An Alternative Lifestyle 2

Authors note: Names of the characters in the story were altered for privacy reason.

As I lay down on the couch, exhausted, Sonia asked me, ” What if Mike brought up that cuckold thing of him, what are you going to do ? “. I didn’t answer and instead I got up, got my panty’s on and sat on the couch. Sonia got up and looked at me, ” Sweetie, fantasy is just a fantasy but making it into a reality is another story! ” , she said. ” I know what you mean my friend! ” , I answered her. I got up put my clothes on and gave my friend a hug. ” Just send me the bill! ” , I said with a smile and left.

November have past with nothing much. The spirit of Christmas is very much in the air. Although the weather so far is above average. Rob and Stacy invited us over their house during the holiday together with Bob and Jacquie. Rob wants to show us their newly renovated basement and it was beautiful. While the four were having a conversation in the living room, Rob and I went to the basement, he mentioned to me about Bob and Jacquie marital issue. ” Yah I heard from Mike about it! ” , I said. “Mike and I we’re talking about it and we’re thinking of a way on how to put up some spice in their life! ” , Rob said. ” Their just bored with their life especially having no kids ! ” , Rob added.

We had a good dinner. Had some wine, talked about life and what are the plans in the future. Me and the other ladies had a little too much wine compared to the men. Rob said that it’s better for all of us to have a sleep over to avoid any DUI ( driving under the influence ) issues. I called my mother in law and said that we will just pick up the kids the following day. Rob’s daughter from a previous marriage was on an out of town trip with the boyfriend that’s why they have enough space for a sleep over.

As we continue thru the night, the wine is starting to work its way up and the conversation shifted to sex and how it plays in our married life. Words such as swinging, group sex, threesome and even wife swapping were popping up in the air. Although there were occasional jokes and laughter but some how I can sense something is brewing up.

Stacy and Jacquie decided to have a pictionary game just to perk up the evening. Stacy said it’s going to be men against women and it’s going to be a strip game. Jacquie is very confident that were going to beat the men. I was a little apprehensive when I heard it’s going to be a strip game but I guessed the wine got the best of me. ” Ok, no problem! ” , I said with confidence. Mike was just looking at me with a smile.

After a couple of rounds, the women so far are leading. We are still with our long johns and thermal while the men lost their tops already and trying to keep their long johns on. Wine continue to pour in and I noticed the men were not drinking that much. After few more rounds and a couple of moscato the table kind of turned around. The men are down to their under wear and so are we.

” So, what’s going to be? “, Bob and Mike asked.” If we win, shopping for us on outlet store with no question ask! ” , Stacy demanded. ” Without any limit? ,you’ve got to be kidding woman! ” , my frugal husband Mike said. “Let’s put a cap, between $ 500.00 to a $ 1,000! but not all in one day! “, I said. We agreed.
” But what if we win, what is it going to be? ” , Bob asked. ” You can do anything with us tonight! ” , Stacy replied. ” As in anything? ” , Rob asked. I drunk another shot of wine straight and looked at Stacy straight in the eye and said, ” As in they can do anything to us tonight! “. Jacquie approach me pour some more wine in my glass and said, ” Don’t worry sweetie will win this one, anyway in case we lose, its only for tonight! “. I drunk the wine again straight and told Jacquie and Stacy, ” You better ace this women or else it’s going to be a long long night plus I need new pairs of shoes! “.

A music was played by Rob as Jacquie and Stacy started their lap dancing with their respective husbands as part of the bet for losing the game. Rob slowly removing Stacy panty’s while Jacquie was already on top of Bob on the sofa. As I stand there naked trying to cover my pussy and my tits with my hand, ” Come on Sandie, start doing your thing! “, Stacy said jokingly. I started doing my exotic dancing with my hubbie. My back was facing Mike as I sway my hips. I could feel his cock hitting my butt while he hold my hip as if his going to fuck me from behind.

Rob turned off some more lights in the room as Stacy slowly knelt on the carpet floor. Rob slowly position him self infront of his wife as he slowly guided his cock inside Stacy mouth while Jacquie slowly humping Bob on the sofa. I could hear moaning after moaning inside the room as Mike position me by the wall facing him and slowly lifted one of my legs and started penetrating my pussy. His humping me slowly as I try to catch my breath. I’m trying to talk to my self and ask, “Am i really getting fuck in front of my friends? “.

After few minutes, Mike brought me over the sofa where Bob and Jacquie are doing their thing. I knelt on the sofa and bend over as Mike ram…