My Wife’s Lover

This is my third installment coming from my 2 short Confession stories. If you have read my Confessions then you must have an idea how it lead to this part.

I’ll spare you if you haven’t.

I caught my wife cheating online. Back in 2021. Everything was good in our sex and married life. Maybe it was her curiousity and sabihin na nating inner sexual desire din kaya siya nagtry. She was a smart and bright woman, by the way. Shy and modest lalo sa mga di niya close friends. She is the type na palakwento at kwela sa taong kabisado niya. A good mom and a loving wife din.

You might wonder if did I get mad or furious about it when I found out? Actually the answer is a resounding NO. I actually found it thrilling and enjoyable to know and even watch my wife get to play with another guy. I am not the type na seloso nor insecure sa pagkalalake ko.

My wife has a voluptous body, curvy sides, cute boobs, tight and round ass, 5’3” in height, shapely toned legs. She has a young facial feature. She has a Japanese and Spanish ancestry.

Anyway, November of 2021, I caught her cheating online. I got curious at first if it was a coincidence na late siyang natutulog since she was remotely working – at home. Her shift ends at 11:30 or 12:00 midnight local time. It became habitual na around 2 or 3 AM na siyang tumatabi. I didn’t mind at first since baka kako overtime or maybe report submission lang etc. That first and 2nd week of November it became a usual affair na ganun siyang nahihiga na. Sometimes as late as 4am on several instances.

Late November, it came to my attention that there must be something going on. One late night after our sons hectic birthday celebration, I woke up with a start and went to the bathroom. Yung banyo namin is adjacent sa study/work room ng mismong masters bedroom namin. With a dizzy head, I went to pee and got out quickly. As I passed across her work area medyo nakabukas yung pinto niya and heard her clearly saying “it’s getting late for me now, I gotta go. Ciao!…” natigilan ako since it was already past 3 in the morning and wala naman siyang kaibigan or workmate na ‘spokening dollar’ na kakilala ko. At may Italian goodbye pa?! Wow!

The following morning as I came to my senses what I heard that dawn simply strengthened my suspicions. She left for the grocery that day and I went directly on her laptop. It has a password. But luckily, she is not a security freak. She leaves a “hint” option on her logging entry. The prompt on the hint is (our son’s birthday) so I typed the numerical equivalent of his b-date and VOILA!

I began to search her browser’s history. She is using Chrome and Micorsoft. As I have said she is not a security freak and she simply closes her windows and not even logging out her pages. It was a treasure trove of information.

I started with her Chrome pages and history logs. I opened them one by one. To spare you of any boring stuff, she visits some adult chat sites. In and out lang naman yung mga sites so it was an easy fix for anyone who is trying to commit some fishy extramarital online affair.

One site requires a username and registration. As I clicked the history link I was taken directly to it and she hasn’t logged out. Matter of fact, naka-‘Remember me’ pa yung site mismo. So immediately it was my first bread crumb on the long trail.

I logged into it and there it is she has a regular chatmate named Franco. He is a black Italian and according to his little intro and bio, he is a Morrocan/Lebanese and Italian descent from Naples. I did not dig further on thinking more about him nor about my wife. It was that rush and heightened feeling of excitement and arousal ang naramdaman ko Charo.. =)

My hands are sweating and my heart is somewhere in between my two ears. Thrill and sexual arousal is creeping all over me. I don’t know why, but that is what it was.

Franco was racially profiled as a Black Italian but he is somehow, by any standard, gwapo nga naman. He looks like that actor in 365 days though he calls himself black dahil bronze skinned siya. From his intro, he was currently a fitness coach with several degrees in history and literature. I like this man already. He chats with a proper grammar.

The chat went on. Several weeks of greetings and kamustahan lang naman sila. May mga erotic chats din pero maiksi and simple lang. They are exchanging some naughty little snapshots but nothing hardcore. The convo went like that for about a couple of weeks based on the time stamp. I didn’t notice the time and I already spent more than an hour browsing their chats.

Further reading and the most recent ones are fruitful and beginning to open up.

***I will try to put the convo here verbatim or I may paraphrase some lines, best I can remember:

Wife: How are you today? I had a busy day from work. And I remember your message yesterday about you going here in the Phils. for some company convention?

