Wings Of The Valkyrie 3

Part 3: Rise of an Empire
By: Balderic

Sa loob ng Leviathan, nagtipon sina Victoria, ang apat na natitirang Valkyrie at si John. Sa screen naman ay lumabas ang window ni Bossman.

“Athena Celeste suffered bruises and wounds on her back, buttocks, shoulders, back of head, some on her face, and some burns on her arms and legs. She also suffered minor fractures on her rib cage, left clavicle and some muscle tearings on her upper torso. And one of her ear drums is perforated. So far, she is in a stable condition but it may take a couple of months for her to recover especially if she is staying here in Leviathan. I suggest we bring her to India Headquarters, Cerberus’ recovery labs could be of great help to her.” Report pa ni Victoria kay Bossman.

“It is unfortunate that Athena is out of the team but it is a blessing that she is still alive. For now I will present Yvonne Jackson as your temporary team leader. The mission may have gone south but we still managed to achieve our main goal. How is how prisoner going?” wika naman ni Bossman.

“As of now he is undergoing truth serum administration and still unconscious. We will proceed to the interrogation once he regains consciousness.”

“Commander, we are receiving incoming transmission from Cifer Black.” Report naman ni Galatea. Bumukas ang isa pang window. At lumabas si Cifer.

“I heard of what happened. I am sorry. But it’s still good that you managed to grab Dr. Arkhan.”

“what happened to Athena is your fault Cifer!” Galit na sabat ni Barbara. Pinigilan sya ni Victoria.

Shut it Barbara, you know the risks of our duty. This is just a part of our job description. However, what really bothers me is how did that camp managed to detect our movements. It’s as if they were waiting for us. It’s just a lucky thing that my Valkyries still managed to accomplish their mission.” Wika naman ni Victoria.

“SAMAEL’S forces possessed some of the most advanced technology known to man. They could have already managed to detect you as you goes inside their camp.”

“We managed to slip passed their guards and when all hell broke lose, our enemies still acted as if they already know we were there.” Sabat naman ni Yvonne.

“My scope cam records shows their movements changed before the initial attacks. I passed the footage on our receivers.” Wika rin ni Bellatrix.

“Cifer, have you been communicating with the enemy?” tanong naman ni Yvonne.

“No, believe me I have no idea what happened down there. All I knew were the basic informations that I managed to gather from my assets.” Mula sa likod ay lumapit si Himeko at may ibinulong ito kay Cifer. Tumango naman si Cifer at nagbago ang facial reaction.

“Valkyries I apologize but I have something important to do. I will contact you once I have more information on this mysterious super weapon.” Sabay disconnect ni Cifer.

“Can we really trust this man, Bossman?” seryosong tanong ni Victoria.

“For now. I want full reports on your interrogation later. Bossman, out.”

Lumapit si John kay Victoria.

“Ma’am, I would like to escort Athena to the India Headquarters.”

“Okay John. Prepare your things. You will leave immediately.”

Sinundan ng tingin ni Cassandra si John hanggang makalabas ito ng conference room. Sumunod na umalis si Victoria at Yvonne. Maging si Barbara ay umalis na rin. Nilapitan ni Bellatrix si Cassandra.

“Do you have some ideas what happened there?”

“No, I got nothing.” Sagot ni Cassandra. Tumalikod ito para lumabas pero huminto sandali.

“Bella, I’m not sure but I feel there is something off about our mission. Stay alert.”


By: Balderic

Quezon City

“Alex, what do you got?” tanong ni Gabriel kay Alexander Ford via videocall sa Berlin Sting Headquarters.

“Shit’s gone crazy here since you left man. Okay, here’s what I got, camera footage on that highway in Tokyo shows one person attacked Yumiko’s convoy. The assailant uses guns and a sword. The fight lasted for a couple of minutes until Yumiko was defeated. Then they vanished. I tried zooming in but the quality is so low she could be anyone.” Paliwanag ni Alex habang pinapakita ang footage kay Gabriel. Naka upo lang si Gabriel malapit sa lamesa at wala itong damit, pero naka suot lang ng pajama.


” Yeah, apparently, this person is a female. Focus viewing datas suggests 80% chance it’s a woman. But I don’t know who. I cannot ID her.”

“her movements….. looks like the ancient swordsmanship techniques used by the Oda clan.”

“The Oda clan? Hmmmm… ” kaagad nag research si Alex.

“Ah yes, the Oda clan. They’ve been one of the known rivals of the Ashura clan. However, since the former head of the Ashura clan stopped doing shady stuff like ones of the Yakuzas, the Oda became a powerhouse in the Yakuza operations in Osaka. Could it be an Oda abduction?”

“It’s possible. But what of the motives? Has the Ashura crossed paths with the Oda lately? Could it be business?”

“If it’s business then they should have something they need from the Ashura right? I mean, this attack is not an statement, it is too bold yet covert.”

“They needed a demand. Some ransom. But Akira said, Yumiko’s been gone for days and no demands came from the Oda clan. Yumiko’s movements seems to suggest she is talking to her abductor as they fight. Does she know her? She can’t attack properly with her dress, and her techniques are too obvious. She’s not focusing. Is she threatened? Not from this woman, she seems threatened by something else. She’s thinking about it. And what’s disturbing is that she shot this woman point blank and she is still alive. How can that be? Magic? Is she immortal? That’s impossible, but could be technology? Instant regeneration.”

“That sounds bad Gabriel. Who could be capable of having such unearthly abilities? ”


“You serious?”

“It’s a huge possibility. If SAMAEL is involved, this is no ordinary abduction. He needed her for something. I don’t know why but she is in serious trouble.”

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