Singapore Swing Part III

Orchard Road was still busy. People, cars, and buses constantly moving, going their own way yet following a system. Everyone had something to do and everyone did what they had to do.

It was like they just knew.

They understood.


Gerard dimmed the lights and walked towards Alicia who was looking out the window. He stood beside her and stared at the street. After a few moments, he put his hand on her waist.

Alicia turned to Gerard and kissed him on the lips. He responded. Softly at first, like he was savoring her taste. His hands then began to roam, from her waist, they crawled up her arms and rested on her neck, gently pulling her closer.

He opened his mouth and let his tongue inside her, tasting her some more.

As they French kissed, Alicia began to work on the buttons of his shirt. After the last button, her tiny hands glided up from his belly to his chest to his shoulders. Gerard knew what she was doing and stopped their kiss. He removed his shirt and unbuckled his belt, never taking his eyes off her. She slowly kicked off her shoes and began to unbutton her own dress when he stopped her.

“I’ll do it.” Gerard said as his jeans fell on the floor, leaving him with only his black boxers.

He approached her and kissed her again, this time with a little more force. He coaxed her tongue out with his own, having a mini swordfight with it before sucking it. His hands started on her buttons, undoing the top three before lifting her dress over her head.

Gerard stepped back to admire the view. He liked seeing girls in their underwear before sex. The sight of Alicia in her matching black bra and thong made him lust for her more.

“Damn, you’re sexy.”

“Thank you.” she replied shyly.

He led her to the bed and put her hands on the edge. Gerard stared at her ass and positioned himself behind her. As he removed his boxers, his stiff cock sprung out. He stroked it a few times. He then removed the clasps of her bra before planting his lips on the area where the clasps were. He kissed and licked her back until he reached her thong. Gerard took the garter with his teeth and pulled it down, exposing her ass. He kneeled behind her and removed her panty with his hands. He then spread her legs a little and put his mouth on her pussy.

“Ooohhh..” Alicia moaned as she felt his tongue on her snatch.

She felt his tongue search for her clit and sucking it while his hands were getting busy. His right hand was squeezing her breasts while his left thumb was probing her asshole.

“Mmm… You taste so good, Alicia.”

Alicia could only close her eyes and bite her lip as she felt different sensations all over her body. His tongue was now inside her wet pussy, going in and out. At the same time, his thumb was doing the same to her asshole while the other hand was busy mashing her tits.

“Ooohhh…shit, Gerard. Stop it… Stop it…”


“Fuccckkk. I’m cumming, Gerard. I’m cumming now!”

As if on cue, Gerard proceded to tongue fuck her faster and harder, both his hands now squeezing her ass, using it for support as well.

“Stop na, Gerard. Almost…” Alicia said, her voice shaking.

Her whole body was moving now, in perfect rhythm with his tongue. Gerard could feel her legs tensing up, a sign that she was indeed near. He put his right thumb on her clit and rubbed it hard.

“Now! Now! Fuuuuckkk, Gerard. Fuuucckkk yooouuu…”

Gerard stopped and Alicia’s knees fell to the carpeted floor. The mixture of saliva and cum running down her thighs. He sat for awhile, watching her body move up and down, as if she was trying to catch her breath. He c…