Baldeverse Legendarium

Author’s Note: This is not an erotica story. This short story tells the universe I have created. This will straighten up the rules of the shared universe I wrote in various stories. This will be the very root of everything. It will give the readers a glimpse of how large my vision is for my stories. I plan to put this story in a small compilation of all the connecting stories I wrote and will write in the future. This is a very important part of not only Heaven or Hell but all the others I managed to write. That’s it I guess. Enjoy the short read.

Part 1: The Null
By: Balderic

Before there was us, before there was the cosmos, before there was time, there was nothing. It was the age of the great nothingness. Devoid of anything, devoid of logic. It was the age of the unknown. It was believed that the nothingness was made of pure energy. Pure compressed energy. An energy that cycles for an unknown amount of time.

It was said that there are two types of energy that cycles in an almost endless loop. The Alpha Energy and the Omega Energy.

Alpha Energy: It is an energy that creates. It is what begins. It is the start and it is the light.

Omega Energy: this is the energy that ends all. The final stage of everything and turns them into nothing. It is the dark.

These two types of energies synergizes for unknown eons. There was supposed to be balance of it. However, the absolute truth that it would not last forever created an event. The cycling fusion and diffusion triggered an event that gave birth to a being. A being that has the ability to control everything and anything. A combination of all the Alpha and the Omega.

This is Nasticur Dei. The Birth of God.

End of Part 1.


Part 2: The First Age
By: Balderic

God is all. God harnessed the Alpha and the Omega energy. God is able to control all and its presence is everywhere. It is Omnipotent. Its great power that combines the energies, it created matter. As matter was created, so too it’s destruction. God gave itself purpose. The purpose of creating the new. For an unknown amount of time, God created all and it created the first universe. It was Universe Prime.

This universe was desolate. All matter and creation from nothing. God wanted to create more. And so God from its own state, created beings much like its own. These beings helped God to create more. These celestial beings are named Angels. Their creation was called The Angelus Sonata.

The angels helped God in shaping the first universe. As God focused on creating life, the angels created more, making the universe full of life with different shapes and colors. Each universe being created is similar to its predecessor and yet different. For each one, has its own rules and versions of reality.

The first breath of life started the age of the mortals. Beings of great unchecked power that has the endless potential. However, they are bound by the mortal chains of the two energies. They are born from the Alpha energy and dies from the Omega energy. These mortals were watched over by the Angels.

However, the interconnection between the mortals and the celestial beings proved to be wrong as many Angels started to mingle and have their way with the mortals. God saw of this and forbids it, for the combination of celestials and mortals would create incalculable imbalance.

Sure enough, the offsprings of the two beings created monsters. Gods in Mortal form. Creation that is an abomination. Life forms forsaken by the heavens. They were the Nephilims. God and all the loyal Angelic beings stopped this union and so started the massacre of the Nephilims, killed by the very blades forged from the heavens. Each abominable creature fell and their mortal mothers and families were drowned by God in a great flood.

Angels who were known to have laid with female mortals were banished. These Angels who have fallen from the grace of God started to question God itself. Their Omega energies fueled into abnormal states and their reasoning changed. They were led by the strongest Angels who challenged God of its rule. This Angel was called Lucifer Morning Star. Once called the beautiful and the brightest, he along with his fallen brothers march towards the heavens.

End of Part 2.


Part 3: War of Heaven and Hell
By: Balderic

The universe trembled when the Holy Army of the Almighty God clashed against the Fallen Angels. Thunderous powers shreaked, swords crackled, and the heavens became a battlefield. These beings who are considered immortals, would not die but they would vanished and return to their source until they are resurrected again.

Lucifer who was the champion of champions fought on, clashing arms with his former brethrens. Each one fell to his power. But one Angel, the right hand of God itself, wielding the the Holy Sword, fought Lucifer on his own. Might of the two celestial beings echoed throughout the battlefield. But one proved triumphant. The Archangel Michael, defeated Lucifer and banished him into the dark Abyss.

The end of the war started a new life for the universe. God created barriers on each worlds so not to interconnect with each other. The heavens, the mortal plain, and the Abyss.

Lucifer and his allies who were banished into the deep dark abyss created their own universe which reflects their souls. Their burning desires created Hell. A world of torment, corruption and chaos. Their angelic forms changed into hideous beings of different shapes and sizes. Thus, the first Demons were born. Lucifer vowed to return and challenge God again but before he does, he wanted to destroy God’s creations. His demons seeked and influence mortals, create chaos and corrupt their souls. For each one feed on the Omega energies inside the mortals to strengthen them. Taking these sinner’s souls into their world for them to consume, rape and corrupt.

End of Part 3


Part 4: Second Age

Eons of histories passed and mortals lived in harmony. God and its Angels guided them indirectly as to avoid the mistakes of the passed and to make sure they would not fall for the dark side. God knows of the coming conflict and on that day, it is ready to face the demons once again.


