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i thrust in, as you did the same, and then we kissed. passionately, without hesitation. form there we both realize that we are now one. together, bounded by love. thrusting was faster than before. i held you even tighter as you also did. thrusting each other like no other lover could.

sweat was all over but we did not care. hands were all over each other as we keep getting faster and faster letting each other know how much we mean. our heart beat matched each other. no one can separate us now.

you bit my right ear and whisper “i coming my love..” as i nod my head with assurance that i’ll come to.

on that moment we came at the same time, with our body still as one. breathing slowly as we never let go of each other…

april: Hey, sorry i ran out of words. Im still imaging everything you’ve said. You naughty boy, you have to make everything harder for me.

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