Sins Of The Father Ch. 01 – Lust

With my elbows on my knees, I held my head in my hands, trying not to cry. Without looking up, I managed to squeak out a few words.

“I’m sorry, Ashley. I am so sorry. I am a terrible father. I’m sorry.”

I just kept whispering,”I’m sorry.”

I knew it wouldn’t do any good. How can you “take back” something like this? You can’t, and I knew it, and I knew my life was over.

“Daddy,” Ash said through her tears. “It’s okay. I made you mad.”

“I am the worst father in the world.”

“No, you aren’t.”

“I’m so ashamed, you deserve a better father than me.”

“I’m sorry, Daddy, for acting up like I did.”

Stunned, I responded, “You have nothing to be sorry about! You just need a little guidance is all, and I…”

I raised my head at this…

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