The Dance 2: Lost In Trance

I stared at her for about a minute. And she’s also staring back at me.

Then something happened. My phone began playing another song.

Are those your eyes?
Is that your smile?
I’ve been looking at you forever,
yet I never saw you before…

I don’t remember having that song in my playlist.
And I only played a single song. Dapat tumigil na yung phone ko after that.

Pero di ko na naisip yun nung time na yun.
I was so enthralled by her. I just can’t keep my eyes off her.
At sa tingin ko ay ganun din sya.

I can see passion in those eyes.
I can see desire.
I can see longing.
I can see trust…

I felt assured that she’s mine that night.
I could clearly see it in her eyes.

I joined her on the bed. Half my body on top of her. I stared at her face again. I just can’t seem to get enough of it. Parang maya’t-maya kong tinatanong sa sarili ko kung panaginip lang ba lahat ito and how can I be this lucky?

Can this be real?
Can this be true?
Am I the person I was this morning?
And are you the same you?

Once more, I needed to be sure.
I touched her face. Felt it’s smoothness, it’s warmth.
She is indeed real.
At this very moment at the least…

It’s all so strange.
How can it be?
All along this love was right in front of me.

My thumb went down to her lips and felt it too. It was soft and perfect. Just a touch of lipstick but they’re still so red.

Once again I felt the desire to own those lips. So I kissed her and she instantly kissed me back. As if she was waiting for it all along…

For the first time I am looking in your eyes.
For the first time I’m seeing who you are.
I can’t believe how much I see
when you’re looking back at me.
Now I understand what love is,
love is…
For the first time…

Di ko na natagalan ang sobrang sensation. I need to feel her further. Gumapang ang kamay ko mula sa kanyang mukha pababa sa kanyang dibdib.
I was afraid to touch it so my hand just stayed on top of it. Not making any movement.

Then I felt her warm hand on top of mine. It held onto me then moved it.
Tinigil ko ang paghalik sa kanya at tinitigan sya.

“Hiya ka pa eh. Sige na.” Pang-uudyok nya sakin while smiling ever so sweetly.

I didn’t reply. I just kissed her again at tinuloy ko na ang paglalaro ng kamay ko sa dibdib nya.
With her hand still holding mine as if teaching it how to move the right way. How to please her…

Then her hand pulled mine down. I just let her.
Tumigil ang mga kamay namin sa bandang tyan nya tapos ay naramdaman kong inangat nya yung laylayan ng tube top nya.

I knew what she wanted. Kaya pinagapang ko papasok ng tube nya yung kamay ko. Mejo masikip but I managed to reach my destination.Then I slid my hand inside her bra.

Nagtayuan yung mga balahibo ko the moment I felt her bare breast.

Damn! Iba talaga effect nya sakin. I said to myself.

My thumb felt her nipple and she gasped while we were kissing. I rubbed my thumb on it’s tip and she bit my lip.

“Mmmmhhhh…” She moaned as I flickered her nipple.

Medyo nakakangalay dahil masikip yung tube top nya.

“Pwede ba natin itaas tong top mo?” I asked her.

“Just take it off.” She replied.

I did what she said. Hinila ko yun pataas at inangat nya yung likuran nya to make it easier for me.
Then she raised both her hands above her head at tuluyan ko nang hinubad yung pangtaas nya.

Then I sat on the bed. Once again I stared at her body.
This time I can see more skin.

She arched her back and her hands reached underneath. Then her bra loosened.

They’re strapless so I just pulled them down and they revealed yet another wonderful view before my eyes.
Buong-buo kong nasilayan ang hubad nyang mga suso. They’re the most perfect breasts I have ever seen.