I heard of these legends for it was told again and again.” Wika ng isang lalake habang naka upo ito sa isang bato sa ibabaw ng burol.

“Those were not legends but it was the truth.” Sagot naman ng lalakeng nasa likod at nakatayo. Humarap sa kanya ang naka upo sa bato at dahan dahang tumayo. Inapak nito ang isang paa sa bato.

“What’s your point Elias? You gave me a long tale that almost bored me to death. Now what do you want? “ wika ng lalake.

“I want you to stop this.” Pakiusap ni Elias. Mula sa kagubatan sa likuran nya ay nagsilabasan ang isang grupo ng mga taong naka suot ng dark na kasuotan at armado ng iba’t-ibang uri ng sandata. Halatang hinde normal ang mga ito dahil sa laki ng pangangatawan at tila may lumalabas na enerhiya mula sa kanila na parang itim na usok.

Itinuro ng lalakeng kaharap ni Elias ang isang syudad sa di kalayuan.

Find the stone.” Utos ng lalake. Naghanda ang mga tauhan nya pero pumorma na din si Elias. Handang pigilan ang mga ito.

“Your demons won’t reach that city. That I can promise you.” Banta ni Elias. Ngumiti lang ang lalakeng kaharap nya. Sinuot nito ang maskarang walang facial features, except sa isang butas sa gitna na may nakalagay na bato. Ang lalakeng ito ay si Void, ang lalakeng kamukha ni Gabriel na naghahasik ng lagim sa iba’t ibang universes.

“Your threats won’t hurt me Dactylian. Kill him.” Utos nito.

HRAAAAAARRGGHH!!!” sabay sabay na umatake ang mga demonyong tauhan nito kay Elias.

Isang latin incantation ang ginawa nya at inilabas ang Ring of Solomon mula sa kanyang kamay. Nagkaroon ng shockwave sa paligid kung saan hinde nakagalaw ang mga demonyong nakapalibut sa kanya. Mula sa kabilang kamay ay lumitaw ang isang espada. Nagulat si Void.

“That’s Dyrnwyn, the holy sword of fire!” wika ni Void.

“SLAAAASSSHHHHH!!!!!!” isang mabilis na atake ang pinamalas ni Elias sa nakalutang na mga demonyo.

“FWAAAAAABBBBBB!!!!!” “GGRAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! “ biglang lumiyab ang mga demonyo at mabilis itong kinain ng apoy.

“The holy sword that can only be wielded by the worthy and burns the unworthy. You have quite a collection there Elias.” Wika ni Void.

“Oh you have no idea how many toys I’ve got in my sleeve.” Sagot ni Elias.

“Well, as expected for the one that hounds in different universes like a dog. What do you plan to do now? Burn me? You know that thing won’t work on something like me.” Umilaw ng pula ang bato sa maskara at lumutang sa ere si Void.

Lumipad si Void papunta sa syudad at napakabilis nito. Gumamit ng incantation si Elias para lumutang din ito sa ere at kaagad hinabol si Void. Tinignan ni Void sa likuran nya na sumusunod si Elias. Binuka ni Void ang palad.

PTOOV! ” Isang Dark Energy ang pinakawala ni Void at inilagan ito ni Elias.

“Are you sure, you wanna avoid that? “ wika ni Void. Dito napansin ni Elias na papunta ang energy ball sa isang malaking paaralan sa di kalayuan.

“Damn him! “ mabilis hinabol ni Elias ang energy ball. Nakita ng isang batang babae ang liwanag mula sa paparating na energy ball. Napangiti ito sa pag aakalang fireworks ito.

BRAGAAAMMMMM!! ” huli na ang lahat at sumabog ang isang city block sa lakas ng impact. Tumilapon si Elias matapos magkaroon ng malakas na shockwave. Isang crater ang nagawa ng pagsabog.

“Oh God… no.. ” halos mapaluhod sa hinagpis si Elias. Naluluha itong tinignan si Void na nasa malayo.

DAMN YOU GABRIEEEELLL!!! ” “PHOOOOMM!!” sumabog ang lupa sa impact ng paglipad ni Elias at mabilis nitong sinugod ang katunggali.

Ilang segundo pa at naabutan nya si Void at agad nitong binigyan ng malakas na suntok ang kalaban.

KHOOOOMMMM!!! ” shockwave ng impact at napawi ang ilang ulap sa kalangitan. Nasalag ni Void ang kamao ni Elias.

Mula sa kabilang kamay ni Elias ay lumitaw ang isang nagliliwanag na libro. Nakalutang ito sa ere at nagbukas mag isa.

The Ars Theurgia Goetia!?” wika ni Void. Isa itong libro na naglalaman ng mga Enchanted Seals at Soul Domination Spells.

Bumigkas ng incantations si Elias habang nakatitig kay Void.

Four kings of the four points. Carneriel of the East.