Wings Of The Valkyrie 3

Part 3: Rise of an Empire
By: Balderic

Sa loob ng Leviathan, nagtipon sina Victoria, ang apat na natitirang Valkyrie at si John. Sa screen naman ay lumabas ang window ni Bossman.

“Athena Celeste suffered bruises and wounds on her back, buttocks, shoulders, back of head, some on her face, and some burns on her arms and legs. She also suffered minor fractures on her rib cage, left clavicle and some muscle tearings on her upper torso. And one of her ear drums is perforated. So far, she is in a stable condition but it may take a couple of months for her to recover especially if she is staying here in Leviathan. I suggest we bring her to India Headquarters, Cerberus’ recovery labs could be of great help to her.” Report pa ni Victoria kay Bossman.

“It is unfortunate that Athena is out of the team but it is a blessing that she is still alive. For now I will present Yvonne Jackson as your temporary team leader. The mission may have gone south but we still managed to achieve our main goal. How is how prisoner going?” wika naman ni Bossman.

“As of now he is undergoing truth serum administration and still unconscious. We will proceed to the interrogation once he regains consciousness.”

“Commander, we are receiving incoming transmission from Cifer Black.” Report naman ni Galatea. Bumukas ang isa pang window. At lumabas si Cifer.

“I heard of what happened. I am sorry. But it’s still good that you managed to grab Dr. Arkhan.”

“what happened to Athena is your fault Cifer!” Galit na sabat ni Barbara. Pinigilan sya ni Victoria.

Shut it Barbara, you know the risks of our duty. This is just a part of our job description. However, what really bothers me is how did that camp managed to detect our movements. It’s as if they were waiting for us. It’s just a lucky thing that my Valkyries still managed to accomplish their mission.” Wika naman ni Victoria.

“SAMAEL’S forces possessed some of the most advanced technology known to man. They could have already managed to detect you as you goes inside their camp.”

“We managed to slip passed their guards and when all hell broke lose, our enemies still acted as if they already know we were there.” Sabat naman ni Yvonne.

“My scope cam records shows their movements changed before the initial attacks. I passed the footage on our receivers.” Wika rin ni Bellatrix.

“Cifer, have you been communicating with the enemy?” tanong naman ni Yvonne.

“No, believe me I have no idea what happened down there. All I knew were the basic informations that I managed to gather from my assets.” Mula sa likod ay lumapit si Himeko at may ibinulong ito kay Cifer. Tumango naman si Cifer at nagbago ang facial reaction.

“Valkyries I apologize but I have something important to do. I will contact you once I have more information on this mysterious super weapon.” Sabay disconnect ni Cifer.

“Can we really trust this man, Bossman?” seryosong tanong ni Victoria.

“For now. I want full reports on your interrogation later. Bossman, out.”

Lumapit si John kay Victoria.

“Ma’am, I would like to escort Athena to the India Headquarters.”

“Okay John. Prepare your things. You will leave immediately.”

Sinundan ng tingin ni Cassandra si John hanggang makalabas ito ng conference room. Sumunod na umalis si Victoria at Yvonne. Maging si Barbara ay umalis na rin. Nilapitan ni Bellatrix si Cassandra.

“Do you have some ideas what happened there?”

“No, I got nothing.” Sagot ni Cassandra. Tumalikod ito para lumabas pero huminto sandali.

“Bella, I’m not sure but I feel there is something off about our mission. Stay alert.”


By: Balderic

Quezon City

“Alex, what do you got?” tanong ni Gabriel kay Alexander Ford via videocall sa Berlin Sting Headquarters.

“Shit’s gone crazy here since you left man. Okay, here’s what I got, camera footage on that highway in Tokyo shows one person attacked Yumiko’s convoy. The assailant uses guns and a sword. The fight lasted for a couple of minutes until Yumiko was defeated. Then they vanished. I tried zooming in but the quality is so low she could be anyone.” Paliwanag ni Alex habang pinapakita ang footage kay Gabriel. Naka upo lang si Gabriel malapit sa lamesa at wala itong damit, pero naka suot lang ng pajama.