Frank: Hello gorgeous. Yes, I may spend a couple of weeks in Thailand and in the Phils. for our company promotion and possible expansion after the Covid. I am thinking of seeing you, at least. If everything is OK with you?

W: That is interesting. I just thought maybe it would be good too. As long as our schedules would meet. You say it would be around February?

F: My itinerary is Feb. 13-21 in the Phils.

W: That is almost the same time that my company would have a convention in Tagaytay. It is somewhere outside our capital city.

F: I am truly surprised. But I am worried about your husband. Is he agreeable on this?

W: I will be away for a couple of weeks and he knows that I am on a work trip so he won’t. After all it would a nice friendly meet and greet.

F: OK, if that is good with you. I am excited to meet you in person. You must be a lovely person to talk to.

W: I will let you know more once I get enough notice from my office. For now let us have each others email? i created a new account to communicate with you.

F: Sure. I will send it to you later.. Caio!

At ayun na nga. This is where I hatched my plan. From then on, I closely followed their communication. Everytime I read their convo, I am a little more excited and aroused. jeeEZus!

I got her email password through linking her dummy email on my device. Long story short, I am logged in on her dummy email as well as she is.

Post Christmas 2021, they began to feverishly exchange emails in polishing their meetup. Details and possible routes. The whole nine yards ika nga. I learned that they would meet in a private place in Tagaytay where my wife would take the seminar or R&R whatever and the guy will be in Manila by then. He said that he would extend his stay as needed, since allowed naman daw siyang magspend ng couple of days prior to his homecoming to Italy.

I ordered a tiny CCTV online and it was 179 Euro. A little help from an old tech guy friend he found it on the black market. It was a small CCTV mounted or hidden behind a retro-looking alarm clock with a battery reserve good for 5 straight days of viewing or 4 if it is a live feed straight and you can install the viewer app on your phone.

Early Feb. 2022 I went to Manila for my physical office appearance. Back to normal na ang operations ng company. I knew for a fact where they would meet and when will they check-in, base na din sa palitan nila ng mensahe. They would meet at a certain place in Manila for a quick lunch before heading to Tagaytay. My wife would excuse herself and cut short her seminar for a few days and use her time thereof.

Prior to their meetup I went to their designated place to stay. They will stay there a couple of nights before parting ways. I booked myself a small cottage room across their little love nest. I checked in a day before. Then I asked the inn keeper casually that afternoon.

“Boss yang villa sa tapat, magkano overnight niyan?”

“Nasa 6500 po yata sir, may jacuzzi kasi saka may view siya ng bundok sa likod”

“Kasya ba ang family diyan, 4 na katao?”

“Pwede din po. Maximum of 4 po yata diyan. 4 ang kasya sa bedroom o 2 sa may sala dahil sofa bed din yun”

“Ah talaga?! Ok na yan. Pwede kong makita sa loob? may naka-check in ba?”

“Bukas pa po yata yung mga guest sir, pwede niyo pong makita ngayon. Balak niyo po ipa-reserve din?”

“Kung magustuhan ko bakit hindi,? (sabay ngiti)”

We went inside and nilibot ko naman. In my head, I need to place my CCTV clock at a good vantage point. Upon entering I noticed that the bedroom is open and it has no door. Tanging hanging shell decors lang yung pinaka divider o pinto niya.

There was a lamp on the bedside and a small table. There goes my vantage point. If placed at an angle, it has a direct view sa sala at yung sofa bed mismo plus bedside. Sakto!

I went inside the room and while he was opening the backdoor leading to the jacuzzi, I briskly placed my toy on that table. I turned it on at checked my phone viewer. Saktong sakto!

I quickly followed him, innocently looking as possible. When I said I am Ok and satisfied with his littel tour, we went back out and my head is spinning. ‘This is where they would fuck’ or ‘What am I doing?’

Either way, the die is cast. Only thing to do now is wait. I was restless that night. I even had an online chat with my naughty, slutty wife. She told me that a couple more days before she leaves the seminar. My wife is not a good liar. I always know whenever she’s lyin…