipin nya and laging nasasamid.

in a while she stood up, pull of her panty and it was red – she know my fave color. i ask her if i can play with it first kaso sabi nya, wala ng time and she’s already wet na rin daw -pinasok nya middle finger sa pussy nya to show its dripping already. bumalik siya sa pagka kandong and put mine inside her in split second, she kiss me hard while pumping on top. i try to grab in the table, sa sobrang paggiling nya im worried eh baka masira yung upuan, worst is bumagsak kame sa sahig. pawis na pawis na kame, i saw her sweat dripping her neck, down to her cleavage to her tummy. todo alog ng mga boobsies ni Z, nakakgigil kaya di ko mapigilan isuck uli habang may pagkakataon pang ganito.

we change position, we know medyo tumatagal na nangyayari sa loob room between us. we have to end it as soon as possible before someone notices us from another room if may tao pa. She leaned forward to a table, I didn’t remove her skirt, instead I just positioned myself behind her. She’s craving for this, one of her “bucketlist” to be fucked behind in the table as she mentioned last time in an amusing chat. I started pumping her slow, medyo pabitin para lalong ma-tease si Z na tumuwad ng husto, and it did. I started banging her table hard and real hard. She even makes a joke while holding a mouse and likely typing on the keyboard talking to me – “sir, is my tunnel opening okay..?” Gusto pa ata nito ng roleplay as she still can crack jokes though we need to make it as fast as possible.

we did it, around 5min in that position. she asked if i could cum inside as almost begging me, i said not good even though she’s safe. mahirap sumabit lalo na kung nasa 20’s ka palang, with a war-freak BF and from a wealthy chinese family (may sariling car sya minsan dinadala sa work). so i just cum in her nice ass instead and wipe it out clean. We even make sure the whole room is clean and no scent of manhood left before we go out.

days passed by till sa last week nya ng internship program, she mentioned her parents are in staycation in sentosa leaving her alone sa bahay. She invited me to come over and even push me to take an absence just to be with her that day. At first, I hesitated, what if her punk bf knew also and nagkasabay kame, yari, gulo yun. So I refuse for the meantime and think carefully, i know may mangyayari sa araw na yun so I need to take extra caution than libog lang pairalin ko. trying to convince me more, she keeps seducing me with her attire when coming to office, spag strap and short skirt. Sometimes, sleeveless no bra with jacket to cover on top and tight pants or backless blouse usually and slacks dahil my car naman ito na sarili.

as days passed, last day in Z sa office and nothing happened as what she planned out. i didn’t come, both for our safety na rin baka sumabit. I explained to her and she understood, she even treated our team to dinner before she went off that day. After dinner, we both went off our own ways hom and ofcourse Z wont let a night slip without having my dicks inside her mouth last time.

Almost 6 months passed, I was assigned as chainage coordinator in one of the Tunnel projects in the West Side of SG. medyo malayo sa city and i need to wake up early to be on time and sa hapon, take another 1.5hrs just to go back home. almost a week na rin ako sa project site, puro barako kasama mo and most of the ladies are ay nasa offices and working with documents. things are getting boring already, day by day my task is to answer email queries and check. This was our last project with Z before she ended her internship program, i was hoping she’s with me para things getting wild and exciting.

Natapos ang araw at pauwe na, i got a call without checking kung sinu, so i answered hello and she replied, “your wearing so formal today sir, long sleeve on-site?” I was a bit surprised and quickly checked the caller as she sounds familiar, it was Z. so i stopped in a bit, looked around and checked where she was. I saw a very familiar car with headlights blinking in the open parking a…