” Yeah, apparently, this person is a female. Focus viewing datas suggests 80% chance it’s a woman. But I don’t know who. I cannot ID her.”

“her movements….. looks like the ancient swordsmanship techniques used by the Oda clan.”

“The Oda clan? Hmmmm… ” kaagad nag research si Alex.

“Ah yes, the Oda clan. They’ve been one of the known rivals of the Ashura clan. However, since the former head of the Ashura clan stopped doing shady stuff like ones of the Yakuzas, the Oda became a powerhouse in the Yakuza operations in Osaka. Could it be an Oda abduction?”

“It’s possible. But what of the motives? Has the Ashura crossed paths with the Oda lately? Could it be business?”

“If it’s business then they should have something they need from the Ashura right? I mean, this attack is not an statement, it is too bold yet covert.”

“They needed a demand. Some ransom. But Akira said, Yumiko’s been gone for days and no demands came from the Oda clan. Yumiko’s movements seems to suggest she is talking to her abductor as they fight. Does she know her? She can’t attack properly with her dress, and her techniques are too obvious. She’s not focusing. Is she threatened? Not from this woman, she seems threatened by something else. She’s thinking about it. And what’s disturbing is that she shot this woman point blank and she is still alive. How can that be? Magic? Is she immortal? That’s impossible, but could be technology? Instant regeneration.”

“That sounds bad Gabriel. Who could be capable of having such unearthly abilities? ”


“You serious?”

“It’s a huge possibility. If SAMAEL is involved, this is no ordinary abduction. He needed her for something. I don’t know why but she is in serious trouble.”

“The question is, where did they took her?”

“Alex, do you have any current information to SAMAEL’S activities?”

“Uh wait… let me get that… umm… ” mabilis na nagtype si Alex. Ilang sandali pa at may ipinakita ito kay Gabriel.

“There’s been rumors that SAMAEL is massing scientists to create a super weapon called Black Sun. We also got some datas from Cerberus… ”

” Cerberus? I haven’t heard that name in a while.”

“Hehe yeah, they’re still around man. They gave us incomplete datas they got from some unknown sources. So far, all we know this weapon is non radiating. It is something else. Something unique.”

“Where was the last place SAMAEL has been seen?”

“Well he’s completely out of the radar. No one knows where he is. But to have an educated guess, I say he’s here in Europe. The man is a textbook tyrant. He wants power, influence and the strong need to conquer.”

“And what country would cater such a person? A country where he could go off grid. Somewhere with less surveillance. A poor European country could be a candidate. But what? SAMAEL is the type of guy who will challenge the world if he wants to. Sooner or later he will show himself. Let’s just hope the world is ready for him. God knows what type of evil he will unleash on this planet. ”

“So, are you gonna come here?”

“Heh, I don’t know. I am gonna be a father soon. I need some time to think. Thanks for your time Alex.

“Man, fatherhood. Hehe that’s the next step of manhood my friend. Well cheers to that man. See ya’. ”

Ilang minutong napa isip si Gabriel sa kanyang upuan. Malayo ang tingin nya at hinde sya kumikilos ng ilang minuto. Napabuntong hininga sya muli. Napakabigat, animo’y pasan ang mundo. Pumikit sya ng ilang segundo. Kinakausap ang sarili.

“Handa na ba talaga ako? Sa ilang taon kong nakipaglaban para sa kabutihan, hinde ko alam kung kakayanin kong harapin ang pagsubok na ito. Jusko, ano bang gagawin ko… ” bulong ni Gabriel sa sarili. Walang ano-ano’y bumukas ang pinto ng kanilang silid. Lumabas si Karen. Lumapit ito kay Gabriel at hinaplos ang ulo ng mister nya.

“What’s wrong?”

“Karen… may sasabihin sana ako sayo.” Tumayo si Gabriel at hinarap ang asawa. Ipinaliwanag nya ang lahat sa kanyang magandang asawa. Tulad ng inaasahan, nabigla at natakot si Karen. Nangangamba ito sa bagong panganib, sa bagong pagsubok. Pero ang mas pinangangambahan nya, ay ang makita ang tila natatakot na itsura ni Gabriel. Sa dinami-dami na ng pinagdaanan nila, ngayon palang nakita nu Karen si Gabriel nang ganito.

