Sins Of The Father Ch. 01 – Lust

“I know what they think about, Daddy. I think about that also. I want them thinking that about me.”

My anger began rising again. I was losing my temper, fast.

“Christ! You are the school slut! Give me your phone.”

She reluctantly handed it over.

“What’s the code?” I asked, exasperated. “And you better not change it either. From now on your phone is open to me.”

“Oh-seven-three-oh,” she quickly answered.

“Zero-seven… wait… that’s my birthday.”

“I know, Daddy.”

I opened up the ‘Pictures’ app and began scrolling. I had only swiped a couple times before I found the dick pics.

“Oh wow, a cock. And… another one… and another, fantastic… look at all these hard cocks. Different ones too…”

The anger just kept rising in me.

“Those are… just my friends. They wanted me to take their pictures. That’s what I was doing Wednesday, just taking their pictures.”

“Yeah. Uh huh.” Jesus Christ, I could feel my heart beating in my chest.

“Daddy I’m not lying! I’m… I’m still a virgin.”

“Yeah, right. Oh, this pic is interesting, a naked girl… can’t see the face but she’s naked and showing… wait… that’syourcomforter, isn’t it! This naked girl isyou! Isn’t it!”

I tossed the phone down on the couch. I couldn’t look anymore.

She turned away from me, but I could still see the side of her face turning a bright red.

“Yes,” she whispered. “It’s me.”

“Great, and you’re sending this picture and how many others to who, anyone who asks?”

Ashley was so smart and had so much going for her. And yet, here she was, getting naked to the world. A fucking slut.

“Daddy, it’s not like that. You see—”

“Not like that? Don’t you get it? You send out naked selfies of yourself, and they are out there forever! The internet never forgets! How can you be so… so stupid?”

Ashley glared at me. Calling her stupid was pretty mean. I knew I was losing control, but I couldn’t help it. This was my little girl, and these idiot friends of hers were leading her down a bad path…

“Daddy, these were just for Alyssa and me. That’s all! I didn’t give them to anyone else—”

“Don’t you lie to me!”

I stood up and walked to the kitchen. I tried to pour myself a cup of coffee but my hands were shaking so bad I just stopped.

I looked at her and just shouted, “Godammit!” as I smacked the wall with my open palm.

“Daddy you should calm down, this isn’t good for your blood pressure… And I wasn’t lying.”

“Calm down? Oh perfect, now you’re giving me medical and parenting advice!”

“Daddy, sit down and let’s talk. I don’t want you to be mad at me like this, like mom would.”

Oh, that’s a low blow, comparing me to her mother.

“Daddy I just… I want you to love me and accept me for who I am.”

She looked at me with those pleading eyes. They almost got to me. Then I remembered the naked picture of her, her legs wide open and her fingers inside herself.

I gritted my teeth and slapped the wall again, hard. The emotions swirling in my head were almost too much.

“Daddy, can’t we just talk about this?”

“I don’t even know what to say to you. I can’t talk to your mom. I can’t talk to Father Sarducci about this… I love you sweetheart, but you… you need to be controlled… or taught a lesson… or… I don’t even fucking know what.”

I bowed my head for a few seconds.

“I stopped spanking you when you were ten. Do you remember? The last one? I swear you broke that Beatles record on purpose.”

Ash looked at the floor.

“Yeah, maybe I did… break it on purpose, I mean.”

I looked up, shocked.

“What?” My voice was a lot louder than I intended it to be. “I was just being facetious!”

“Daddy, stop yelling. You’re overreacting, again.”

The audacity.

The audacity that she even had the gall to think I was overreacting. And then, it hit me: sudden clarity. Instead of screaming louder, my voice went lower, and I spoke in slow, menacing tones as I over-enunciated each word.

“You think I’m overreacting? You ain’t seen nothing, honey. Stand up. Get over here.”

I pointed to the end of the couch. Ash obliged, looking confused and… scared.


“Put your hands on the arm of the couch,” I hissed. “I mean Now… yes bend over!”

She looked at me funny, and kept looking at me. I could tell she wanted to say something but I’d had enough, I didn’t want to hear it.

“Look forward, and don’t talk. Just count.” Then I mumbled under my breath, “I’ll show you overreacting…”

She faced forward as I stood behind her.

“Ummm… count what?”

I moved my bare hand back about a foot and swatted her barely covered bottom.

Ashley let out a little snort that may have been a laugh and said, “One.”

“You didn’t even feel that did you?”

“Well, to be honest—”


I could see the side of her face, she was smiling.

“Two, I guess. You didn’t even mention the thong.”

I lost it. I was trying to teach her a lesson, and here she was smirking at me. And in typical parent fashion, I thought, I’ll give you something to laugh about.

Without even thinking, I raised my hand high above my head, and brought it down swiftly.


My hand stung a little bit from that one. Ash jumped a little and cried, “Ouch!”

My hand rested on her bottom, and just as she eeked out a little “Three”, it dawned on me what she had just said.

“Wait, you’re wearing a thong? Where the hell did you get that?”

I started feeling the small of her back and, sure enough, under her little jammie pants, I could feel the ridges of the string thong.

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