Eee Cee Que Blues – Online Classes

Eee Cee Que Blues – Online Classes
By Pesteng Ahem


These are stories about life during the extended community quarantine. This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of my imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.


My name is Dr Rosario San Gabriel. I am a 55-year-old associate professor of economics at the St Claire’s Institute of Higher Education in New Manila. This is the story of my experience during the ECQ.

I’ve hit a wall in my job. Two years ago, I was Professor and Head of the Department of Economics at the Far Western University. My research area is in behavioural economics. One night, I was caught in flagrante delicto. You see, one of the freshmen coeds was failing my class and I offered her the chance to boost her grade if she participated in a research project. I designed the experiment myself. The objective of the project was to see how much practice it would take for the young 18-year-old to swallow my 7″ cock without gagging. She was making good progress with our weekly sessions when I forgot to lock the door to my office and the housekeeping staff managed to catch me with my pants around my ankles, three-fourths of my cock down the freshman’s throat and my two of my fingers deep in her pussy. In order to avoid a scandal, the Dean decided to give the student a passing mark and I was asked to resign.

I spent a few months doing service teaching until I found a permanent job at St Claire’s. The Head of the Department of Economics was a former PhD student of mine. She informed me of the opening and invited me to apply. The position was a demotion for me, but beggars can’t be choosers and all that. Importantly, since no one knew the true reason for my resignation, I could start a new chapter in my career. St Claire’s was a small higher education institute for women offering a limited range of degrees. Thus, having someone of my calibre join the Department of Business meant quite a big deal to the school. I was a big fish in a small pond. An old, perverted fish, but a big one nonetheless.

I was more careful with my extracurricular activities this time around. I kept away from undergraduate students. However, I have a high sex drive for a man my age, so I needed an outlet. During my first week at St Claire’s, I was fucking the Department Secretary. Before the semester ended, my daily routine started with a blowjob from the assistant registrar and ended with my cock up the bum of the coach of the women’s softball team. Life was good. Then, some idiot ordered bat soup in Wuhan, coughed, and the ECQ was imposed.

All my academic activities ground to a halt. All classes were suspended and, for the first week, there was not a little worry about the effect the pandemic would have on the academic progress of students. Of course, since I was no longer part of the Department Management Team, I really didn’t need to concern myself with this. However, I could tell that there were major decisions needed to be made.

The President of St Claire’s issued an announcement to staff, students and parents that the University was going to see out the rest of the academic calendar by continuing to hold online classes for all subjects that were not laboratory-based. They decided to do this despite calls from students and parents to simply pass them en masse. You see, doing so would mean that students would be unprepared for the higher subjects and the value of their degree would be diminished. I know that some universities opted for the easy way out by offering mass promotions of students. This is good public relations but poor education.

I prepared to convert my subjects to online delivery. I was teaching three subjects: BUS117 Principles of Economics, BUS225 Experimental Economics and Game Theory and BUS303 Research Methods in Business. The plan was for me to hold my lectures via Zoong (a free videoconferencing application) and discussions and group work would take place in the forums. All quizzes, assignments and reports would be submitted online. I was used to the content delivery system used by St Claire’s so the transition would be easy. I expected that the tricky part would be learning to use Zoong. I set it so I could see the students and the students could see me, but they couldn’t see each other.

I prepared for the first Zoong lecture quite nervously. I live alone in a two-bedroom condominium in San Juan. (My wife and I separated about eight years ago and both my children have families of their own.) I converted the smaller bedroom into a study. There, I set up my new video camera, connected the computer to the 55″ LCD TV and bought a small easel and butcher’s paper on which to write. I made sure that the lighting was good by doing a test broadcast with my son and grandson. The system seemed to be working perfectly.

My first Zoong lecture was a success. It was disconcerting at first because my mind kept struggling with the idea that I was alone in the study. However, the students were engaged and asked questions so, after a while, I felt more comfortable addressing the students through the video camera.