Matapos makwento ni Gabriel ang lahat, matagal silang natahimik. Walang makakibo.

“Karen….hinde ko kayang pagdesisyunan ito ng mag isa. Kailangan kita.” Pagbasag ni Gabriel sa katahimikan.

“Iligtas mo si Yumiko, hon… ” sagot ni Karen. Nabigla si Gabriel sa sagot ng asawa.

“Pero paano ka, ang pagbubuntis mo? ”

“wag ka mag alala sa akin. Kaya ko ito. Papatirahin ko nalang muna dito si mommy. Para may makasama ako.”

“Malapit ka nang manganak Karen..kabuwanan mo na… ”

“Mas kailangan ka ni Yumiko hon. Alam kong ayaw mo akong iwan rito pero napakalaki ng utang na loob natin kay Yumiko. Kung hinde dahil sa kanya, wala ka sana rito ngayon. Marami syang ginawa para sayo at para na rin sa akin. Itinuturing ko na rin syang nakababatang kapatid. Ayokong may masamang mangyari sa kanya. Kaya ako na nagsasabi sayo, iligtas mo sya. Ibalik mo sya sa pamilya nya.”

Pumikit sandali si Gabriel. Nagbago ang itsura nya, seryoso na ito.

“Sure ka ba?”

“Basta ipangako mo lang na babalik ka ulit sa akin ng buhay.”

“Pangako yan Karen.” Hinalikan nya ito sa labi.



By: Balderic


“MY LORD.” Lumapit ang isang advisor ni SAMAEL. Naka toxido ito at mukhang isang aristocrat kung pumorma. Payat at medyo matangkad at may manipis na balbas na pacurve.

“Kingdom is done with his preparations. All we need is your plan to proceed your grace.”

Bumukas ang double door at pumasok ang isang malahiganteng lalake. 8 feet ang tangkad neto. Napakalaki ng mga muscles at maraming mga metal enhancements sa katawan. May suot itong armor at ang panga neto ay gawa rin sa bakal. Malalakas ang mga yabag ng bawat pag apak neto. Ang kaliwang mata nya ay may peklat at walang itim habang ang kanan naman ay may metal plating sa paligid at robotic enhanced. Pagkalapit nito sa harapan ni SAMAEL ay lumuhod ang isang paa nya sabay bow sa kanyang amo.

“The shock drones are ready MY LORD. And I had dispatched my army going to the Ukrainian borders. We will hit their Capital in less than 5 hours. What is your bidding LORD SAMAEL?” Wika ni Kingdom. Isa sa mga myembro ng Zehn Schwerter at ang leader ng Makenaria Legion. Isang buong army ng synthetics at robots na kontrolado nya at ng kanyang mga tauhan. Ang pinaka-unang unmanned army na syang gagamitin ni SAMAEL sa pakikipagdigma at planong pananakop.


“Yes MY LORD!”

Lumapit muli ang adviser ni SAMAEL.

“What about the unified forces of allied nations MY LORD? It will be troublesome if they enter this war.”


Tumayo sa trono si SAMAEL at nagsilapitan kaagad ang mga tauhan nya. Nagformation ang mga ito sa great hall.


“SHAAKKK!! ” Tinaas ng mga tauhan ni SAMAEL ang kanilang mga kamay sabay sandal sa kanilang dibdib.



By: Balderic

India Cerberus Headquarters

Nakahiga sa isang clinical bed si Athena at ipinasok sa isang air tight capsule. Sa loob neto, dito sinimulan ng isang advanced recovery machine na gamotin ang mga pinsala ni Athena. Sa paligid nya ay may tatlong specialists na nag-oobserba sa kanya. May malaking glass window naman sa isang dingding kung saan nakatayo si John at pinapanood ito. Katabi nya si Yvonne at Bellatrix.

