Untitled. 2 – The Eyeball

Continuation of my story/biography/writing/therapy or whatever the fuck this is.

From The Textmate, you probably know what happened and if not, I suggest reading it first. I learned a lot from that and we were still friends and naging pulutan lang ung kwento sa maraming inuman sessions ng tropa for so many years after that time. And we (I) also did it to others just for fun until it became known and not that fun anymore, ung iba kasi napipikon nag invest kasi ng emotions masyadong seryoso, tapos malalaman nya nalang si Mark or Joseph pala ung inay-love you-han. haha..

I guess from that tiny slice of a story from my high school days, may idea na kayo that I (or we) represent the n% of public high school boys na hindi naka score sa mga chiks nung high school dahil hindi kami gwapo, trope kami, mapimples, maitim, kimpy ung buhok, hindi kami yearly magpalit ng bagong uniform, hindi kami nakaka sabay sa usong six pocket jeans and hindi kami kumakain sa canteen ng school. Dun kami nakikipag siksikan sa mga vendors sa tapat ng school pag break time. Canteen for us simply too pricey, dun tayo kay Mang Edgar mura na, mumurahin ka pa at madumi pa! haha. – this will be a very important part later on.

Going back to the eyeball, yes, it did happen. And from the best of my memory, this is how it went.
Again, mga batang 90’s mag-ingay wag mag deny ginawa nyo to umamin kayo!! haha

After the traumatic/hilarious experience on The Textmate, I’m now extra cautious. I was still in high school if my memory is correct I’m in my 4th year when this happened. Textmate was starting to get mainstream as more and more people are getting their hands on any Nokia or Alcatel they can afford. Also, networks are starting to introduce some promos which made text messaging even more affordable. (Etong time na to hindi pa uso ung ‘drop-call’ yes dadating tayo jan, relax lang.)

Sa dami ng katextmate ko during those times hindi ko na matandaan kung saan ko nakuha ung number ni (tawagin nalang natin syang) ‘Reloader’ you will see later why. I think she is from QC or some part in Metro Manila where it’s at least a 2-hour bus ride via NLEX to get to my province.

We were actively texting and sexting each other (yes tangina marunong nako non). Keep in mind na we had calls (not only text) every now and then just to make sure na hindi sya si Brandon or Richard. Texting and sometimes calling (8pesos per min – remember??) was constant and hindi ko matandaan if she was a student din ba or working during that time or I simply don’t give a fuck, libog lang talaga. Also I remember na hindi lang sya ung katext ko, meron din iba pa pero sya ung constant na mabilis magreply and laging game pag taglibog ako which is all the time. I won’t go into details ng text kasi (d ko na maalala) it’s not important. What is important is the what happens next.

Like a typical asshole I am, binola bola ko sya with words like, ‘mas masarap sana kung sa personal kita kakantutin’
This is me, solid-high school-virgin acting like I know Kamasutra! Yes, I’m still a virgin by that time.

I can sense na she like me or at least have feelings for me kasi compare to other textmates sya ung may ‘concern’ flavor sa conversations namin. She would ask questions like she care. There are times na wala akong load and she would send me a pre-paid card number just so we can continue texting. (hence the name ‘Reloader’) and those are not cheap! 300 yata or 350 ung card and that is a hell lot of money during that time (at least for me). Yeah, I was young and didn’t realize I’m actually in a sugar-mommy boy-toy situation.

So I asked if she want to meet – this is my first ever eyeball, ever! and she said, yes. She knows I’m still a student and she will be the one to travel to me. Dates, time and locations are set. Luckily, walang tao sa bahay madalas and that day is one of those days. I planned to skip school on that day. So the day comes. I pick my most recent best-looking school uniform (which is a year old na haha). Naghilod ako ng 3 times pati singit ko and bayag, did not shave (d ko pa alam non). I apply a very generous amount of Splash Gel (nostalgic nanaman to!) to my hair and did my hair kimpy-smooth na parang dinilaan ng kalabaw sa side and binaril ung hati sa gitna. Then I head off sa meeting point namin which is a 3rd floor of the only shopping mall sa province namin that time. Habang nasa jeep…