My First Time

Hey guys! This is my first story please bear with me!

One: flight

Im Jana, this happened for real and i will never forget this….

“Ohh……im so drunk, my head hurts shit!” I cursed while holding mtpy head and massaging it softly,

“JANA!!!! COME DOWN RIGHT NOW!” My mom’s loud voice boomed my whole room, i hurriedly ran to the bathroom and fixed myself,

“Mom! Im coming! Waitt!!” I shouted

My mom is strict and she has the same attitude with my older sister, Jamilla, My bitxpch sister, i ran down the stairs and saw a couple kissing torridly, watching their salivas pouring down their necks,oh god

“Get a room you guys!!” I shouted at them that caused them to flinch, and i received daggers from her, i mean a glare from my bitch sister

“Oh i think baby sis is jealous, come on baby kiss me” she taunted him but i didnt mind them and carry on walking, to the kitchen to eat breakfast

“Young lady! You are drunk again?! You are wasting our money! Buti pa ate mo mas matino sayo!” She shouted and gripped my wrist tightly

“Mom! Ouch!” I screamed in pain but she slapped me

“You never learned! You just go and get wasted! Whats happening to you?! Nasan na yung anak na pinalaki ko?!” She said and cried and ran upstairs

I smiled bitterly for making my own mother cry…..

“You bitch! How dare you make mommy cry!” She acted as if shes an angel, she gripped…