Minasahe Ko Si Tita Rose

Tita Rose went up her bed. Humiga na sya, face down.

“Tita, malalagyan po ng oil ang damit nyo.”

“Itaas mo lang anak pag kailangan para di malagyan.”

I was a bit nervous, I admit. I don’t know her very well, unlike Tita Lucy. She looked strict. She does not talk a lot.

Anyway, I put some oil on my hands and rubbed her feet, calf, lower legs. I was sliding my fingers.

“Diinan mo Lance.”

I applied more pressure. Glided my fingers and palm from her feet to the back of her knees. I lifted her dress up to an inch above her knee.

After doing both of her lower legs and feet, she murmured, “Sa hita naman anak.”

I lifted her dress higher. Malapit sa ilalim ng puwet nya.

I worked on her thighs. Ang kinis ni Tita Rose. Walang hair, maputi. Maski she’s in her mid-30s na, her thigh muscles were tight.

“Tita nagja-jogging ka ba?”

“Hindi naman, why do you ask?”

“Kase po ang firm ng legs nyo.”

“Ah yun ba. Nage-aerobics ako every other day.”

“Kaya pala.”

“In fact kaya nga medyo masakit, ilang araw na, baka din nasobrahan sa aerobics.”

I smiled and kept kneading her thighs, up and down. Up and down.

“Lance, ok lang ba if you massage my buttocks.”

“Po?” I got instantly hard hearing that.

“Kasama kase yan sa masakit, hanggang lower back.”

“Sige po.”

I lifted her dress higher and saw that she was wearing light pink panties.

“Ah Tita, malalagyan nga lang po ng coconut oil yung undies nyo.”

“Remove them, Lance.”

My erection jumped straight to my throat. Here is my Tita Rose, asking me to take off her panties, so I can massage her butt.

“Ok po Tita.”

I placed my fingers on the side of her garter, then pulled them down slowly. Medyo na ipit ng kaunti sa ilalim ng legs nya.

“Tita, can you lift your body a bit, para mahila ko panty nyo.”

Tita Rose lifted her body off the bed slightly, which allowed me to pull down her panties quickly, down to her knees then lower towards her feet.

“Lagay mo lang panty ko sa ibabaw ng cabinet.” I complied.

With her butt fully exposed, I was so turned on. My body was burning. My hands must have felt warmer. I proceeded to massage her upper thighs and butt, sa ibabaw at sa gilid. Her legs were together, halos wala puwang, magkadikit. So I could not really see anything in between.

“Tita, ok lang po ba that I bend your knees, para po mahilot ko ang loob ng hita nyo?”

“Sige lang Lance, go ahead.”

I lifted her right knee a bit and bent them. Bumuka ang legs ni Tita Rose, finally. Because it was daytime, kitang-kita ko ang puke at puwet nya. May bulbol ang puke ni Tita, pero di naman masyadong makapal. Naaanig pa rin ang biyak nya.

I rubbed the sides of her thigh, glided my hands towards her butt. I did the same on her left legs.

When I was almost done, my Tita lifted her head.

“Sa likod naman?”


I lfited her dress even higher, up to her shoulders. For all intents, hubad na halos si Tita.

The shape of her body does not show her age. She is a bit thin, for one, kaya mukhang bata pa rin ang katawan nya. Pero her hips are shapely, medyo malaman. Ang puwet nya mabilog at matambok.

I massaged her lower back and shoulders. I had to be on top of her butt. She was giving off sounds that tells me she was enjoying it.

“Anak, yang shorts po baka puno na ng coconut oil ha?”

“Medyo nga po Tita.”

“Tanggalin mo na lang.”


“Mahihiya ka pa ba sakin, e ako nga tinanggalan mo ng panty.”

I stood up and removed my shorts. I was still wearing my underwear, my tight, white boxer briefs. Then I went back to massaging her.

I concentrated on her back and shoulders, which felt stiff. I tried to divert my mind away from the libog. My erection was stretching the fabric of my boxers. After almost 10 minutes siguro, Tita Rose said “Lance, I might fall asleep, ang sarap, nakaka-relax.”

“Sure po, Tita. Tulog lang po kayo.”

“Pwede na ba kong tumihaya, para makatulog ako?”


My Tita flipped over without covering herself. In fact, she sat on the bed briefly, removed her sundress then lied down again.

I swallowed all of the air and saliva in my mouth. Wow. To this day, I remember how her breasts look like.

“Abot mo yung towel, iho.” She pointed to the small towel near her bed.

When I gave it to her, she placed it on top of her navel, partially covering her vagina. Pero yung suso nya, exposed.

“Lance I suppose this is not the first time you’re seeing a naked woman. Laking America ka naman di ba?”

“It’s all good Tita, no worries po.”

I proceeded to massage her feet and ankles, then moved up her legs, knees and thighs. She was not responding a lot.



“Gisingin ko po ba kayo after the massage?”

“Oo please.”

“Sige po.”



“I might fall asleep. I want you to do anything you want with my body, maski tulog ako.”

“What do you mean Tita?”

“Basta’t tulog ako at di ko alam ang ginagawa mo, ok?”

I was a bit puzzled but I get the drift.

I decided to move up the bed and get closer to her breasts. Dahan-dahan, I placed my hands around them, sa gilid. I massaged the flesh of her breasts, from underneath, from the sides, paikot.

“You mean like this, Tita?”

“Yes, like that.”

She moaned quietly.

I massaged her entire breasts, including her nipples. They got erect. I played with them with my fingers. Her eyes were closed. She was breathing easily. With a soft moan escaping her mouth.

“Matutulog na ko anak ha?”

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