Reina (One Shot)

Note: Collared and Miracle ay sinusulat pa. Inaayos pa ang timeline. Hopefully after this holiday season makapag-post. Thank you.

Happened End of May, 2014. I considered this as one of my three karmas before I paid a hefty price.

Same same. I met her on the same fetish website. A simple hi and hello and conversation pressed on. This was the time that I wanted to have a good relationship.

Her profile indicates she’s a submissive and a masochist. She had a male dominant at that time, a long distance one…or online dominant to say. She’s a rope bunny and I was willing to learn the art of rigging. She’s into receiving creampies, food play, being whipped, hair being pulled, candle wax, and flogging.

During the getting to know phase, I found out she’s 2 years older than I am, a Filipino subject professor, and has master’s degree added to her name.

She has pictures on her profile. A glimpse of being morena, petite, above average boob size for her stature, and a brown nipple. Most of her pictures were she’s being rigged.

Our first meeting was sudden. It was my off, fresh out from shift and spent a good 8 hours in computer shop playing Heroes of Newerth until I received a text message from her asking me if I’m free later that day. I said yes.

I ended my time in the shop, went home, and took a bath and went to SM Megamall. Once I arrived there, I waited around less than 10 minutes and there she was. I’m not fond of morena but she’s pretty. Her eyes were shining and she loves to smile that’s what I noticed first. She’s a petite woman and I think she’s somewhere 5’0-5’2. Average body build. Long black silky hair hanggang puwetan.

First time meeting her, pero naka-akbay na ako, sometimes yung kamay ko nasa bewang niya and as far as kissing her forehead or her temple. After that, we met her friends and had a dinner. After that we separated our ways.

After I arrived here at home, I’m exhausted and went to sleep and didn’t bother to send her a message. I just sent her a message morning after.

We exchanged some text messages and expressed how our first meeting being delightful and fun and hopefully we meet again soon.

Yes. Soon.

I’ve had my 3 days LWOP approved. We met on a Friday after lunch after 2 weeks from our first meeting. Luckily, she was free that time kasi ang class niya ng Friday is up to 12 noon lang as well as possibility of meeting people from the site too.

So, we met in Cubao and you know what happens in that area most of the time. We checked in a hotel for 6 hours after we took lunch.

We’ve removed our clothing and we’re both standing facing each other naked and I still have to ask: “Okay lang ba sayo?” in which I received a favorable reply.

We went to shower and clean ourselves. Both of us came from our tiring shift.

We went back to bed. She sat on top of my exposed crotch and leaned towards me until her body is resting on top of me. We’ve kissed, our tongues played with each other. It was a romantic type of kiss and no lust whatsoever and my dick didn’t budge to stand up. It was a genuine romantic kiss.

She’s the one to stop the kiss and was ready to engage to our carnal instinct.

She asked me if I can be really sadistic towards her. I said I could give a try since my role is mainly daddy dominant.

She got the blanket. She made a knot out of it and then she lied down on the bed sideways. She instructed me to insert the knot with her hands at her back and went to supine position. The other end of the blanket was placed on her head to cover her eyes and made sure that it wouldn’t loosen up. Next, she asked me to adjust the louvre of the window type AC to her bare tummy in which I did.

I went to my cargo shorts and get my cloth belt. I rolled it and whipped her. It wasn’t enough.

“Lakasan mo pa”

I gave it another try. Still not enough.

“Lakasan mo pa onti”

I whipped on her chest in full force.

She moaned.

I kept whipping her until her moans reached it’s peak. A scandalous yet loud moan that reverberates the four corners of this carn…