An Alternative Lifestyle 1

To all FSS members and staff. I hope you and your family are doing just fine and please stay safe .

I’ve been visiting other sites similar to this one, but this is the first time I’ve been in a Filipino site. I like it because of the option of choosing either English or Filipino.

I’ve been living in Canada for almost 30 years now. Me and my husband just turned 40 years old this year and we’ve been together for 20 years. We have two wonderful kids. We’re not married but so far we’re doing ok. Life has been so good to us, thank God for that. Career and health wise we have no complain. But one thing I realize is that no matter where you live and how successful your life is, boredom of a monotonouse and stressful life is always at the corner waiting to pound on you.

Anyway my story started in 2018. It was October and you can feel old man’s winter is fast approaching and we just came back from the Philippines to visit my aging grandparents. My husband Mike ( not real name )was acting a little weird (than the normal) grumpy and irritable. I already noticed it even before we left for our vacation and when we are in Manila. He wants to have sex but because of the situation where we live. It’s not easy to do such things.

Our sex life is pretty much predictable. No, means no. No condom, no pills means no sex. My ass is off limits to his junk and no cuming in my mouth during blow job. I use to allow him to have it on my face but that was during my younger ( stupid ) days and blow job, for what ever reason is becoming a thing of the past for me. Which I think is one of the culprit in this predicament.

Anyway a week after our arrival, we went back to our normal and stressful life. Kids went back to school and Mike and I went to our respective work. Mike continues to bother me with his behavior and I keep asking him, “Mike do we have to talk about something, whats bothering you?”. His avoiding me which really freaks me out more. I let it slide for a while and just re approach him in another day.

Then on a Friday of that week something happened that really jolted me. I was late and a little tired. I saw Mike listening to some music and was having a drink. He seems to be in a good mood. So I tought this is the right time to talk about what ever is bothering him.

So I joined him for a drink but not that much. Trying to get some conversation going. Then he ask me if I’m going to have a shower and I said, ” In a while, why are you asking? “. He said he wants to join me in the shower. I just smile at him and said, ” Just finish your drink Mike, It won’t take me that long anyway, I will be back soon.

After a few drinks with my hubby, I went upstairs to have a shower. Around 10 min after, While I’m taking my shower Mike came in totally naked and want’s to fuck me. At first , we had passionate kissing which is ok, pretty normal then suddenly he raised my hands above my head and his other hand lifted my right leg to have a better position to penetrate my cunt. He shoved his junk inside my pussy and started fucking me. I told him to stop it because I wasn’t in the mood at that moment but he did not stop humping my crotch for about several minutes. Mike is about 6′ 2″ and his dick is about 9 inches and it can drill my pussy like an oil well.

I showted at him to get out. He was stunned and left the shower area and I was forced to sit on the tub. I’m also stunned with my self when I showted at him thinking if I over reacted. I finished my shower and told my self that I just have to apologize to him.

After a few min, I dried my self up with the towel, wrapped it around me and got out of the bathroom. I saw Mike sitting on the recliner totally naked and not smilling. I told him, “Mike I’m sorry!”, then he got up from the recliner approached me. I thought his going to hug me but instead he ripped my towel off so fast that I just manage to cover my pussy and my tits with my hand. Then he shoved me to the bed, my ass facing him. I didn’t have the time to react and he started fucking me from behind like a horse. He manage to shoved the entire junk in my pussy from behind, I was dumb founded. His cock is so stiff and so hard, I tought I will be ripped apart. “Mike please stop it!”, I said but he did not listen and he contiues to hump me as if its his first time. Tears started to come out my of eyes and said, ” Mike please I’m not safe!”. He continues to hump me big time, ” Mike no no please! “, I said. As he continue more and harder, I could feel his cock is becoming like a rock which means his about to cum. I was so scared that I feel I’m getting raped by a stranger. I tried to get up but Mike pulled my hands back as if his going to put a hand cuff on me.

He tried to open my legs further and I was already grasping for air. As much as I despise what he is doing, Ive kind the enjoy it and as much as I hate to admit, I was getting horney. It was the first time I’ve experience crying and getting horney at the same time. As I cried, Mike gagged my mouth with his hand, preventing me from making a noise which really blew my mind. In one final trust Mike burst his entire cum in my pussy. I tried to disloge his cock to prevent his cum sinking in, because I wasn’t safe at that time. Everything is so warm and some of his cum rolled over behind my legs. He removed his hand from my mouth and he landed on the bed beside me while I fell on the floor and I was crying like a rape victim. I cursed him, ” Fuck you Mike, Fuck you get out!!”. He did not e…