My GF Meets Her Masseur Alone

“How does tomorrow look like for you honey?”

“I’m heading to Cavite City for a project, di ba? The developer wants to re-do his brochure, kase yung dati niyang printer, did not follow the format they wanted.”

“Naku makulit na client yan, good luck.”

“Ok lang hon, they pay well anyway.”


Was surprised why my girlfriend was asking about my schedule tomorrow.

“Why did you ask, sweet? Anything you’re planning to do tomorrow?”

“I’m meeting a supplier over lunch tapos free naman ako so I might meet Ed.”

“Oh. Hmm.”




“Depende.” Then I smiled, kissed her, held her body close to mine.

“Uy late na tayo, don’t do that.”

“We have not fucked for three days, Irish.”

“I know. Pero tara na, driver is waiting downstairs.”

That day ended with me being home ahead of Irish. She was in the gym with her female friends, then they decided to have late dinner in Uptown sa BGC. I recall she kissed me when she got home at around 1am. I smelled alcohol from her breath.

I woke up early the next day for my Cavite City road trip. Irish was still sleeping. I kissed her on my way out. Then she moved her arms around me.

“Tell the driver to drive safely ha. Minsan parang baliw yan magmaneho.”

“I will honey.”

“Don’t forget the sample brochures you want to show the client.”

“In the car na hon. Btw, tuloy kayo ni Ed?”

“Yes, I told him I am free by 4pm pero I did not give him the meeting place yet.”

“Why is that?”

“Wala lang, para in case I might cancel last minute, you know.”

“Up to you.”

Cavite City was farther than expected. I napped in the car after getting tired of reading from my tablet. We got there close to 11am tapos late yung client. It was generally uneventful, until the client hosted a big lunch at around 1pm.

Gave me the chance to look at my phone, finally.

Irish: “Hon I won’t have dinner at home fyi.”

Me: “Ok, I will need to drop by the office after this meeting anyway. Order na lang ako food from there.”

Irish: “Cool. Seeing Ed at 4, McKinley Hill area.”

Me: “Bakit dun?”

Irish: “Supplier meeting was moved from Makati to BGC, para malapit lang kase Grab lang ako.”

Me: “What time do you think you wrap up with Ed?”

Irish: “Can be half an hour. Can be a few hours.”

Me: “You will tell me prior, right? If it’s half an hour, or longer?”

Irish: “Do I have to?”

Me: “Not really.”

Irish: “Tell me you’re not getting hard.”

Me: “If you tell me you’re not getting wet…”

Irish: “Soaked in anticipation. Had to remove my panties.”

I nearly dropped my phone on the floor. My hot girlfriend strikes again.

Me: “Ok. Take care. ILY.”

Irish: “Love you more.”

I tried to focus on the lunch meeting and then on the next property of the client that we needed to visit. I couldn’t keep my mind off Irish and what she plans to do with Ed.

The next property was quite a journey. We finally got there around 345pm. The architect took a long time to explain their development plans. The developer was very detailed about how he wants the brochure to look like. Natapos kami mga 530 na ng hapon.

Client brought us to the makeshift “clubhouse” to serve snacks and refreshments. Gave me the chance to look at my phone again.

Irish: “It’s not going to be half an hour. Don’t call muna.”

My cock sprang into action, that I had to cover it with some sample brochures I brought for the client to review.

To be continued…