As the ECQ dragged on I noticed that the students were quickly adapting to being confined in their homes. During the first week of online sessions, the students made an effort to dress in their uniforms. However, by the second week, I noticed that some of them were attending classes in hoodies and track pants. By the fourth week, some didn’t bother leaving their beds, instead attending the lectures via tablets while lying down.

I’m sure that is seemed quite natural and innocent to them. However, for an old pervert like me who’s been cooped up in his condo and who was bored from jacking off to PornHub reruns, the sight of dozens of young ladies in skimpy pyjamas and bedclothes was quite stimulating. The benefit of a 4k TV allowed me to catch glimpses of juicy tits and hard nipples straining against old t-shirts or the puffy outlines of pussies appearing as camel toes. One student in particular — Alysson Chua — was becoming a bit of a problem.

The lovely Ms Chua was in her third year and had a “queen bee” personality. She badged herself a “social media influencer” and was proud of her 450,000 followers on Instagram (I stalked her using a dummy account). She parlayed this onto a decent sideline streaming video games. Alysson stood 5’7″ and was conscious of her figure. Her regular routine of yoga and Pilates resulted in a stunning 35C-24-32 body. She had smooth, brown skin that was evenly tanned. Alysson also understood the value of appearance — she `was always aware of the best angles to highlight her features and posing came naturally to her. She had an extensive wardrobe sourced mainly from freebies from fashion brands that wanted her endorsement. At school, when she was forced to wear the standard uniform of St Claire’s, Alysson already stood out. Now that I had a direct view of her bedroom and her figure in skimpy clothing, the temperature ticked up a few notches.

I noticed that without the benefit of structure and discipline, the students were quickly reversing their sleep-wake cycles. Thus, most were quite stuporous when I help my online classes. In order to ensure that they were attentive, I required my students to keep their cameras trained on them. In addition, every so often, I would give them simple instructions — hold up two fingers, shake your head, tap the desk — to confirm that they were still online and hadn’t posted a dummy video of themselves staring at the screen.

During one three-hour lecture, I noticed that Alysson was quite sleepy. I know that she had pulled an all-night streaming session that only ended a few minutes prior to my lecture. She was leaning on her bed against some pillows watching the lecture on her laptop. I noticed that her eyes were beginning to droop and her head was beginning to sag.

“Miss Chua, please focus!”

This caused Alysson to sit up straight (I noticed a few of the other sleepy students also pay closer attention). “This is your first warning, Miss Chua.”

“Sorry, Sir.”

I continued my lecture. To be honest, the topic WAS quite boring. Given a choice, I’d rather be jacking off right now to Naomi Woods. However, I had a job to do and so did the students, so I pressed on. About 45 minutes later, I called for a break. The students got up to stretch their legs and refresh their drinks. I noticed on my monitor that Alysson closed her eyes. They were still closed five minutes after I resumed the session.

“Miss Chua, wake up!” Alysson did not stir.

“MISS CHUA, WAKE UP!!” I screamed down the microphone. Alysson stirred, rubbed her eyes and realised what just happened. She sat up straight and focused on the screen.

“This is your second warning, Miss Chua. Please wipe the drool on the left side of your mouth.”

She rubbed her face on her pillow and smiled on screen. “Sorry, Sir.”

“Only one and a half hours to go, Miss Chua. Please try not to incur a third warning before the end of the class. Frankly, your grades can’t afford it.”

“Yes, Sir.” Alysson got out of bed and moved to her desk, carrying the laptop with her. In doing so, her robe opened up to reveal her firm body. She was wearing a purple tube top. It was clear from her free-swinging tits and prominent nipples that she was braless. Moreover, she was wearing a pair of white panties the sides of which consisted of three thin pieces of cloth with the label “PINK” printed on them. The gusset was flush on her pussy, which was clearly shaved. When she turned around, a thin strip of cloth disappeared between the cheeks of her ass. She lay the laptop on her desk. Her robe remained open. Apparently, Alysson did not notice that she was flashing me.

