Sins Of The Father Ch. 01 – Lust

“I borrowed it from Alyssa. Her mom is okay with her wearing it.”

I pulled the hem of her sleeping pants away from her body so I could get a better look. And there, in shiny blue satin, lay an ultra-thin thong on my daughter’s bottom.

“The only reason anyone wears a thong,” I began in that same slow, deliberate voice I used earlier, “is to entice, or show it off to someone you want to have sex with. Who is it? One of those so-called friends? Well, it’s coming off, little missy, and it’s coming off now!”

I gripped her pajama bottoms and yanked them down to her ankles. Without even hesitating, I grabbed her thong and pulled it down also. I knew, on some level, at least, that this was wrong, this wasn’t what I should be doing. But everything about that morning just made me infinitely more angry.

I lifted Ashley’s leg so she could step out of the pants and thong. Then, I yanked them off her other leg.

“Alright, put your foot back in here… no not that one… here… why aren’t you helping me?”

“I’m trying, Daddy.”

“No you’re not, I’m trying to put your pants back on, come on!”

She stepped again on her pants, seemingly so I couldn’t get her foot back into the pant leg.

My head filled with images, memories of my little girl… breaking my record on purpose… seeing that naked picture of her… thinking of her naked with her friend… blowing those boys behind the store… spanking her a moment ago… seeing her bare ass… feeling my cock harden…

I swear to God, I saw red. I’ve heard people say that before but I thought it was bullshit. It’s not. I was so angry I saw everything through a slightly red haze. My blood pressure must’ve been sky-high.

I stood up and let loose with a rapid-fire barrage on her bottom.

Smack Smack Smack Smack Smack Smack Smack!

She had grown into a full-fledged woman, my daughter. And quickly, sharply, yet methodically, I spanked her hard all over her bare ass.

I breathed heavy, surveying the damage I’d done. Her bare ass began to glow a deep, radiant pink. I barely noticed Ashley had whimpered with each blow of my hand and was now gasping for breath.

“Daddy… (gasp) That’s um… seven or eight (gasp)… I think, I’m not sure.”

I took several deep breaths and regained control of myself. I was seeing normally now, the redness was gone from my sight, but not from her ass. I stood to her side her as she remained bent over, her hands on the arm of the couch. I was beginning to wonder what the fuck I’d just done.

“Yeah, ummm… you’re probably right… I guess…” I had lost track also.

She turned her head to look at me, I could see her wet eyes glistening and her disheveled, long blonde hair fell over parts of her face.

“Daddy? Do you like spanking my bare bottom?”

I followed her eyes as she lowered them, looking at my crotch… and the very noticeable bulge in my robe. I was commando under the robe, so my hard cock was sticking pretty much straight out.

“I think you do, Daddy.”

She originally had her hands on the arm of the couch so she was somewhat bent forward. Now, she lowered herself to rest on her elbows, resulting in her being bent over a full ninety degrees.

My blood boiled again at this lascivious display, and her filthy mouth. Why does she have to be such a slut?

“You said earlier you wanted honesty. Here’s some honesty for you!”


I didn’t stop.

I spanked my girl, my baby girl, so hard, and for so long.

She screamed, she wailed, she moaned out, “Daddy!” several times. But never once did she say, “Stop.”

I slapped, smacked, and spanked her, all over her ass. I slapped her lower thighs, I slapped her cheeks, and then… I seemed to concentrate on spanking her right on her crack. And… her lower crack… and I knew that parts of my hand and fingers were slapping against her womanhood… and I watched as her tits jiggled… and I could see her nipples protruding through her shirt… and I saw her tears falling onto the couch and I thought to myself, good… and I could smell her pussy… and… and…

And I finally stopped.

I stood there, in the family room of our house, dressed in my old robe and a t-shirt, sweating like a pig with a raging hard-on… and I had my hand resting comfortably on my daughter’s bare ass.

It was hot. I mean her skin, it was hot to the touch. I gently caressed both cheeks. And somehow, my hand drifted lower. My middle finger grazed her little backdoor, and my fingers then skimmed over her sex, and it was flowing. I mean oozing. Her secretions flowed down the inside of her thighs.

And that’s when the realization set in. The realization that I had beaten my daughter, and that I was a sick fuck. I only then noticed that Ashley was full-on crying, her shoulders jumping and her eyes and nose dripping on the cushions.

“Don’t… don’t cry, Ash.”

She couldn’t answer because of her sobs, she just shook her head. She also didn’t even wipe her eyes or nose. She stayed in her bent-over position. I rubbed her with the intent to comfort her, but my hand was right in her cleft. I rubbed her sex… and she moaned as she also coated my fingers.

I swear the room spun. I stepped away from her in horror, in full revulsion of what I had done. I fell backward onto the comfy couch. My mind went a thousand miles an hour in all directions… I pictured myself alone, divorced, all my kids walking away from me as I went to prison… having sex with my daughter… getting fired from work… kissing my daughter… my wife burning all my stuff and laughing at me… my daughter sucking my cock… my sons beating me up… kissing Ash…what have I done

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