Quarantine Diaries 2020: Writing In Tandem (Part 3, Her)

Friday, 03 April 2020 — JADE

Finally, I was able to upload one book lay-out. Yep, days before deadline. Five more books to go.

I stood up from my work station and stretched a bit. The office chair that Rina sent was not as ergonomic as the one I have at the office. I might need to invest in a better chair soon. Unfortunately, there is shipping uncertainty with online selling platforms.

“Hey, Jade! What are your plans this weekend?”

It’s my best friend, Cheryl, messaging me.

“Oh, am heading to the beach this weekend. Wanna come with?”
“Sarcasm much?”
“Duh?!? You living under a rock or something? Hello? ECQ?”
“I was just wondering if you want to come over, or if you want me to come over. Jeez! I need to get out of this house! Unlike some people I know, I cannot live like this!”
“Like what? Working at home? Living at home? Just park your butt inside! Minsan ka lang naman hindi makakagala.”
“Yeah, and the highlight of my week is going out to get essentials!”
“If it helps, am heading tomorrow to the grocery. Sabay na tayo. Or see you there.”
“Yay! Outing! Sa grocery!”
“Bakla, pipila tayo sa SM! Yun na ang hang-out natin!”
“Ok. See you 9:30-ish!”

Unlike me, Cheryl, my bestest friend since highschool, is a social butterfly, which makes her a good events manager and publicist. I understand her current dilemma, specially since all of her planned events are cancelled until further notice.

My phone pinged again.

“You’re seenzoning me. Lol!”

It’s Ricky this time.

“Hey, Ricky! Sorry about that. I try to keep my social life after office hours. Haha!”
“You’re working at home! Surely, there’s some flexibility somewhere.”
“I try not to get distracted when I’m working.”
“I guess you’re right. My pile of laundry keeps asking for a meeting every now and then. And my fridge just submitted an official request for defrosting. At least my plants are on IV drip.”
“You haven’t answered if you’ve written anything new lately, Jade.”
“You haven’t answered if you’ve written anything new lately, Ricky.”
“Touche! I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.”
“I haven’t had the inspiration yet. Maybe later, Ricky.”
“Anything I can do to help inspire you, Jade?”
“Is that a proposal?”
“No, just an offer. *wink*”

I have a confession to make. Since my ex, I have been on a dry spell. Yeah, I know. It’s been quite some time. There might be cobwebs already down there. Sex with my ex then was… well… not mindblowing, but still amazing. But then he found someone with bigger boobs, prettier face, and probably a bigger bank account that he dumped me.

Cheryl have been hinting about his infidelity when she reported that she saw ex flirting with another girl while we were all hanging out. It was this one tim…