The Parable Of The House (Non Erotic)

My husband went home shortly last night. He missed me. (Or rather, I think he missed my mouth) After some rounds in bed, he bade me “goobye for now”. Sleeping time. I did not notice that I fell asleep upon hearing droplets of rain falling outside. Buti nalang hindi naabutan ng ulan yung asawa ko. This gave me a feeling of comfort that I fell asleep.

Suddenly, I received a video chat message from God. Yes, God. He looks like Gandalf the white wizard in the Lord of the Rings movies. He asked me if I want to go over to his house for some tea and cake. He told me Five of my friends have already agreed to go so I said ok. “Be careful when you go outside. It is rather gloomy. A storm just came..”, God said with a beardy smile on his face. “…are you sure you know the way to my house?”, he added. “I think I know..”, I replied nodding my head. “Ok very well. If you ever get lost, just look for my stepping stones. All you have to do is follow them..”, God gently chidded and bade goodbye.

It was stormy when i went outside of our house. Malakas ang ihip ng hangin at binabaha pa. Parang nasa dalampasigan ang mga bahay-bahay sa paligid. I remembered the stepping stones and followed them until I reached the edge of the sea. It was a dead end. Napasobra ata ako. I felt very sad and lonely for being lost. Then suddenly, a familiar voice called my name not very far away from where I was standing.

I followed the voice until I saw a group of people in the distance waving me. It was God and five of my friends. God really looks like Gandalf the white wizard. He sounded like him too. “Over here my child. we were looking for you”, God said with his signature beardy smile. “Come now. Let us go inside. It is much warmer”, he hastily said extending his arm towards a small but very tall house surrounded by a beautiful flowery garden.(Parang bahay sa loob ng Camella) Me and my friends entered the house with excitement. Gods’ house is very small from the outside but very spacious on the inside.

There is only a familiar living room in the whole ground floor of the house. There was a pot of tea and a cake served at the center but I am more interested at the higher levels of his house. God asked me if I want to explore upstairs while my friends are happily eating here. I said yes while jumping in excitement. I was really very curious and anxious to see what can be found upstairs. God accompanied me as we went up the small stairs to the second floor.

There was nothing. I just found a large empty space. “Not to worry my child, you can still go up”, God said while pointing his forefinger upwards. I looked up to see a multitude of “heavens” above me. There lay beautiful beaches, cities with fiestas, rich lushful forests and other natural wonders. God noticed my twinkling eyes upon seeing these places but suddenly I felt sadness again when I remembered that I am far away from…