Minsan Lang Naman ‘To” Part 2

Though Micah was the only one still studying, and everyone is already working, the four of them acted like college kids. I enjoyed watching them gang up on poor Rich. The three girls were all over him. He even hollered for me to help him. I obliged. It was free for all in the pool. Agnes loved it whenever I touch or hug her. But I accidentally grabbed Lauren’s boobs. She just laughed it off.

Medyo nag init ako ng mahawakan ko ang boobs nya, firm pero may softness din. Baka isipin pa nyang nang chancing ako so I decided to get out of the pool. Lauren followed and sat beside me. Sorry about that. It was not intentional I apologized to her. I would have preferred that it was intentional, she naughtily replied. We both laughed.

The three others got out of the pool not long after and joined us. So guys, what’s your plan this afternoon, I asked. Micah answered, Dad, I have to see my high school friends at Glorietta. I’d like to bring Rich, Lauren and Agnes with me if it’s ok. No worries, I’ll ask my driver to drive you there. Micah, Lauren interjected, could I just stay here with uncle, I feel queezy, touching her tummy. Dad, will it be ok with you? No problem, I answered. Lauren, we could see a doctor friend of mine if you like. Thanks uncle, yes, let’s do that if my condition does not improve. I glanced at Agnes and she was looking at me with a worried look.

After Micah together with Rich and Agnes left, I told Lauren not to hesitate to ask for anything she needed. Uncle, could we just talk? She asked. Are you up to it, I countered. I’m a bit ok now, she assured me.

We sat down on the long sofa. She sat indian style so I saw her long shapely legs as she was only wearing short shorts and loose tank top. I sat with my body and face turned toward her.

I offered her juice with a sprinkling of brandy to calm her tummy. We talked about their life in the US, work, her family. Then she asked me, uncle, how come you have not remarried? I was taken aback since I was not expecting it. So I related to her about my pledge to Micah, no gf until she has a bf, a no relationship with any woman below 25. Her next statement floored me, ” Well uncle, I’m 26.”

I did not immediately get what she was trying to say until she inched towards me and kissed me on my lips. Soft kiss but a long one, as if she was savoring it. Her eyes were closed (bakit ko alam? Eh dilat na dilat ang mga mata ko sa gulat). After the long kiss she said, I won’t say sorry uncle, that was intentional. With that, she kissed me again, this time may diin at bukas ang lips nya. Nadarang na rin ako so gumanti ako ng halik.

Laplapan kami. Ginawa ko ulit yung fave kiss ko. I instructed her to open her mouth and I proceeded to lick the inside of her mouth and suck her tongue, upper and lower lips. After that kiss, I paused and asked her, Lauren are you sure of this. Im your host and I don’t want you to think and feel that I’m taking advantage of you. Lauren looked me in the eye, smiled and said, I think I’m the one taking advantage of you uncle. And she kissed me again. Mainit, maalab, mapusok na halikan.

The making out lasted for about 30 minutes. No petting, just necking. Water break, I said, nauhaw kasi ako. Tagal din ng 30 minutes na halikan, subukan nyo.

Uncle, did Micah tell you that I’m still a virgin, Lauren asked. Yes, she told me last night I responded. Could I ask a huge favor uncle, she asked again. What is it, I inquired. Uncle, I want you to deflower me, she clearly said. I think you’re still not feeling well Lauren, I countered. I am thinking straight uncle. I want you to be my first.

I stood and paced, thinking but not actually thinking for I didn’t know what to think at that time. She stood and embraced me. Magkasing tangkad lang kami so magkatapat ang mukha namin. She began to kiss me again. She kissed my whole face, my ears, my neck until I heard myself moaning feigntly. Wow, I’m being seduced by a virgin, I told myself. She removed my shirt and started kissing my chest, licking my nipples and sucking them tenderly. Di ko na matagalan ang sensation, bumigay ako.

I removed her tank top and voila (not viola) sprang her boobs. I dug in. I mash her boobs tenderly while kissing, licking and sucking them. Ohhh uncle, that feeeels sooo gooood, Lauren moaned. So pinagbuti ko pa ang marahang paglamas at pag supsop sa kanyang malalaking suso (parang boobs ni Anna, remember her?).

I then removed her shorts and panty. Napa wow ako, pikit na pikit ang pussy nya at shaved. Hinimas himas ko ang ibabaw ng pussy nya. I like what you’re doing uncle, she encouraged me. Na encouraged naman ako so I began kissing and licking her inner thighs which made her moan some more. Then I went up to her pussy and licked it, flicking my tongue while I opened it a bit with my two fingers. Her pussy began to water and her moaning became louder.

(I read that it would be much better to use a finger instead of the penis in deflowering a virgin. A finger is smaller and has lesser girth. So that’s what I did)

As I continue to lick Lauren’s pussy, I began inserting my middle finger, a centimeter at a time. Then I began to suck her clits that made Lauren delirious. Ahhhh uncle, that feels so goooood. Don’t stopppp pleeeaaassse. As I sucked, I deepened my finger in Lauren’s pussy. I did it very patiently. Gusto ko maremember ni Lauren ang sarap hindi ang sakit ng first time nya.

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