Sex Chatmate: Bawal Judgemental

I was supposed to stay away from this site but I’m particularly horny today and stumbled upon this picture. It was taken when I still have this one favourite chatmate.

We met at a sex chat site. Super specific. Sex chat talaga. And sya lang yung nagmessage sakin na may alam about CNC so we immediately planned our RP after describing each other and discussing the scenario and our limits. He’s a big guy from Canada and I have a good feeling na I’ll enjoy that session. And ndi ako nagkamali. My gulay! Sobrang basang basa yung puke ko sa kakaimagine ng ginagawa nya! Big dick, nice bod and very, very articulate! Suffice it to say that we both enjoyed it but we have to say goodbye after a while kasi magkaiba nga kami ng timezone.

So ayun na nga. Akala ko ndi na kami magpapangabot uli pero lo and behold, after a few days, we met again online! He said that he really enjoyed what we did that time and was wondering if I’d be interested to do it as a regular thing. But instead of doing RP, he’ll be instructing me and prepare me for the time na he decide that it’s time to meet in person. He’ll be giving me a set of tasks everyday that I need to show him kapag time namin. So okay naman. Super excited ako kasi first time na may nagoffer na tuturuan ako.

Sa first meeting namin, he asked me to do 3 things as an assignment:

1. Send a pic of my pussy labelled. It should be “his name’s” pussy.

2. Since I love to hump my pillow, a picture of my pus…