The Consultant 1

Twenty minutes na akong late for the meeting then. It was one of the important meetings. Darn, sira pa ang elevator. So imagine kung paano ko tinakbo ang hagdan para marating ang conference room sa fifth floor. Buti na lang I was wearing a pair of slacks and a sheer blouse with plunging neckline.

Realizing who sweaty I got, I went to the ladies’ room to freshen up a bit then went to the meeting room. Hinarang ako ng secretary ng boss ko. Hindi raw tuloy ang meeting kasi may emergency meeting sa labas. Pero I needed to meet the consultant to discuss some important matters.

“Sinong consultant?” tanong ko.

“Yung consultant na tinuro ko sa iyo the other day,” sabi niya.

“hhhmmm.. the yummy consultant,:” sa isip-isip ko.

Why is he yummy? He is an older guy. Intelligent but not too geeky. Rugged type guy with so much between his ears. No idea though what’s between his legs.

So Pasok ako sa meeting room. My laptop bag on my right shoulder and my other bag on my left shoulder. I didn’t notice na since may kabigatan ang laptop bag ko dahil na rin sa iba pang laman nito, nasobrahan na ang pagiging plunging neckline ng blouse ko.

I saw him. Hindi sya nakakibo nung makita niya ako. Nagtaka naman ako. So doon ko lang napansin ang nangyari sa blouse ko. Imagine upper portion of my right breast was exposed… Buti na lang I was wearing black bra that time…..

Anyway, he apologized. Syempre, it was not his fault.

We started with the meeting. But obviously he can’t concentrate with the meeting. Ilang beses ko syang nakitang nakatingin sa cleavage ko. Nangingiti na lang ako sa behavior nya.

After an hour or so we called off the meeting since I have other schedule.

The day went well with other office activities.Then I saw him near the pantry on my way to get a cup of coffee. He said something about our topic earlier and asked if I would be available for an early dinner that day. He had to continue discussing the topic since my afternoon was all filled already. I agreed to meet him for dinner.

Come 6pm, we used his car. I thought sa malapit lang kami mag-early dinner. BUt it was not. He drove towards Roxas Blvd. He drove all the way to Tagaytay. Along the way, he was discussing the project. Then all of a sudden, nag-preno sya. Nagulat ako kaya naglaglagan ang mga papel sa lap ko that time. Syempre hindi sya pwedeng yumuko to get all of them even gusto niyang magpaka-gentleman.

Bigla akong yuko to gather all those papers. Noong balik ako sa pagsandal ko sa passenger’s seat, nakahinto na ang kotse nya. At nakatingin sya sa akin. Then he asked me, “Do you have a BF?”

“What a question?” sarcastically I answered. “As if naman someone would be interested with a big woman like me?”

“Why not?” he said. “You are intelligent and beautiful.”

“hahahaha….” i replied. “Are you sure you had your eyes checked? Nasa byahe tayo ah. Sobrang labo na ng mata mo.”

“I like big women,” he told me. “Most of my GFs were on the heavy side.”

“Huh, But you are single now,” I said.

“Yes, I am,” he replied. “

“How come?” I asked.

“Well the big girls I loved before opted to get slimmer because of insecurities. So we parted ways. I want someone who’s condifent with her body. Ayaw ko ng puro buto eh. I want some meat… Yung malaman.” he shared.

“Ah okay,” hahaha yun lang ang nasabi ko. Kilig ako eh… Then I asked, “Where are we eating again? It’s almost dark and I am starving anymore.”

“I am also starving. May I have you for dinner?” he said.

“Hahaha…. loko,”

“I am not joking,” he said… Then instantly he touched my right boob with his left hand.

Di ko alam kung dahil sa aircon sa car niya or dahil sa touch niya, I suddenly felt my nip reacted. Nanigas. Hala…..

I was not ready for his next action.

He kissed me lightly on my lips. Then he looked into my eyes which I really avoided. (kilig ako eh)

“Sweet,” he said.

Then kissed me once again but this time with obvious hunger for passion. I didn’t stop him neither I didn’t give in to his kiss. I just let him continue kissing me. I thought I could as such for a longer time but eventually I was responding to his kiss. A silent moan slipped my lips as I felt his hand slowly cupping my right breast with his left hand outside my sheer blouse.

I felt he was slowly unbuttoning my blouse and slipping his hand to cup my breast inside my blouse. Then a moan slipped his lips as he successfully slid his hand inside my blouse and felt the skin of my right breast.

It was like I woke up to a leisurely sleep which I had to end. I grabbed his hand to stop him from touching my breast and pulled it outside.

I knew I was all red then. It was not sure if it was because of the sensation or embarrassment.

What was I doing? He’s from the office and I didn’t want to be attached with anybody from the office.

“I’m sorry. So silly of me to do that,” he apologized.

“Me too. I didn’t stop you. Maybe I enjoyed it. But a part of me was still in reality that It shouldn’t happen,” I replied.

I saw the hunger in his eyes as he was looking at my exposed right breast. And I knew something else was hungry too.

“Let’s go back to QC. I do not feel like eating anymore,” I suggested.

“I’m sorry,” he said.