Tahimik na pinagmamasdan ni John ang ginagawa kay Athena. Kita nyang naka oxygen mask ito at nilagyan ng antibiotic fluid ang buong capsule at may mga makina naman na syang isa isang nagtatrabaho para isara ang mga sugat at may iba pang nag oopera ng mga nabaleng buto at napunit na mga muscles ni Athena. Napabuntong hininga si Yvonne at umiling-iling. Lumabas ito sandali para kumuha ng kape.

“Will she recover faster with this machine?” mahinang tanong ni John.

“Well yes, we’ve been through this thing whenever one of us gets screwed over.” Sagot naman ni Bellatrix. Tinignan ni Bellatrix si John at napangiti ito sa binata. Halata namang nagtataka si John.

“You know John, you’re the first Housemaster who has ever cared with us Valkyries. Most of Housemasters will just stay in the Leviathan. But you, you seem very concerned for our well-being.”

“Well it’s a filipino thing really. We’re family oriented so whenever someone in our group gets sick or something bad has happened, we filipinos will be very eager to help out.”

“Hmm so you consider us your family then? ”

“Ye.. yes of course.”

“Aww that’s sweet. But you know, just a word of advice, don’t get too attached to any of us. You never know what’s going to happen next and you will only get hurt in the end. Trust me, I’ve been there.”

“So.. what happened?”

“You really wanna pry some personal things do you?”


Napa isip sandali si Bellatrix. Tinignan nya sa maliit na bintana ng flip open doors sa kabilang hallway si Yvonne na nagtitimpla ng kape.

“I had a sister once. Well technically she’s a friend. We’ve been through a lot, training, missions, that kind of stuff. We were so close together that we are both trained as snipers. But one day, an enemy sniper got wind of her position and buried two inched bullet right between her beautiful eyes. I was never the same since then. I learned not to be too attached.”

“So who killed her?”

“I don’t know, just some regular baddies who got fuckin lucky. I killed that person right there and then.”

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine.”

Dumating si Yvonne at may dala itong kape. Humigop ito kaunti at tumabi kay John.

“What did I miss?” Tanong neto.

“Nothing much. Don’t worry John, she’ll be back in no time. I gotta go, I needed to stretch my legs. Wanna come?” aya ni Bellatrix kay John. Tinignan ni John si Yvonne at para itong nahihiya.

“Well I ain’t your nanny, man.”

“Ah yeah.. sure… I wanna get some fresh air too.” Ngiti neto. Napa iling lang si Yvonne at ngumiti ito sandali sabay kindat kay Bellatrix. Ngumiti naman ang pranses na Valkyrie at lumabas na sa recovery room.

Magkasama si Bellatrix at John habang namasyal sa syudad. Nag ikot-ikot ang dalawa sa mga pwedeng pasyalan. Nag enjoy ng sandali at nakalimutan ang ilang problema.

“How long have you been a Valkyrie?”

“A couple of years. I don’t want to keep track on it.”

“Do you miss home? Cerberus employees aren’t really allowed to go back home for 5 straight years.”

“I’m an orphan. I accepted this job because I don’t really have to worry about going back home. I don’t have to worry about anyone when I go or when I’m gone. And maybe that’s why Valkyria accepted me.”

“Does it have any kind of requirement to get it to work?”

“Valkyria only reacts to certain things. No one knows what it is but it’s been theorized over the years that most accepted subjects are either a psychopath or just plain weird.” Sabay kindat kay John.

“So,you’re weird?”

“Haha! No, I’m the other one.”

“So all Bossman had been Valkyries before right? How many Bossman had been there?”

“Hmmm, I think there’s been four including our current Bossman. And our Bossman is the youngest so far.”

“Really? How old is he then?”

” Ho I don’t know. Mid 30s maybe?”

“You seen him right? What was he like?”

“Um, a bit serious. But he’s kinda cool. He’s calm, mannered and has a mysterious charm. I think he’s married though. A man like that, he would not stay available on the market for long.”

“I heard he had some conflict with this Gabriel guy.”

“That’s just rumors.” Mabilis na sagot ni Bellatrix.

“I don’t know much about Gabriel but I know he’s a former STING AGENT. And he’s a filipino like me. Did you met him before?”

