Minsan Lang Naman

Brian, Briaaannn, ohhhhh I can’t get enough of this ahhhummmm… Viola moaning as I sucked her tits while mashing her boobs with one hand and rubbing her clits with my two fingers of the other hand.

I lost sanity and control. I let my carnal desire take over. Haven’t I told Viola before that THIS should not be repeated, but here we are, pleasuring each other like two animals in heat.

I sucked hard on her nipples. They were pinkish when I started, now they were purplish, as I sucked and munched on them like there’s no tomorrow. Viola kept on asking me to suck harder, to mash her twin peaks more intensely to the point that I was afraid that they’d burst, if it were possible at all.

Viola’s boobs were now reddish all over sa sobrang lamas at pagpiga na ginawa ko. Tadtad din ng kissmarks ang kanyang boobs tanda ng sobra kong pangigigil. Hayok na hayok ang dating ko. Hindi ko man lang naisip na nasasaktan na sya. Nalasing na ako sa malalakas nyang ungol at pagsusumamo na diinan ko pa ang pag lamas at pag supsop sa mga suso nya.

Pareho na kaming hubo’t hubad. Nasa loob kami ng isang hotel room kaya malaya at walang takot na ginagawa ang di nararapat. Di ko na naisip ang pangako ko kay Philip, my best buddy in college, na kamamatay lang ng nakaraang taon. Pangako namin sa isat-isa na di gagalawin in a sexual way ang kanya kanyang girlfriend o asawa, kahit mga exes ay off limits din. Philip and I respected each other. We were more than brothers. And now, I am feasting on the gorgeous body of his widow.

Brian, eat me, Viola asked. I immediately complied by going down on her vortex of pleasure and desire. I began muching on her pussy. Umaapaw na ang kanyang mga inilabas na katas, at ngayon nadagdagan pa ng pinaghalong tumatagas na katas nya at laway ko.

Viola’s hips began to grind, while both her hands were on my head, pulling it so that my mouth, my whole face was pressed hard on her vibrating pussy. Brian, Briannn ohhhh don’t stop muching on my pussy, Viola begged me. I obliged. I took a deep breath and like a seasoned diver, went deep, licking, sucking, munching, non-stop for what seemed to be an eternity. She then, like a volcano, shook, convulsed and with a loud roar (ok ok, she did not roar, actually, scream would be more accurate) expelled from her bosom a flood of her juice that engulfed my face and threatened to drown me.

We were both gasping for air. Brian, that was the most intense orgasm I have ever experienced, Viola stated as a matter of fact. I wiped my face and gave her a wry smile. Inisip ko kasi baka binobola lang ako ni Viola (see it even rhymes, hehehe). She then said, Brian take me now. Take her as in fuck her? Oh, that was what I wanted all along.

Pano na yung pangako ko kay Philip, tanong ko sa aking sarili while I was staring at Viola’s inviting pussy. Well, minsan lang naman ‘to, pangungubinsi ko sa aking sarili.

I guided my erect and pulsating cock to Viola’s watering pussy and began to rub its head on her clits. It made Viola moaned aloud. Briannnn, put it in. Fuck me, pleeeeeaaaasssseee.

Sorry Philip, I silently muttered. Pangako, minsan lang to ‘tol. Then I stop rubbing my dick’s head on Viola’s pussy. I slowly inserted my cock. Now, the head was in!

In an instant, I pulled out and audibly said, 5-second rule (if the dickhead is in the pussy for not more than 5 seconds and there was no thrusting motion made, then it is techically NOT IN and therefore no sex has occured. Of course I MADE this rule).

Brian, why did you pull it out, Viola asked, visibly upset and puzzled. Viola, I saw Philip’s face. I can’t do it, I’m so sorry I replied. Her puzzled expression turned to pity. She knew I desperately wanted to take her, own her, to release all my pent up desire and craving. Yet I could not pull the trigger so to speak, out of my genuine respect and affection for her late husband.

Viola, muntik na! Muntik na akong makalimot at mawala ang self-control, mahinahon kong sabi kay Viola. Brian, I understand. Pero patay na si Philip, wala na sya. Release yourself from your pact. A pact is only for a lifetime. Like marriage it ceases when one of the partners dies, mahabang sagot ni Viola. And she has a point, a valid point! Yet, I could not, or I would not.

Humiga ako at tumabi kay Viola. Tenderly I caressed her tummy and kissed her cheek. Maybe someday Viola, someday, I whispered in her ear. She nodded and my lips felt a tear roll down her cheek, nay, I tasted her tears. And I cried too.

My shoulder began to slowly shake and my eyes welled up. I began to sob. Viola took my hand, pressed it on her lips and them placed it on her chest. Brian, I will wait until you’re ready. I won’t have another man. I will wait until I could have you or until you find another woman, Viola promised.

We fell asleep in warm embrace.

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