I went to the computer and adjusted my settings so that Alysson’s camera filled the entirety of my TV. I could make out the fine details of her face and body, including her thick, prominent nipples. I continued lecturing with the view of Alysson giving me inspiration. She was clearly more awake now, but I noticed that she was not attentive. Her mind was distracted by something. She was frowning and sucking on her thumb and pen. After a few minutes, she got up to adjust her something in her seat. When she returned, I noticed that her affect had not changed.

Her pen was in her mouth when I noticed her take the pen and slowly trace it down her neck over her collarbones, over the top of her right breast and stopped over her right nipple. Then, she used the pen to flick it. This entire sequence was so absorbing that I didn’t realise that I had stopped talking. When I looked up, Alysson was staring right into the camera, effectively making eye contact directly with me. She had a smirk on her lips. Alysson had confirmed that I could see what she was doing!

“Ahem. Sorry, I was lost in thought. Will someone tell me where I left off?”

Alysson spoke up through the microphone. “I believe that you were describing the ethical restrictions on behavioural experiments involving human participants, Sir.” She smiled wickedly and ran her tongue languidly across her upper lip.

“Ah, yes. Thank you, Miss Chua. Let’s proceed with the next slide.”

I continued my lecture. Before discussing the next slide, I turned away to take a sip of coffee. When my gaze returned to the screen, I noticed that Alysson was in the processes of removing her robe, exposing her shoulders and chest. She was clearly playing for the camera, using the opportunity to display her tits for me to see. Her exaggerated actions in removing her robe caused her breasts to jiggle prominently under the tube top. She noticed that the top slipped a little. She looked down, brought her fingers to cover her mouth in mock horror, raised her eyes to look directly into the camera and pulled the top upward. Then, she ran her hands over her breasts to adjust the garment. I noticed that her nipples were quite obvious against the thin fabric. I almost choked on my coffee.

“Sorry, class. The coffee went don’t the wrong hole.”

“Careful, Dr San Gabriel. If you choke, there’s no one to give you mouth-to-mouth resuscitation,” said Alysson. The other students giggled at what she said. Alysson gave her tits a final squeeze, released them, and winked into the camera.

“Thank you for your concern, Miss Chua.”

I continued with the lecture. After a few minutes, Alysson picked up her mobile phone, got up from her seat, turned around and bend over the back of her desk chair. In doing this, the camera focused on Alysson’s panty-clad ass. Her smooth cheeks were in full display, as was the strip of cloth stretched across between her ass cheeks and barely covering her asshole and her pussy. Alysson was clearly waxed and baby-smooth. Alysson started to pose for selfies. (Later that day, I noticed that the selfie she took appeared on her Instagram feed accompanied by the caption “online classes are soooo HARD”.) After a few minutes, she returned to her seat, thew me an air kiss and flashed me a peace sign.

Alysson watched her screen intently and began to write on her pad. Then, she spoke up. “Sir, I have a question.”

“Yes, Miss Chua. What is it?”

“Sir, this topic is so HARD. Can you give me some tips for extra reading?” She also held up her pad to show me what she had written. It read: “SIR, I THINK YOU HAVE A HARD ON! :P” She turned the page and showed me the next message. “DID I CAUSE THAT ERECTION, SIR? O.O”. I looked down and noticed that indeed my cock was straining against my thin slacks.

I quickly turned around and moved off screen to adjust my cock. When I returned, I noticed that Alysson was pouting. The new sign read “BOOO! :(“

“Thank you for your question, Miss Chua. Why don’t you remain online after this lecture and we can talk about what is causing this to be hard.”

“Thank you, Sir. I think you can really help me.”

I continued with the final 20 minutes of my lecture. A few minutes before the end, Alysson got up, moved off the frame, and returned to her seat. She spent a few minutes fidgeting to get the most comfortable position. I could detect a soft, humming sound emanating from her microphone. Alysson’s head and shoulders were shaking in a rhythmic fashion in the usual way when girls swing their legs idly when seated. She continued sucking on her pen.

I answered some questions from the other students before bringing the lecture to a close. I reminded the stude…