We didn’t talk anymore on our way to the office. When we reached the building, nauna syang lumakad to open the glass door and lead the way to the elevator but I took the stairs to the fifth floor and took a different elevator going to the tenth floor

pucha! bakit ba ako naghagdan? nakakamatay yun ah.

I grabbed my things on my table when i reached my office and hurriedly went home.

That night he texted me to apologize again. I replied that it was okay. It was already done and I had no problem with that. I couldn’t admit to him that I liked it too.

He sent again messages reminiscing the feeling he had while kissing me and touching my breast.

I didn’t reply anymore. Then to my surprise, he was calling me. I dropped his call. Then he sent me a message to take his call. So I did.

On the other line, I heard him gasping for air while talking. It was not his usual voice. I never heard him sounded like that.

“I am thinking of you right now,” he said. “I wonder how does it feel to have my lips on your breast. I still feel how my hand cupped your breast. I want you. I really want you.”

I didn’t know what to tell him. I just listened to his words and the sounds he made. I was starting to feel that sensation that made me wet. I can still recall how his voice made me quiver like a teen.

“We better sleep. We have works to do tomorrow,” I replied.

Darn it! I was too hypocrite that time. I should have continued talking with him. I should have let him speak to get a complete wetness. It was silly of me.

We hung up the phone. I could no longer sleep. His face, his eyes, his voice never left my mind.

I was so wet and in heat that I had to do something to relieve me from the uneasiness.

I touched my breast the way he did and imagine he was doing it to me. I played with my pussy the way I wished he did to me. It did until I hit the big O. I wanted that guy….

The following morning, I was early for work. He was there by my door and waiting

“I have talked with the project counterpart and they want to meet us this Friday afternoon. We need to go to their office. We’ll leave by 11am so we can have lunch on our way to their office and make necessary preparation for the 2pm meeting with them,” he said

“Good morning. See you on Friday,” all I can say.

Because of paperworks, I was obliged to work overtime. I was at the tenth floor of the company building. We’re ten in that department. That night, tatlo lang kaming nag-OT. My workstation is far from my two colleagues. I was all eyes in my work when my mobile phone rang and the number of the caller was not registering. I picked up the call and whoa! It was the consultant. Shit! Laglag panty ko sa voice niya.

“Hi. Am I disturbing you,” he asked.

“Nope. But I am good liar,” I answered. Waaaahhh.,.. His laughters were music to my ears.

“It seems you are extending your time tonight. Too much work?” he asked.

“Yes. Too many meetings and had not time to sit down for these papers,” I explained.

“I bet you haven’t had your dinner. Don’t worry. I’ll bring you some,” he offered.

He hung up on the phone before I can even say a word. Honestly I didn’t want to be near him. I didn’t want to be alone with him. Well, practically alone because my two other colleagues were working at the other end of the room.

In less than ten minutes, he was there walking towards me with plastic bags of food. I smelled food and my tummy rejoiced. I smelled him and my heart was leaping and I was getting all excited. He is darn so attractive. Well to me, yes. He is not good looking but he exudes that confidence and he is very intelligent, too

Just as he stepped in, my two colleagues left to have their dinner outside. I saw him grin. Not sure why… But I had an idea. 🙂

I showed him the way to the pantry since the office does not allow to eat in the workstations. I let him prepare the food while I got up to get my bottle of water from the ref. I was busy looking for my bottle from those in the fridge when I felt something hard pressing on my butt. When I looked back, he was there at my back.

“Sorry, but I cannot hold this any longer. Sobrang libog na ako sa iyo,” he said. Then he grabbed me and kissed me torridly.

Since I was attracted to him I replied to this torrid kisses. I felt his hands moving on other parts of my body. His right hand was on my name locking my lips against his. His left hand was exploring my skin under my blouse. He released the lock of my bra and soon he started to explore my 40Cs.

A moan slipped my lips as his kiss left my lips and travelled down to my neck. He started to unbuttoned my blouse while poking on my breasts every now and then.

My pussy started to get wet. His lips went down on my breasts and took them in his mouth. He kissed them passionately… Later on his tender kisses turned him into a new born baby hungry to feed from his mother’s breast. I loved the way he sucked my breasts. My silent moans turned into wild appreciation and agreement of what he was doing to me.

Nanlalambot na mga tuhod ko that time. I felt I can stumble on the floor if I was not holding on the door handle of the ref. (We were still standing by the ref during that time.)

“I need to sit down,” I said. I reached for the chair near the dining table. He opened the ref and looked for unopened bottled water. He found two. He gave one to me. Well, obviously I was in need of it. Habol ko ang hininga ko sa excitement nung ginawa niya sa akin. After his second gulp from the bottle, he knelt before me and started to suck on my breasts again. Ang lamig ng bibig niya. I felt the cooling effect of the water in his mouth as he sucked my right breast. “Ooooohhhhh,” slipped my lips. Then he sucked on my left breast.

He stopped kissing my breasts then he cupped them both with his hands. “Ang laki nila. Ang sarap. Ang sarap mo.” he said.

Then I was surprised with his next actions. He clasped my bra back. He buttoned back my blouse and went back to the table to prepare our dinner. I didn’t complain nor said an…