Two Times The Charm

Hey there! I decided not to re-post my previous stories because of some accusations about copyright infringement.

I guess I’m entitled to sharing my real experience despite the username I present on this site.

Few points to clear out:
I did not steal any story. (What’s the point?)
I did have a different account. (But now terminated)
It’s entirely up to you to believe it or not. (Take it or Skip it)


So, this story is about a guy I met online. He’s twice my age and divorced (which in this case I still didn’t know). He lives somewhere in Luzon and He’s a frequent traveller. He travels for work because his clinic is based in Luzon and Mindanao.

He was the one who chatted me first.

Him: Hello!

Me: Hey! What’s up!

Him: Kamusta ka?

Me: I’m good, thanks.

Him: Oh nice! Can I see you personally?

Me: Can I ask why?

Him: Baka naman pwede mo akong ipasyal sa city nyo?

Me: Walang mapapasyalan dito. Mabobored ka lang.

Him: Edi, kumain nalang tayo! Sure ako maraming masarap na restaurant dyan!

Me: Meron naman din pero pwede ko bang matanong bakit ako ang kinakausap mo? Wala ka bang ibang makausap dito sa app?

Him: I find you pleasing and ikaw lang sumasagot ng maayos. Umiinom ka ba?

Me: Oh okay! Di ako umiinom eh, mabobored ka lang na kasama ako.

Him: Kung ganon, samahan mo nalang ako.

And the conversation continues for days. He was very persistent in meeting me but I was like naaah – not really interested in him.

I don’t really know what changed but after weeks of eagerly inviting me to join him, I said yes!

Him: I’ll see you later. If I’m not mistaken 2hrs lang ang byahe from here to your city.

Me: Yeah! What do you want me to do in the next 2hrs? Wait for you? Akala ko maaga kang babyahe?

Him: I tried kaso may pasyente pa ako kanina eh.

Me: Oh right! Cge, I’ll wait for you nalang.

He was commuting from the other city to my city. He arrived around 9pm and I needed to pick him up at the terminal.

Him: I’m wearing a pink shirt.

Me: I’m wearing a black hoodie. Where are you? Baka maling exit ang dinaanan mo?

Him: Naglalakad pa ako pero nakikita na kita.

Me: Wow naman, sure ka talaga na ako?

Him: Oo, ikaw lang nasa gate eh!

And he was right, he already saw me. I was shocked when I saw him too – Tall, DadBod, Moreno.

Him: Hey! Finally! Totoo ka nga!

Me: haha what were you expecting?

Him: haha eto naman, biro lang. Akala ko maka-catfish ako pero you look exactly like your pictures.

Me: Same goes to you! So saan tayo?

Him: May alam ka bang hotel?

Me: Meron naman din. Di ka ba nagtitipid?

Him: haha bakit may ganong tanong?

Me: haha wala lang, baka kasi pagnag-refer ako ng mahal magulat ka. That’s why I asked.

Him: Good thinking! I like that. May budget naman, we can work with 3-5k.

Me: Okay.

I suggested places before we rode a PUB. When we onboarded, people were staring at us – age gap was quite obvious. Not to mention his hand on my lap.

Him: Let’s check-in first bago tayo magdinner.

Me: Okayyy.

With a minimal voice I answered. I was trying not to be obvious especially with the people around the bus.

We arrived at the hotel and ordered for food ‘coz I was hungry.

It was my first time with someone older than me – twice my age! But I was thrilled to be honest.

Food arrived but we barely touched it.

Him: Kain kana.

Me: Ikaw? Di ka ba kakain?

Him: Ikaw kakainin ko haha

Me: Ang bilis ahh haha

I was just muching, I was pretty nervous so I really lost appetite.

I sat on the corner of the bed the he started crawling.

Him: Bakit ang layo mo? Ang laki ng kama ang layo mo? Nag-aaway ba tayo?

Me: haha saan ba ako dapat? eh occupied mo ang buong kama?

Him: Lika nga dito! Ang cute-cute mo pala ahh

Me: haha

Him: Bakit natatawa ka? Totoo naman ahh

Me: haha sorry, kinakabahan lang ako

Our talked lasted for hours as I insisted. I told him we need to be comfortable with each other first before we snuggle.

I told him that he’s making me nervous and all. Making things exciting and scary at the same time.

Then, he started wrapping his arms around my waist.

Him: Di mo kailangan matakot sakin. Baka ako pa dapat mahiya sayo. Matagal na akong walang practice. Baka di kita ma-satisfy.

Me: Kung ganon, matulog nalang muna tayo? haha