“No, but I would love to.” Halata ang kilig sa mukha ni Bellatrix.

“Really, why?”

“Well for starters he’s freakin’ strong! He defeated Cifer Black and stopped DRAKE. He also stopped the reign of the Silent Eight. He helped STING clean their ranks of any moles and he had a lot of super impossible missions before that he managed to accomplish. I mean, what would a girl like me would ask for a man? Hihi.”

Napangiti si John kay Bella. Napansin naman ito ng babae.

“What are you smiling at?”

“You looked cute when you smile. I just can’t help smiling too.”

“Haha! Idiot! Don’t say weird things in front of me. You’re making me embarrassed!” nag blush ang mukha ni Bellatrix.

“Hehehe sorry about that. It just felt good when people smile in times like this you know.”

“Yes, I know. But you know, the rumors said Gabriel betrayed our Bossman before. It says Gabriel did something bad for him but he just accepted it and moved on. I guess he respected Gabriel that much for him to accept what happened. Now, he and Victoria were close, they’ve been teammates during their time as Valkyries and Victoria found out about it later on, she got so pissed at Gabriel that she actually stalked him and challenged him to a duel.”

“Wait what?! Really!?”

“Yes! I mean, I can’t believe it either.”

“So did they fight? Who won?”

“uh I don’t know. I think Gabriel did. Who knows. I mean, Gabriel did beat a lot of strong people before right.”

“Hmm yeah.”

Huminto ang dalawa sa harap ng isang bar malapit sa Cerberus Headquarters. Pumasok sila sa loob at naabutan nila si Yvonne na umiinom ng alak sa gilid.

“Hey! You’ve been gone way too long guys! What’s up?”

“Sorry, we got caught in the moment.”

“Shit, a bitch like that? I would be caught in the moment too.” Sabay turo kay Bella.

“Fuck off alright.” Sabat naman ni Bella kay Yvonne.

“So how’s Athena doing?”

“Doctors said she’ll be out of the tube by Sunday. And she’ll stay in the ward for probably 2 weeks or so.”

“I see, that’s good to hear then.” Wika naman ni Bellatrix. Umupo sya sa sofa katapat ni Yvonne. Binigyan sya ng inumin ni Yvonne. Si John naman ay umupo katabi si Bella. Binigyan rin sya ng bote.

“For Athena.” Cheers ni Yvonne at tinaas ang bote nya.

“For Athena!” sabay sina John at Bella at nakipag cheers rin. Inestraight ng tatlo ang beer pagkatapos.

Mahaba-habang kwentuhan rin ang naganap sa tatlo. Nagkakilalanan ang mga ito ng mas maayos. Habang nag eenjoy sila, may isang grupo naman ng mga lasenggong bumbay ang nakapansin sa kanila. Naglalaway ang mga ito sa anking ganda at kaseksihan nina Yvonne at Bellatrix. Hinde nakapagtimpe ang isa at lumapit sa grupo nina John.

“Hahahahaha!!!! ” malakas na halakhak ng bumbay na nagpapapansin. Tumigil naman sa usapan ang tatlo at tinignan ang lasing.

“Would you please leave us along, we’re having good conversations here.” Pakiusap ni Bellatrix. Pero ss halip na umalis, umupo ito at tumabi kay Yvonne. Amoy kaagad ni Yvonne ang masangsang na baho ng tila di pa naliligo na lasenggo.

“Yes yes good conversation. I also like good conversation with sexy ladies hehehehe.” Inakbayan neto si Yvonne. Pero biglang pumalag si Yvonne at hinawakan ang batok ng lasenggo.

“BLAGG!!” “PUTA!” Gulat ni John nang ibagsak ni Yvonne ang mukha ng lasing sa ibabaw ng lamesa.

“You bitches!” tumayo ang kasamahan ng lasing at sinugod sina John.

Nagsimulang magrambulan ang dalawang grupo. Tumakbo ang bartender nang magsimula ang away. Dalawa ang umatake kay John pero maliksi makipaglaban ang binata at nakakasabay sya sa mga ito. Tinamaan man ng ilang mga suntok sa katawan at mukha, di ininda ni John ang sakit. Sumabay sya ng mga suntok at sipa at napatumba nya ang isa at binagsakan naman nya ng upuan ang isa.

