Minsan Lang Naman ‘To” Part 2

Yun pa rin ang mga suot ng bisita ko ng pumunta na kami sa office. Typical American kids, I thought so di ko na sila pinagbihis pa. So everyone at the office were looking at the three of them as they greeted ME, hahaha. I introduced my daughter and her friends to my employees. And we proceeded to my office

And honey, this is Agnes, my special assistant. Micah intently looked at Agnes as she handed me my coffee and then said, nice to meet you Agnes, then nagbeso beso sila.

Has my Dad been naughty or nice, Micah asked Agnes pointblank. Halos maibuga ko ang coffee sa mouth ko sa pagkabigla. Hahaha, I got you there, Micah and her friends were laughing while Agnes was blushing. Thank goodness Agnes has presence of mind. Your Dad is the nicest boss, and a real gentleman. Ooohhh, I’m proud of you Dad, Micah quipped. And I was proud of myself too.

Dad, since you won’t be in the office while we’re here, let’s bring Agnes along in our planned activities. I looked at Agnes and she said with imploring eyes, I’d love that sir. Ok, call your parents and inform them. You’ll be staying with us for 13 days, I instructed Agnes. 13 days sir?, tanong ni Agnes na halatang excited. Yes, you’ll stay in the condo with us. Pack this afternoon. We’ll be going to Boracay, Palawan, and Cebu.
And Agnes, those are Lauren and Rich, Micah’s friends.
Tumingin at ngumiti si Agnes kay Rich pero napatitig sya ka Lauren ng matagal. Oh oh, there was something in that look. Woman’s intuition? Ingat Bri, sabi ko sa sarili ko.

We passed by Agnes place to pick up her things. Her parents were so happy specially when they met my daughter and her friends. Same age range kasi ni Agnes.

Sa condo, I told Agnes to include her name in our flight, hotel, resort bookings. And also informed her that she would room with Lauren.

Though very sleepy, I instructed my guest not to sleep earlier than 9 PM to fight off jet lag. So we just talked, ate, talked, and ate some more. I noticed that even when I was not the one talking, Lauren kept on looking at me, sometimes staring at me. It made me feel uncomfortable since my daughter was there, and also Agnes. Iba ang babae, mahirap maitago ang kahit simpleng tingin o sulyap.

In bed, my daughter and I were facing each other, sideways. Dad, I think Lauren has a crush on you, Micah stated. What!! I exclaimed. Micah laughed. Don’t feign suprise Dad, halata ko naman type mo din si Lauren. At 26 na sya kaya ok sa akin, if ever, Micah said. I was stumped. Speechless, Dad?? My daughter is teasing me now. At Dad, certified virgin pa yan. Hindi sya tulad ng typical American girl na sexually active na at age 15. Immigrants ang parents nya from eastern Europe at parang pinoy, mga conservative. I was just nodding as she told me information about Lauren.

How about you honey, may bf na ba? Tanong ko naman kay Micah. Wala pa Dad, promise ko di ba ikaw ang unang makakaalam pag magbbf na ako. I go on dates, but I assure you Dad, virgin pa rin ako, she reassured me sabay yakap sa akin. I embraced her too. I love you honey… I love you Dad… then I heard her slow consistent breathing. My baby is asleep, in my arms.

I woke up at 5 AM. Micah, Agnes, Lauren and Rich, kasama na rin ako will be swimming in the condo pool. I was informed na kami lang ang gagamit ng isa sa mga pools. I prepared breakfast.

The first one to appear was Lauren, wearing loose tshirt and short shorts. Gandang bata talaga nito, isip ko. Good morning uncle, bati nya sabay halik sa cheek ko. Gusto ko rin sanang humalik sa kanya kaso medyo nahiya ako hahaha. Did you have a good sleep? I asked Lauren. Yes uncle. I like the bed. So comfy she answered with a smile. Are you a coffee drinker, I asked again. Yes, I take it black (hmm just like mine I mused). I poured her a cup of coffee and handed it to her. She was looking at me intently so I asked with a smile, is there something on my face. She got my point. Sorry for staring uncle. I just feel very comfortable with you she answered. That’s good to know, I replied.

Lauren and I were enjoying our conversation when Rich stepped out of his room. I’m still in disbelief that this handsome, macho guy is gay. He looked like a model in his attire, beige walking shorts and white unbottoned shirt. But Lauren did not even glance at him. Then Agnes appeared. So beautiful. I missed her. She was elegant in her walking shorts and tshirt.

Dad, could I wear this? I heard Micah asked. I turned around and spat out the coffee I was about to swallow. What the heck!! My baby wearing a two piece black bikini!! Honey! I blurted as I covered my eyes. This was the first time I saw my daughter wearing a two piece bikini. Before, she would wear a typical one piece bathing suit. Micah looks like her mom, beautiful, sexy, appealing.

Still with my eyes closed I said, honey how can I UNSEE that. They were all laughing. I opened my eyes, but still won’t look at my daughter. Honey, could you at least wear your bathrobe, I pleaded with Micah. She complied but still gigling like a little girl. She returned with her robe on and sat on my lap. My dearest Dad, I love you she said sweetly and gave me a long kiss on my cheek. Everyone was cheering now, visibly enamored and entertained.

After breakfast, everyone changed to swim wear. Micah was already wearing her black bikini. Agnes wore her two piece red bikini, Richie with his board short (like mine) and Lauren came out in her aqua green bikini. Again, my daughter winked at me when she saw me stare at Lauren with my jaw on the floor hahaha.

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