The Sinful Mind

She looked into his eyes, losing herself in the deep chocolate. She knew it was a dangerous game she was playing but she had thrown caution to the wind for her night of lust.

He had been following her for a while. She had felt his presence near for the last 3 weeks slowly getting closer to her until this night of nights when he finally got his prey. She let herself fall into his strong arms, noticing how unhumanly strong they were and her mind started reminding her just how dangerous this was but again her lust over took the common sense.

He held her in one arm whilst unbuttoning her coat with his free hand. She could feel him holding back, trying to be gentle with her. The smell of his cologne was doing things to her that she had never experienced before. Usually it was her scent that was alluring but this was just something else.

She felt herself being lowered to the daybed, slowly almost meaningful. Suddenly all the gentleness was gone and the passion took over. She clawed at his hair as he buried his face into her neck, she was already on the edge and she was still fully clothed, what was this beast doing to her. Her blouse gave way with a tear of silk and he pawed at her breasts. He brought his mouth to hers like he was trying to suck the very life from her lungs. She had never tasted passion and fire like this. He broke the kiss and moved down her neck savouring every mouthful as he went. Once he got to her heaving gleaming bosom he removed the binding that kept him away from his prize and lowered his mouth to her nipple. Moving skilfully yet ferociously he brought her to the edge time and again, moving from one side to the other until he knew she could take no more. He stopped and let her look him deep in the eye until she realised she was now naked, she hadn’t even felt him remove her skirt and undergarments. She could see he was as excited as she was and noticed that he had loosened his trousers just enough to be able to free himself so she could see the excitement as he throbbed for wanting her.

He eased himself in between…