Si Yvonne naman ay hinde malapitan ng kanyang nakalaban. Umatake ang mga lasing pero hangin lang ang tinamaan ng kanilang mga kamao. Kitang kita ang pagkabihasa ni Yvonne sa harapang laban. Hinde ito makapitan. May humablot sa balikat nya pero tinapik nya ang braso at dineslocate nya ang siko. Sinipa naman nya sa bayag ang isang papalapit sabay suntok sa panga. Ang isa naman ay sinipa nya ang mukha at bago bumagsak ang katawan ay sinalo pa ng mukha neto ang isang kamao mula kay Yvonne.

Bago pa man makapalag ang mga kalaban ni Bella ay napatulog na nya ang mga ito gamit ang stunner na hawak nya. Hinde tumagal ang laban at parang pinaglaruan lang ng Valkyries ang mga lasing. Pagkadating ng mga pulis na tinawag ng bartender ay wala na sa eksena ang tatlo.

Dumiretso sila sa isang hotel. Hinde na binigyan ng oras ni Yvonne si John at tinulak nya na ito kaagad sa kama at pinatungan nya.

“Dammit John… you’re so hot right now ummnhh… ” nilaplap neto ang labi ni John at hinde na nakasagot. Mainit at maalab ang halikan nila. Hinde nila pinapansin si Bella na nanonood sa kanila. Hinawakan ni Yvonne ang mga kamay ni John at inangat nya ito habang patuloy sa pakikipaghalikan. Mapaglaro ang dila ni Yvonne at nakikipagespadahan ito sa dila ng binata.

“Beating those losers really gets my adrenaline going. Mmhh.. fuck baby I love how soft your lips are… oohh… ” ungol pa ni Yvonne. Bumaba ito at nagmamadaling hinubad ang pantalon ni John. Matapos matanggal ang pantalon ay hinila ito pababa. Huminto sya hanggang hita, sinakto lang na nakalabas ang brief neto. Gamit ang isang swiss knife, pinunit ni Yvonne ang brief ng binata at inalis. Kumawala ang tirik na burat ni John. Napangiti ito nang makitang shaved ang binata. Dinuraan nya ang ulo ng sandata ni John at kinalat ito gamit ang kamay nya, saka nya sinubo.

“Ahhhj fuckkk… ” ungol ni John nang simulang chupain ni Yvonne ang burat nya. Sinupsop ito ng babae at sinagad hanggang lalamunan. Dinilaan ang mga bayag at sinipsip rin. Lumapit naman si Bellatrix.

“Don’t leave me hanging here John.” Hinalikan neto ang binata. Pinasapo nya sa nakalaylay nyang suso ang kamay ni John. Wala na pala itong suot pang itaas. Himimod at minasa neto ang suso ni Bellatrix. Mas lalong uminit pa ang halikan ng dalawa. Mabango si Bella at napakafresh pa kahit na buong araw itong busy.

“Shloop shlooop shluurrp shluurrpp shluurrp!!! ” sunod sunod ang pagchupa ni Yvonne at nanggigil ito sa burat ng binata. Sinasakal pa ng kanyang malambot na kamay ang leeg ng titi at pinipiga paitaas sa ulo.

Si Bella naman ay pinadede nya si John at sinimot naman ng binata. Dinilaan nya ang nipple neto hanggang tumayo at sinipsip na parang bata. Palitang pinasuso sa kanya ang magkabilang suso ni Bellatrix.

“Have you had a french girl before John?”

“No, you’re the first so far.”

“So far? You planin’ to have more frenchies Johnny?” biro ni Yvonne.

“Hahaha! I like him, he’s so cute.” Wika naman ni Bellatrix. Pinabitin neto ang dila nya sa nakatihayang binata at sinipsip naman ito ni John. Hanggang maglapat ang kanilang mga labi at naghalikan.

