Ella ng Buhay Ko Part 1

Every now and then, I would talk to her with my mouth close to her right ear, and looking down to her chest. I could see the top of her small firm breast. Definitely, she noticed, but she did not reposition herself to cover. Lalung lumakas ang libog ko sa kanya. Panay panay pa rin ang amoy ko sa buhok nya at idinidikit ko na talaga ang nose ko sa head nya. Napalanghap ako at sabi ko ang bango mo talaga Ella. Ngumiti ulit sya at sabay inom ulit nang beer.

I asked her if she’s going home to the province that night, and she said that she’s already tired to take the trip. I asked her if she’s going back to her dorm, but she said that her roommates already left. I took her response as an opportunity to invite her to just stay with me.

So I asked, “If you want cousin, samahan na lang kita ngayon.”

Ella said, Sige kuya, saan tayo pupunta?

I did not answer her question and simply requested our bill. When we left the restaurant inside Robinson’s, I was feeling bold and held her hands. So para ku syang girlfriend na nung umalalis kami sa restaurant. I cannot really describe to all the readers kung paano ko binasa yung manga gusto at hindi nya gusto: instinct na lang ang sinundan ko.

I’ve been to a hotel near Robinson’s Place so we walked, and I took her there. She did not protest when we entered the lobby, so I proceeded to the counter and got us a room. When we were in the elevator, I hugged her tightly with my body pressing against her. I did not kiss her yet, since I was still trying to discern her mind. In the end, I told myself that as long she doesn’t complain or asked me to stop, I’ll continue and only stop my advances when she told me to so.

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