One More Time: Just My Imagination

Ryan groaned with pleasure when he felt Cassie’s wet and warm mouth enveloped his shaft. The sensation of that tongue swirling around the engorged head of his cock had him bucking.

He lifted his head off the pillow. Looking back at him was the most beautiful pair of almond-shape eyes the color of honey. There was a naughty glint on her eyes as she suckled his manhood like a lollipop. Okay, like a popsicle, he quickly amended when she alternately sucked and licked his hard length.

“Cassie, baby…” he rasped. He held on to her upper arms and dragged her up until they were eye to eye.

“That was very naughty of you,” he whispered against her lips. She bit his lower lip, her eyes teasing and challenging at the same time.

“You got a problem with that?”

“Hell, no.” He reached for her bottom and tightly squeezed her butt cheeks, her pussy rubbing against his erection. They both groaned.

“You feel so good, Cass.”

She nibbled on his lip; her mouth moved to his jaw down to the side of his neck. He was certain that her lovely mouth left a mark. He was hers just as she was his.

In one quick move, he rolled her over. Cassie flicked her tongue over her lips as she ran her fingertips on the muscles of his chest and abdomen going lower and lower until he felt her hands cupped his balls.

He groaned, his muscles quivered with the pleasurable sensation.

“Enough. ”

He gritted his teeth as she alternately massaged his testicles and his cock. “Inside you. Now.” She removed her hand from his groin.

Eyes never leaving his, she cupped the back of his neck. “Fuck me, Ryan.”

She didn’t have to tell him twice. He lowered himself unto her, the beaded points of her breasts brushed against his skin. Her legs went around his waist. They both groaned when he plunged quickly and deep inside her.

“Oh, shit, Cassie, you’re killing me,” he said when he felt her pussy walls contract around his penis. She was squeezing him from the inside.

“Move, Ryan.”

He grabbed her legs and placed them on his shoulders, and then he moved, plunging in and out of her core as deep as he could, his balls slapping against her groin.

“Oh, fuck! Harder!” she screamed. He pumped harder as he watched her play and squeezed her tits. He suckled the inside of one thigh and then once again wrapped her legs around his waist. He leaned over her and dragged her up. She straddled him as he knelt on the bed, his cock still buried inside her.

He squeezed her ass as she started to move up and down, her breasts bouncing in front of him. He nibbled her soft flesh until it turned a shade of red. His tongue flicked on her hard nipples as he continued to thrust up and inside her.

“Ryan…” she gasped. “I’m cumming.” He held her tighter, his face buried in between her neck and shoulder. Her fingernails dug on his back. He felt her cum coat his cock as she sc…