My Chinita Girlfriend 3 – Her First Experience

“B-babe…Mmm… may i-share a-ako sayo”

“But p-promise me na… y-you w-won’t judge or get mad at me ha?”

“I’ve never shared this story to anyone… except ngayon sayo”

“This happened before we met… so… here it goes”


Paula here, as you all know from our previous stories, I’ve started exploring and found out I had various kinks, including but not limited to degrading, dirty talk, and public play. This story is a retelling of my first encounter with exhibitionism.

Not to be a prima-donna or anything, but before I got together with my current boyfriend, I never actually commute masyado, especially within the Metro.

But, there was this one time na I did, and ever since then I’ve tried to repress my memory of it.

Until now.

During my X-th year in college, I spent the night at one of my girl bff’s condo in Manila.

The day after was a Sunday, but I had to go to campus that day since I had to fetch some paperwork and attend an org meeting. I was the student representative for our batch that time, so I had extra responsibilities aside from my acads.

I hate that I remember that day so vividly like it just happened yesterday.

So that day I was wearing a white chiffon sleeveless blouse, a matching tan pleated mini skirt that went a few inches above my knees. I had my long dark hair tied up with a pink scrunchie rin. Every part of my outfit showcased my smooth pale-white skin.

I admit, ever since I could remember, I’ve always dressed to impress. It also helps me boost my confidence as well to know I’m all dressed up. And that day I was certain I looked pretty cute as always.

Mom still hadn’t sent my allowance sa account ko that time and I was pretty low on cash, tapos it would’ve took too long para sunduin ako here ng driver and ihatid sa campus.

Splurging the night before was a horrible idea. Oh well, a lesson learned for me.

Kaya I decided to ride a jeep na lang. I managed to stop this old looking jeep, na may few passengers lang.

Bahala na. I told myself. Atleast I’ll get there quick and doon na lang ako magpasundo.

The jeep na sinakyan ko was blasting music from a loud speaker underneath the seats. I effing hated it.

I shouted.

“Kuya bayad po, sa **** Taft lang student”.

I reached out to pay my fare agad, and seated myself at the back para I won’t go deaf from the loud music, crossed my legs, fixed my skirt, and placed my tote bag sa side ko.

I didn’t notice pagkasakay pero there was someone else pala, in front of me was a middle-aged man. He looked to be a construction worker or something of the sort. Not to be judgemental, but I’m pretty perspective of my surroundings. Just from his looks, I could say na this guy was no stranger to manual labor. His hands we calloused and rough, and he was making pasimple na tingin sakin.

There were only six of us inside the jeep. Me, the worker guy, and four highschool students seated malapit sa driver.

Nagulat ako pero the guy infront spoke to me and said.

“Hi- Miss Beautiful”

I looked at him with an awkward smile on my face.

Hayy. Ang aga-aga na catcall na ako agad.

“Akala ko may anghel na sumakay kanina pagakyat mo”

“San punta mo?”

He kept asking me.

Hindi ko napigilan to roll my eyes and irapan siya. I didn’t comment na lang hoping he wouldn’t hassle me further. I find it annoying kasi eh.

“Cute mo naman magtaray miss”


He added pa, while hindi ko siya pinansin.

“Sige na nga di na kita iistorbohin, Miss Pau-la *****”

“Ganda ng name mo, pag taga-**** talaga ang gaganda”

Shit. He read my name pala from my ID. I panicked and flipped it.

It was stupid of me to wear my ID na agad, tapos I had a school lanyard pa talaga.

Pero kasi it’s a hassle pa to take it out of my bag before entering the campus eh. Fudge I didn’t expect naman na may manyak ako makasabay this early in the morning.

Even more, he didn’t look all that appealing pa. Siguro if you’d imagine, he looked like the typical 40s na construction worker na nag-catcall ng mga babae sa daan.

He had a big backpack beside him and a long brown envelope on his lap, which he reaches in from time to time. Parang he was fixing something.

I didn’t mind and didn’t care.

He made a pasimple look at me from time to time rin, scanning me from head to toe. The audacity! He stared at my legs pa for quite some time.

I was annoyed. What an idiot.

Akala niya I couldn’t see what he was doing from my peripheral vision. I didn’t mind na lang, it’s my fault naman I didn’t bring spare jeans to wear. Although I doubt naman hindi niya ako i-oogle kahit anong suot ko.

Anyway, I’m used to people staring naman kaya I looked outside the window na lang to keep him out of my mind.

Several minutes after I got on the trip, we passed by a high school and the students with us got off.

Leaving me and worker guy behind as the only passengers.

Akala ko hindi na niya ako i-hassle pa, since hindi naman siya umimik na.

Pero ilang minutes lang I heard him talk and again and asked me to look at something daw.

I didn’t face his way, instead I gave him a side-eye look. He then removes the brown envelope on his lap.

“Di ko na kaya miss tingnan mo oh”

“Kanina pa to tigas sayo pagsakay mo”

What the.. fuck?

My mind was loading and took a short while to process what I was seeing.

He had his fly unzipped na pala the entire time, but now with his dick out in full view.

I freezed.

This has never happened to me before and I didn’t know how to react or what to do. I was facing directly watching him grab his rock hard penis.

I wasn’t petrified because I was naive or innocent, but this was the first time a random stranger flashed me in public pa nga.

Was this guy an exhibitionist? Should I get off na right here? What if bumaba din if bumaba ako? Should I shout and get the driver’s attention, pero what if magalit siya?

Every possible scenario was racing through my mind, but it was as if I was frozen and couldn’t move my lips and my entire body.

My heart was thumping but I couldn’t look away or speak a word.

He made eye-contact with me pa while stroking it.

“Wag ka mag alala at mag eksena miss titingnan lang talaga kita habang nagjajakol”

“Quiet ka lang miss ganda panoorin mo lang ako magjakol”

“Nakakalibog kasi pag may chix na nanonood, lalo na’t minsan lang ako makakita ng kasing ganda mo hehe”

Ang bastos ng lumalabas na salita sa kanyang bibig.

On any other day I would have been indignant and walked out of this situation agad. But I was stuck here, god knows where, on a jeep with a manyak stroking infront of me.

I sat straight and looked at him, kept my cool.

Showed him na I wasn’t intimidated by his antics.