Reunion With A Bang

I’m back. It’s been awhile since I last wrote and ang daming nangyari for the past year. I’ve had a lot of casual sex but only a few worth writing about. This story is about one of my firsts. The day my anal cherry got popped.

A little background: For the longest time, I didn’t want to do anal, ever. Feeling ko i wouldn’t cum. I mean, I usually only reach orgasm with clitoral stimulation. Mabibilang ko lang with penetration. So I don’t get the hype with anal sex. Until it fuckin happened to me.

I was on and off texting with my ex. We broke up years ago. Let’s call him Charlie. He’s a little bit older than me, late 30s. He’s 5’6″ tall, which is okay coz I’m petite. Moreno but not too dark. And boy, he looks really good for his age. Siya pinakagwapo sa mga naging bf ko. He looks like Paul Jake Castillo of PBB but with longish hair. He’s a bit on the thin side but he always smells clean. Seriously, he never smelled bad even after fucking. And this time, both of us are single again. Goody. I was so frustrated about how slow he is to ask me out, I finally did something: I sent him a picture of my boobs, technically just my cleavage. That should give him an idea, right?

C: Ang ganda naman ng view. Do you still have Saturdays and Sundays off?
H: Expound why maganda? Lol (Syempre I need my ego boost)
H: Yes, I still have the same schedule.
C: I mean maganda kasi relax ka lang. Asa bed lang and parang sarap na sarap humiga.
H: Ah, yeah masarap talaga pag off. Pero parang may kulang.
C: Ano kulang?
H: Ikaw. Hahaha. I’m getting impatient na with all talk and no action.
C: Hahaha. If gagawan ko ba ng action, tatanggapin mo ba ako? Baka kasi may iba ka ngayon.

Well, I did have a different guy those days, just a fubu, but it was getting tiring na. I need to get fucked by a different cock and my ex is the most passionate lover I ever had. I mean this guy would spoil me sexually and doesn’t really care much if i don’t reciprocate. Double whammy.

H: I’m almost embarrassing myself na, halos maghubad na ako sa harap mo and all you can say is baka may iba ako? Cute.
C: You’re not embarrassing yourself cause that’s not how I think of you. You know how I respect and love you.
H: I am embarrassing myself and kulang nalang puntahan kita. And on that note, I’m going to Makati, sa ***** in a bit. Sobrang hint na yan ha. And remember, I owe you lunch.
C: What time ka pupunta and what time?

The place is just 2 blocks from where he worked and I timed it so that I can be there during his lunch break.

Hmm lunch breaks seemed to be my thing..

Anyway, long story short, finished my errand by 1pm and told him I’m on my way to his building.

H: Nakakahiya sayo, pag nagkita tayo, puro pawis ako. My face is bare. I’m just wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Not exactly meet up ready.
C: Okay lang no. Mas okay nga ganyan. 🙂 We can have lunch dito sa may building lang namin if that’s okay with you.
H: That’s fine. I just need to go to the restroom first to freshen up.
C: May alam akong lugar kung saan pwede mag freshen up.

Just reading that made me wet. But I don’t wanna assume.

H: Hmm What’s the name of the place?
C: Wala yun. It was just a naughty joke kaso baka ma offend kita. Lika na para makakain na tayo. 🙂

Damn it, binawi pa. Time to take action kung hindi eh olats ako.

H: You know I rarely get offended with naughty jokes especially if galing sayo. I’m almost there.
C: Alright, I’ll see you in a bit. And pwede din pala tayo kumain dun sa lugar kung saan pwede mag freshen up.


H: Sige ka baka totohanin ko yan. (Pakipot pa kunwari ako)
C: Hahaha. It’s okay. Pwede naman ako out saglit. 😛

Oh the tongue.

H: Okay. Shit wala na ako masabi. Hahaha.
C: Okay? As in okay na okay or okay na..okay? 😛

Fuck, the tongue again. Sorry guys, medyo sigurista lang talaga to si Charlie.

H: Gusto mo bawiin ko? Or we’re you joking lang ba?

Internally I was saying, please say no. Please say no. My clit is tingling and I’m so turned on na with all the banter.

C: Syempre hindi na, you said yes na eh. And I’m not joking. Are you?

Hell, no I’m not joking, sa isip ko.

H: I’m not.
C: So.. 🙂
H: So.. hahaha. I’m near Ayala na.
C: Hahaha. Shall we?

You can’t imagine how horny I am already at this point. That’s how hard this guy turns me on.

We finally meet, this is the first time in 5 years so we’re both nervous. My heart skipped literally the first time I saw him again. Both of us kinda laughed kasi parehas kami tense. He’s still so handsome and fuck sobrang namiss ko siya. He was wearing a white buttoned long sleeved shirt, black slacks and black leather shoes. If you read my last story, I’m usually into bad boy type of guys. But this guy makes business casual really sexy and I imagine wearing that same shirt after he fucked my brain out.

So we finally got into a cab, and within 10 mins, we stopped in front of a motel. He checked us in, paid and finally we got inside the room.

I told him I’ll just freshen up, as planned. He laughed and took off his shirt and got comfortable in his white undershirt and navy blue boxers. I don’t know how he does it, but he makes tshirt and boxers super sexy for me.

After I peed, washed face and my pussy of course. I made sure na malinis ako just in case he eats me. Then I came out, sat on the bed and we start talking. How he was. How’s work. Random stuff. And after I don’t know, maybe 10 mins, he started to move his body near me. Finally.

We started kissing. At first it was tentative, really slow, lips and tongue meeting like we have all the time in the world. Then it started getting harder, hungrier. Tangina sobrang sabik ako sa kanya. He got on top of me, his hands getting busy. He took of my shirt then my bra. His hands unbuckled my belt and pulled my shorts down my feet. I kept on kissing him kahit na nararamdaman ko yung init ng kamay niya sa boobs ko, sa tiyan, then on my right thigh. I moaned kasi nakakakuryente kamay niya.

He finally touched my pussy, rubbed his hand on top of my black panties. Slowly up and down, up then down.

“Charlie.. fuck ang sarap ng ginagawa mo.”
“Masarap ba? Basa ka na nga eh.”
“Kanina pa ako basang basa sayo.”

His eyes were so intense. Without saying a word, he started kissing my neck down to my cup C boobs. Inisa isa niya, parang sanggol kung sipsipin niya mga dede ko. While sucking on my right boob, his right hand started to remove my panties slowly. Then he started to lightly touch my thin pubes…