“This boy’s havin’ an international sexcapade with all of us. Hihihi.” Tawa pa ni Yvonne bago neto nilapastangan muli ang matigas na burat ng binata.

“So, whose gonna be first Ivy?” tanong ni Bellatrix.

“Imma do the honors for now. You wanna check out his tongue though, the boy can eat them pies like a pro.”

“Oh really? Is that true Johnny boy?”

“Uh, I don’t.. know.. ”

“Aww you’re being modest. Well there’s no other choice but to try it right?” kindat naman ni Bellatrix. Tinulak nya ito patihaya at pumatong na sya sa mukha ng binata. Dahil nai-alis na neto ang kasuotan, madali na lamang sa kanya ang itapat ang kanyang hiwa sa bibig ni John at ipakain ito.

“Mmhhh.. uunhhh… oui!! Oui!! Hhmnhh!!” Ungol ni Bellatrix nang lapain ni John ang puday nya. Nagpakitang-gilas ang binata. Dinuldol neto ang dila sa butas ni Bella at kinalabit-kalabit ang tinggil neto. Pinasada pang muli ang dila mula sa lagusan ni Bella hanggang sa tinggil nya. Kumakayod naman ang balakang ni Bella at sarap na sarap ito.

Naramdaman naman ni John na siniksik na ni Yvonne ang sarili sa burat nya. Kinayod neto ang matigas na sandata ni John. Halos sabay ang dalawang babae sa pag kilos sa ibabaw ni John. Ang maswerteng binata naman ay tinanggap ang hamon ng dalawang babae. Halos nagsasabay na rin ang ungol ng dalawa habang sabay silang pinapaligaya ni John.

Nagharap si Yvonne at Bellatrix sa ibabaw ni John. Naghalikan ng labi ang dalawa at ang kanilang mga kamay ay naglalakbay sa kani-kaniyang katawan. Hinimod ni Yvonne ang mga suso ni Bella at ang isa naman ay nilaro ang tinggil ni Ivy. Dahil dito hinde nakatiis ang dalawa at sabay nilabasan. Nangisay pareho at nanginig ang dalawang babae.

“Hooomy Godddd!!! I had never came that hard before! Oui that was so good!” exclamation ni Bellatrix.

“Wanna switch?” tanong ni Yvonne.

“Sure, I think it’s my turn to play with that hot hard oui?”

“hah! Why not. I already lubricated it well for you Bella.” Tumayo si Yvonne.

Dahil dito, umusog si John papunta sa headboard ng kama. Naka sandal ang ulo nya ng medyo mataas dahil sa malaking unan at nakatutok sya paibaba sa sandata nya. Humarap kaagad sa kanya ang puke ni Yvonne.

“Chow time hihi…aahhhhh… .fuck yesss that’s the tongue that I need Johnny… hmmm… ” napatingala si Yvonne nang kinain ni John ang kepyas nya.

Kiniskis ni Bella ang puke nya sa dulo ng sandata ni John. Mas pinapasabik neto ang sarili at mas nabasa pa ang hiwa nya. Matapos ito, hinawakan nya na ang sandata ni John at ipinasok sa lagusan nya. Maingat at dahan dahan nyang ipinapasok palalim nang palalim ang pagkakabaon. Ramdam ni John ang sikip ng puke ni Bella at napa-angat ang balakang nya.

“Shit I feel like I’m tearing up inside! It’s been a while aahhhh… aahhh… aahhhh.. ” kinayod-kayod neto ang sarili sa ibabaw ni John. Pabilis nang pabilis, hanggang sa maging wasto na ang pagkabasa ng pagkababae nya na dumulas -dulas na palabas pasok ang burat ng binata. Mas lalong nalunod sa karagatan ng libog si Bella.

Palitan ang mga ungol ng dalawang babae. Magdamag silang pinaligaya ni John. Dahil dito, buong maghapong tulog ang binata sa hotel. Iniwan sya ng dalawang nag gagandahang babae. Bandang alas quatro na ng hapon nang magising si John. Medyo nahihilo pa ito. Tumayo sya at binuksan ang cellphone nya. May apat itong missed calls mula kay Victoria at ilang text messages.

