Eee Cee Que Blues – Bosun’s Mate

Eee Cee Que Blues – Bosun’s Mate
By Pesteng Ahem


These are a series of stories about life during the extended community quarantine. This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of my imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.


My name is Portia de Guzman. I’m a 19-year-old student pursuing a degree in AB English. This is the story of my experience during the ECQ.

My family is originally from Siquijor, where we live comfortably from the money my father makes as the bosun on a cruise ship. I moved to Manila to attend the University of Santo Tomas. I rent a small room in 1050 Don Quijote Street in Sampaloc. I’ve been stuck in my small room since classes were suspended in the middle of March.

Before the ECQ, I was highly sexually active bisexual. I am short (4’11”) and slim. My best features are my tight ass (which I keep toned through regular exercise and sex) and my even, brown complexion. I have sensitive nipples and I keep my pussy shaved to heighten the feel of a tongue on my labia and clit. I dyed my hair pink when I joined the **** Sorority last year. For the last eight months, I’ve given up cock altogether because of all the pussy I’m getting from my fellow sisters.

The ECQ resulted in an immediate stop to my sexual activities. Most of my partners left for their home towns. Even my sorority sisters, who would drop by almost every day to hang out in my apartment (and to eat my pussy), couldn’t travel. The first week was quite difficult; I watched porn all day and the handle of my hairbrush was never not coated in my pussy juices. The second week, however, I noticed that my sex drive lessened as I grew bored with masturbation. I had a harder and harder time bringing myself to orgasm. My body was looking for a tongue and, not finding it, went into hibernation. After some adjustment, I accepted this new situation and focused on my online classes and staying fit inside the unit.

At the end of March, my father sent word that he was being repatriated back to the Philippines. He was arriving on 31 March and had to be quarantined for 14 days in a facility in the Port Area. Since travel to Siquijor was not possible, he asked if he could stay in the unit with me until travel out of Manila was permitted. Of course, I agreed. I don’t think that I’ve ever spent time alone with him since I was six years old — he was always away and when he returned he was surrounded by the entire family. He is a strict disciplinarian with his crew, but I know that he tries to spoil me.

After he completed mandatory quarantine, my father was dropped by the company shuttle in the afternoon. I greeted him with a big hug at the gate of the apartment and helped him carry his things to my room. The unit was 15 square meters. On entering, the toilet/shower was to the right. The rest of the space was taken up by a double-sized bed and a closet. I tried to straighten up my things before my father arrived, but it was always going to be a tight fit.

“Sorry, Pa. It’s a little small.”

“Don’t worry about it, Pot Pot,” my father said. “This is three times the size of my cabin on ship.” He gave me a tight hug and I helped him unpack. Dad insisted that I take the bed and that he would sleep on the floor right next to it. I tried to convince him to switch places, but he would have none of it.

After dinner, I cleared the dishes and he got ready to take a shower before bed. I unfurled the sleeping mat and prepared the pillows and blanket that he would be using. It was only 7:00 PM, so I decided to play some online games and stream some movies. I was in bed when Dad emerged from his shower.

“Ready for bed, Pot?”

While he was drying his hair with the towel, I turned to face him. He entered the room wearing only a loose pair of old boxers. My father is 48 years old, stands 5’11” and is physically fit from his work. There was a slight bulge in his belly, but the muscles in his chest and arms were quite obvious. I let my gaze linger around his pelvis and noticed the outline of his penis.

“Did you hear me, Pot?” His question broke the spell. I looked up to find him staring at my face.

“Sorry, Pa. It’s too early. I have to review some online lessons and do research for a report.”

“Ahh, okay. I’ll head to bed, then. Kick me if I snore too loudly.” He bent down to kiss me on the cheek before shutting off the lights. In a few minutes, I could hear the regular cadence of his breathing as he fell asleep.

I was in the middle of a mobile game when I received a message. “Babe, I’m horny. Can we VC? I need to cum before I fall asleep.” It was Yan, one of my sorority sisters.

ME: “Sorry, Babe. I can’t right now. My father is staying with me at the moment.”

YAN: “Oh nooooo! We’ll be quite. Promise.”

ME: “I can’t, sabi. He’s sleeping next to the bed.” I took a picture of his sleeping form and sent it to Yan.

YAN: “Wow, sis. Ang gwapo pala ng Daddy mo.”

ME: “Huwag kang magulo diyan.”

YAN: “Eeeeee! POT! Ang laki pala ng titi ni Daddy! Hahahaha!” Yan sent me an edited version of the picture I sent her, adjusting the light levels so that my Dad’s body was more visible in the dark room. The picture clearly showed a huge bulge around my Dad’s pelvic area, evidence of a nocturnal erection straining against the blanket. Yan also graciously emphasised this by adding heart emojis around the area.

ME: “Gagi! Unan niya yan. Miss mo lang yata si Miggy. Kulang ka lang sa kantot.” As soon as I sent this text, I turned the screen of my phone to illuminate my Dad. I couldn’t deny that the erection was present. In fact, it was bigger now than a few seconds earlier!

YAN: “Oo nga, Babe. Ang wet ko nga ngayon. Mag VC tayo. Panoorin mo lang akong magdildo. Pppllleeaaseee! Sige na. UwwwwU”

ME: “Okok. Start mo na yung VC.”

YAN: “Yehey!” She sent me a FaceTime invitation a few seconds later. I ducked under my blanket and turned on the video feed.

Yan had positioned her phone over the head of her bed. The camera was pointed downward. Both her legs were spread wide and she was rubbing her clit with her right hand. The other hand held a large, pink dildo that she was sucking and licking.

“Ugghhhh, Pot. Ang sarap ng daliri mo sa clit ko.” I watched as her right hand rubbed her clit in quickening circles. “Pot, ang laki talaga ng titi ng Daddy mo,” Yan whispered as she proceeded to deep throat the dildo. I stayed silent, but I couldn’t help notice that my pussy was starting to tingle a…