“Where are you? You’ve missed your daily sign in. I need you to report to the Leviathan at once. Bossman wants your report asap. I know it hasn’t been a few days and barely weeks but Bossman wanted to see your reports especially with the recent events. Leviathan will take you to Bossman personally. Take this as your official welcome to the Cerberus Armed Division.” Text ni Victoria. Sa wakas ay makikita na ni John ng personal si Bossman. Kinakabahan ito at tila na eexcite.


By: Balderic

Sa loob ng interrogation room in Dr. Arkhan sa Leviathan ay naka upo ito na nakatali ang mga kamay at paa habang nasa harapan naman nya si Victoria, Cassandra at Yvonne.

“What kind of a weapon is the Black Sun?” tanong ni Victoria. Tahimik lang si Arkhan at napangiti lang ito. Lumapit si Yvonne at kinuwelyuhan si Dr. Arkhan.

“Listen you little shit, you tell us what we want or you will feel pain you never felt before. Because of you, one of my friends is in the hospital and quite frankly, you should already be dead by now.”

“Then kill me so I may ascend to nirvana. Your friend should be thankful, she had the chance to go to the higher heavens where pain and suffering never existed. My LORD SAMAEL will bring us salvation from this pathetic world. Mark my words Valkyrian, soon my MASTER shall release us from the hells of the old world. Hahahahahaha! ”

Lumapit si Cassandra kay Dr. Arkhan.

“THUD SPAKK!!” “UURRGHHH!!!!!” Inatake neto bigla ng dalawang beses ang dibdib at solar plexus ni Dr. Arkhan at pumilipit ito sa sakit. Hinde ito kaagad nakahinga at para itong nalulunod. Tumulo ang laway neto at nawalan ito nang control sa sarili at napa ihi sa pantalon.

“There’s more to where that came from Dr. Arkhan, you better cooperate to us now.” Babala ni Yvonne.


“This guy’s gone nuts. Are you sure the truth serum’s kicked in?” tanong ni Victoria.

“It should be working by now. But maybe this guy’s mentality is way tougher than we thought. He won’t crack.” Sagot naman ni Yvonne.

Samantala, sa himpapawid ng Kiev, Ukraine, tatlong mega air ships ang biglang lumitaw mula sa kalangitan. Itim ang kulay ng mga ito at hugis balyena na dahan dahang lumilipad gamit ang mga booster jets sa paligid ng katawan neto.

Bumukas ang ilang pinto sa gilid ng katawan ng mga airships. Ang mga tao naman sa Kiev ay pawang tulala at hinde makapaniwala sa nakikita. Wala pang klaseng sasakyang panghimpapawid ang ganito na nakita nila. Mula sa mga pintong bumukas ay may mga kanyong nagsilabasan. Naghanap ang mga ito ng mga prime targets bago huminto.

“All Hyperion cannons are ready sir!” wika ng ilang operators ng mga airships na nasa pangkat ni Kingdom sa control center nya.

“Fire at will!” utos ni Kingdom.


“PTOOM PTOMM PTOOM PTOOM PTTOOM PTOOM!!!” Sunod sunod na nagpaputok ang mga airships gamit ang mga Hyperion cannons.

“BAGOOMM!! BAGOOMM BAGOOMM BAGOOMMM!!!” Kabila-kabilang mga gusali ang sumabog ng tamaan ng mga kanyon. At ang mga target na ito ay ang mga electric power stations, fire stations, police stations, water control stations at ilang mga mahahalagang gusali na pwedeng ikaparalisa ng buong Kiev. Nagsitakbuhan ang mga tao sa takot. Kanya kanyang takbuhan ang mga ito at nagkaroon ng stampede.

Nakarating ang pag-atake sa defense supreme leader ng Ukraine at mabilis netong pinag utos na gumamit ng mga anti air weapons upang mapabagsak ang mga airships na nakahover lang sa ibabaw ng syudad. Nag mobilze na rin ang ilang airforce units nila para makapaglunsad ng airstrike.

“As expected, the Ukrainian army is mobilizing sir.”

“Bah! An army with cold war e…